After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 Arrival

Lunaria walked silently through the corridors. Each time she took a step there would be two uniform steps that followed. Pa da pa da. The servants and passerby watched in surprise at Lunaria and the two following her.

This unmatched beautiful girl couldn’t stand this situation anymore. She turned around and pointed at the two behind then said,

“Enough, you two! Noah aside, why is young master Claude following me all day as well!”

“Ah, that, didn’t grandpa said we should get together more for a better combination?” Claude said nervously, but there was a big difference from his usual panic. So maybe following Lunaria for a day really did show some results.

“You want combination? Even when the primary challenge of the tournament is still unknown?” Lunaria weakly asked, and Noah answered from the side.

“Madam Lunaria, I think the best way to show a magician’s strength is to start with the basics.”

“You mean the Six Arts!” said Claude.

“The Six Arts,” Lunaria said like she was trying hard to remember. She recites “I remember they are acceleration arts, healing arts, enhancement arts, protection arts, remedy arts, as well as the core attribute spells.”

“Yes, there were similar tournaments before, and they always start with the Six Arts.” Lunaria’s eye widened at Noah’s suggestion. She began to think that he was not so useless afterall.

“I learned the Six Arts. Master Lao Jerry is my teacher after all. He gave me a detailed explanation about the basics.”  Lunaria scratched her chin like she was in deep thought then turned to look at Claude.

“Huh, what is it? Miss Lunaria.” Claude blushed, but Lunaria didn’t notice it and asked.

“Young master Claude, as Duke Xavier’s seventeenth grandson, you should be able to get hold of some information from the two organizers right?”

“This, but this is a tournament. If we get information like this ahead of time, then it is the same as cheating.” while Claude favours Lunaria, his knightly spirit told him to stay upright.

“Pretty please, just this once~” Lunaria grabbed onto Claude’s wrist and gave it a little swing. The spoiled behavior caused Claude to falter. After ten seconds of pause, Claude used his right hand to hit his chest as if he was looking at something far away and unable to answer.

“Of course there is no way I would refuse Miss Lunaria’s plead, I will definitely get the tournament details,” said Claude, then he stumbled off.

“Heh heh.” Lunaria let out a sinister laugh as she watched Claude disappear. Behind Lunaria, Noah uncontrollably took a few steps back.


Because the Magician Girl’s Tournament prizes were too alluring, hordes of magicians came to [Xavier Duchy]. The business opportunity also brought in endless waves of merchants. This Duchy suddenly became the empire’s most lively place. Media reporters also rushed in to get the news for the rest of the empire, this brought in attention that was unmatched.

“Here we are, you think you guys know how to go about?” said the boy with a black mask. The merchant in front rubbed his hands and said with a smile.

“Yes Yes Yes, thank you very much for Mr. 123 and Branch Manager’s protection. As long as I am still with the slavery guild, then all slaves will be discounted to you for 50% off and if there are any defects then they can be exchanged free of charge!”

“Alright alright, just go.” Mr. 123, also known as Tyre, shook his mask. Now that he was in [Xavier Duchy], he had to be careful.

“Yes yes yes, then sir, I hope you enjoy your stay at [Xavier Duchy].” the merchant glanced at the golden blonde haired elf behind him and left. This time he brought three thousand slaves. This was enough for him to get rich overnight.

“…” Tyre didn’t plan on associating with the merchant again. He turned around towards Branch Manager Tiska and others then said.

“Let’s find a hotel first.”

“No need, we will head straight for the Duke’s mansion, I have already notified the Marquis before coming,” Tiska said casually. Long Tu apparently doesn’t mind, but Tyre would want to hide as fast as he can from the Duke’s mansion. Now it is like volunteering to enter the lion’s den.

“That, honestly, there is some grudge between Duke’s mansion and me, so I can’t go.” Tyre pointed at his mask.

“You guys can see that I am masked. That is how much grudges there are.”

“Ah, that is such a pity, but you still need to attend the Duke’s birthday,” Tiska answered with some regret. She really enjoyed conversing with Tyre during their travel. Tyre’s sword techniques gave new innovative insight, while Tyre greatly benefitted from Tiska’s experience. So they enjoyed chatting with one another.

“I will definitely come for the birthday banquet, there will be many famous people attending at that time, so there will be too many fishes in the sea to single out someone unimportant like me.” Tyre let out a laugh. While he appeared transparent, there was another purpose for this trip.


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