After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 61

er 61

Translator: Mxhe
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Chapter 61 About to Begin

Gabriel Year 3097 April 26th

10:20 AM

“How is it? Are you able to adapt to the human world?” Tyre lifted his hand and asked Elaina. Elaina scratched her head like she was thinking, then answered.

“I feel it is much busier than the [Elf Empire], but there are too many convoluted smells around.”

“Well, humans who wear some cheap cosmetics are very common. Oh right, are you uncomfortable using a hat to cover your ears?” Tyre pointed at the blue and white striped hat. Roselle Butterfly took off the wind elf’s hat, and two long ears were shown. Maybe because it had been trapped  too long, the two pointed ears moved around cutely.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable, but it is much better than being a slave.” Elaina briefly touched her ears without minding too much.

“Good, then let’s talk about the competition.”



April 26th

10:09 AM

“So that’s it.” Lunaria looked at the challenges for the tournament she held and couldn’t help be let out a voice of realization. She held her chin with her tiny hand as if she was in deep thoughts for a while before she turned to look at Claude in front of her.

“Good work, Young Master Claude. Now we have a better chance at getting into top three.”

“We!” Claude seemed very happy at the use of this word. His feeling of guilt from cheating was forgotten. Noah suddenly spoke up from the side.

“The final challenge is a spontaneous performance of martial arts and magic. This would be hard to prepare in advance.”

“Then it is time to start with some simple coordination. The Duke did tell us to mix it up. So try to get in some practice these remaining few days.” Said Lunaria. Her right hand moved to hold Claude’s shoulder then she continued.”

“Then please teach me a lot.”

“But, but I still have sword art I need to study.” These words were true. Claude was already close to [Heavenly Child] Rank. While he was happy with Lunaria touching him, the sword art was just as important. Also, the sword in his hand should be the most important thing for a knight.

Lunaria looked at Claude’s difficult face, but his eyes were firm. With both hands, she held Claude’s hand and gently shook then softly said.

“Only these ten days, could you not accompany me?”

Claude was once again lost in thought. Only after ten seconds had passed did he return and answered.

“Compared to sword art, Miss Lunaria is still more important. I, Claude, will come forth when summoned within these few days.”

“Thank you very much young master Claude.” Lunaria finished. Then she gave an evil chuckle, causing Noah who was behind her to retreat a few steps.

Such a crafty woman.


May 18th

11:19 AM

“Wow~ so this is [Xavier Duchy]! It is very lively!” a young girl dressed in red aristocratic clothing voiced out her surprise while she walked down the street. During this busy period, no one would notice even if the girl raised her voice a few notch. On the other hand, her delicate face captured the attention of bypassers and caused a small traffic jam.

“Your Highness Snow Pity, please put on your veil.” Without being instructed, a guard in military uniform put a black veil over the girl with golden eyes, then swept a sharp gaze at the crowd. No one dared to look back and immediately scattered. The disappointed girl let out a woo sound. She looked at the guard while her hand held onto the veil.

“But Rufus, this is such a stuffy veil, I can barely breathe in it.”

“We will wait until then before we think of another way.” The guard, Rufus’s handsome face appeared to be tired without any energy.

“Your Highness, you are the Empress. Please have some self-awareness and try to understand what we pitiful servants have to go through.”

“But Rufus is not a servant. You are the commander of a hundred thousand troops. A person above others.” Snow Pity said while striking a pose to show the meaning of a person above others.

“Your Highness, Your Highness Snow Pity, I beg you already. Let’s just head for the Duke’s Palace first. Your subordinate, I, am too busy keeping you safe on my own. When we arrive at the palace then we can bring a renowned [Heavenly Child] expert, then you can go anywhere.”

“However I feel it’s more fun with just two people.” Snow Pity naively looked at Rufus with watery eyes. Rufus wanted to stab his own eyes and curse at the ancestors.

“Ah, Rufus, look look, Magician Girl’s Tournament! Isn’t this the current big event being shown on the image stones?!”

“Yup yup, ok, now that we have seen it,  your highness move on now right?” Rufus said with his eyes closed and hoped he would be able to convey his situation. Instead, a crisp voice came.

“Uncle, I want to sign up!”


“…” Rufus stared at Snow Pity, who had already pinned her participant number to her skirt. It’s over, Rufus gave up on any more thinking.


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