After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Nine Heaven, Ten Earth

In the end, Tyre, Elaina, Roselle Butterfly and the others settled into a hotel. During this busy period, there were only two vacant rooms and the owner only offered them because of Tyre’s [Iron Mercenary] rank badge.

“Tsk tsk, we ended up with these run-down rooms.” Wind Slashing Ghost shrugged while he looked at the room and the sea of people moving outside the window. He couldn’t help experiencing a sense of weakness.

“It’s fortunate enough to have a place to sleep in. A warrior should let the sky be his roof and the earth be his bed.” Sand Sword’s view caused Tyre to utter an understanding sound. He was contemplating about the fact that he didn’t think like that while he was staying in the [Forest of Funerals].

“Sand Sword is right. A warrior needs to adapt to the environment especially mercenaries.”

“So Master Tyre also agrees.” Wind Slashing Ghost said while he lazily sat down on the ground with his back toward a wall.

“Actually, I personally believe ‘the environment should adapt to me’ should be a warrior’s attitude.”

“Hehe, that’s your strong personality rather than attitude.” Sand Sword swung his head and laughed. He had actually once thought the same way when he was younger, but now he couldn’t help but laugh at himself when he looked back.

Tyre obviously didn’t agree with Wind Slashing Ghost’s view. Isn’t the environment too big? Even the gods can’t make everything revolve around them. Well, if everyone kept praying to the highest god then he really would have such power, but no other living being would have such ability. Tyre clearly understood what Ka Ming taught him could allow him to get stronger quickly, but there was a limit. He would thank the heavens for being able to get to [Phoenix] rank. With a bit of ambition then he could reach godly ranks, but becoming [Nine Heaven] or [Ten Earth] would be unthinkable.

[Nine Heaven] are the nine [Heavenly Saint Kings], each one paved their own paths. They didn’t accept the godly flame to become gods, instead they used other methods to break through the physical body realm and obtain power stronger than the gods. It would not be an over-exaggeration to call  them  the nine strongest in the entire [Noah] world.

[Ten Earth] were the ten strongest gods in the [Noah] world. If you were to list out all the gods, they would number above hundred thousand. The [Ten Earth] gods were ranked in the top of that list. The first place, one light god, and the third place, heart rain goddess, play an especially important role!

Tyre shook his head knowing these things were beyond his reach. It is better to focus on my current goals, other things can be worried about later.

“You two take a rest first, I will check up on Roselle Butterfly’s side.”


After Tyre left the room, Wind Slashing Ghost suddenly sprung up like a curious cat and looked at the direction Tyre went. He gave a sly look at Sand Sword and asked.

“Say Sand Sword, do you think something will happen between master and Xiao Diélittle Butterfly as well as that elf?”

“… yeah?” Sand Sword gave Wind Slash Ghost an odd look then said

“You kiddo also like to be nosy?”

“Just curious, we better prepare ourselves for those upcoming moaning sound”

“Master Tyre is not that type of person. He is probably the type that will only accept a mutual relationship..”


“Well, what you said is also possible. There is lot of pressure from consistently studying sword arts. Even I would occasionally look for a one night stand.” Sand Sword’s words caused Wind Slashing Ghost to widen his eyes. Wind Slashing Ghost made a funny face and said.

“Sand Sword, you are already an uncle, are there still anyone wanting to spend a night with you?”

Sand Sword just crackled and pour himself a glass of wine. Then slowly replied.

“Because I am an uncle that makes it good, kids like you won’t understand.”


“Excuse me.” Tyre pushed open the doors. Roselle Butterfly and Elaina were conversing happily, it seemed like  Roselle Butterfly’s  warm nature had easily influenced Elaina. Tyre naturally smiled at this scene.

“Master Tyre!” Roselle saw Tyre came in, she immediately stood up then bowed respectfully. The wind elf next to her also followed her example. Tyre quickly wave his hand.

“Roselle Butterfly, you don’t have to be so respectful toward me, just act like good buddies. Just look at Sand Sword and Wind Slashing Ghost, they know that I don’t need any flattery so their attitude had changed. While I’ve taught you martial arts, I don’t want to have a subordinate relationship. I will be happy if you can understand my point, uh … right, I will even reward you with another technique.”

“Seriously?! But ..” Roselle Butterfly showed an immediate reaction, she was embarrassed and happy, an interesting expression.  Tyre couldn’t help but smile.


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