After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: Sin

[EN: We discovered that what we thought the first chapter of DTW was, was actually Part 1/3 of the first chapter… which we then split into two parts… X’D]

Just as Tyre tried to amuse himself with a few wild thoughts, a huge and terrifying roar resounded.

It was an angry and thunderous roar that caused Tyre to sweat buckets and all the hair follicles on his body stood up as he hastened to find a cluster of greenery to hide behind. Only his eyes could be seen as he observed the situation.

Peng, Peng.

The ground shook in sync with the booming sounds that echoed through the air. Tyre looked upwards and saw a gargantuan monstrosity of over 30 meters tall walking step by step past his hiding place.

Because it was overly huge, the breathing of the beast was like that of a fierce wind blowing through, and inside its throat, rumbling sounds could also be heard. It shook Tyre so hard that he didn’t even dare to breathe. If this beast had stood in front of him and roared, Tyre didn’t even have the confidence that he would remain conscious.


The huge beast roared with every tenth step. The rhythmic roar gradually began to fade in the distance, the monster’s passage leaving destruction behind in the surrounding area as it crushed a path through the dense forest.

“Huu……” Tyre continued to watch until the beast had moved far away before slowly standing out of his place in a tree groove and wiping the sweat off his forehead. He let out the breath of air that he had been holding.

Although he didn’t possess any memories, he was very clear about the fact that this kind of huge beast wouldn’t bother with something as small as him. Even that goldilocks bastard would run if he saw this kind of beast, right?

Just as Tyre was considering following the beast to play the fox who imitated a tiger for intimidation, a cultured and refined voice interrupted him.

“This young man.”


A person’s voice. Tyre immediately became cautious and glanced around.

“I say, this courageous and righteous young man.”

From the tone of the voice, the person didn’t seem to have any hostile intentions. This allowed Tyre to secretly let out a sigh of relief. After looking around a bit, but not finding anyone, Tyre could only say,

“Sir, if you want to hold a discussion with me, then would you at least come out and face me please?”

This was the best response that Tyre could think of. If the other person wouldn’t come out, then he wouldn’t care anymore.

“Uhh…” The owner of the voice seemed to go into deep thought before breaking the silence with an answer.

“If, young man, you would turn around and look on the left path behind that mountain dog, and then look for a handsome and heroic silhouette, I think we will be able to cheerfully hold a conversation.”

The weird answer caused Tyre to look over as the voice had instructed, but the only thing that his eyes fell on was a humongous crab that had half sunk into a patch of mud. It’s size was not any smaller than Tyre, and the hue of it was that of a poisonous green, appearing very difficult to get close to.

Where was the handsome and heroic silhouette? Tyre carefully looked again, but after affirming that there was only a crab present, couldn’t help but feel discontent and say,

“Sir, if you don’t want to meet with me, just say it directly. Taking a half dead, soft shoe crab to joke around with me is not going to raise my opinion of you.”

“What! You actually dare call this handsome and heroic Martial God, this indestructible me, a stinking soft-shoed crab?! Don’t you feel that to a deity, this is plain blasphemy?”

The owner of the voice seemed very angry, but Tyre thought that he was still joking, and didn’t have the mind to continue this farce, and so turned to leave.

“Ai! Young man, don’t leave ah.”

Tyre kept ignoring him. He original thought that he could make a hard to meet friend in the forest, but he had never thought that the other would be this much of a weirdo.

“Okay, okay, I admit that I am a soft-shoed crab, so you can come back ah.”

Tyre seemed determined to leave and was walking further and further away.

The voice’s owner sighed and suddenly changed his tone of voice so that it was no longer good-natured, but serious, and said,

“brat, do you think that without me, you can walk out of her alive?!”

Tyre stopped, his heart starting to worry. He really was too unfamiliar with this world he was in. With no other choice, he could only turn back around and look at the self-proclaimed martial deity of a crab.

“What do you mean?”

“You still don’t understand? In this forest, there are tons of things like that magic beast from just now, and there are even more terrifying ones. If I wasn’t paying attention to you, you would’ve been dead ever since that knight had wanted to kill you.”

The owner of the voice laughed coldly, and frightened Tyre. After all, he had looked back in the direction he had escaped from and knew it was a long ways away. He had run for at least two hours, yet this guy actually knew what had happened from so far away.

“Another point. No matter if it’s a wild beast or magic beast, as long as they have lived for a certain period of time, they will be able to develop intelligence. If you don’t believe that a crab can talk, then you can think of me as a demon beast who has lived for over thousands of years.”

Tyre opened his eyes wide with a start, then began to walk step by step until he had reached the crab’s body. He said to himself,

“So there were things like this too, huh?”

“I am still suspicious of why a kid like you would appear alone in this area of the forest, ah. I remember at that time there was also a girl with you, right?”

The big crab’s voice stopped a bit before he chuckled vulgarly.

“Though ironically that girl trusted you so much, yet you still did that kind of thing to her.”

That kind of thing? Tyre blinked his eyes, an “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about” look on his face. The large crab didn’t wish to dawdle on this topic for too long, so he coughed and said,

“Brat, how about we make a deal… wait, why are you standing so far away?”

“No… that is, because you look like you’re very poisonous, so it’s better if I…”

“Heng, dumb brat, can’t you see that my body has been soaking in the blood of the Dragon King for over a thousand years in order to achieve this set of Transcending Ultra Super God Armor. This color is only a sign that my body’s resistance to magic and physical force has reached its max.”

“En, so it’s like that.” Tyre calmly replied, his collected and dismissive tone contrasting greatly with the crab’s arrogant and prideful bragging. If it was before, he would definitely have made this brat sit down and listen to the story of his past 10,000 years and how he had become who he was today. Though, looking at it now, it was a time for expectations and the brat didn’t appear to have the patience to listen to his lengthy biography. The green crab knew at least this much.

[EN: Yes, it’s really Transcending Ultra Super God Armor.]

“Useless words are useless no matter how much is said. Young man, what’s your name?”

“Tyre,” he said without hesitation. He had never used this name, so there was no need to change it. For manners sake, he waved his hand and asked,

“How about you?”

“You can just call me KaMing Elder.”

“Then, Mr. KaMing, what you just said was very reasonable. How should I break you out of this forest then? I think that based on the fact that you can observe me from that far away, you wouldn’t be calling to me just for the sake of a small chat, right?” Ignoring the elder part, Tyre directly went straight to the point.

“Also, what’s strange is that, previously, I had walked in this forest for almost four hours straight, and yet I didn’t meet any danger. How do you explain this? Also, I think that Mr. KaMing should have been able to observe me only from two hours ago. Even if you really had the ability to protect me from monsters while I was escaping earlier, how would you explain the fours hours before that?


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