After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 Wind Elf

“Take a look sir, this is a wind elf we got recently. All the identification have already been prepared. Absolutely no male have exploited her three areas so you can enjoy using them.”

The shady merchant rubbed his hands while his face showed a grin. An attitude that would cause any upright guy to want to beat him up.

“So? How much?”

“Total of hundred thousand gold coin.”

“That much?!!”

“Hee, the price can be negotiated. Actually, I have something I want, but I’m not sure if you will accept it.” The merchant hesitated and stared at Tyre. That kind of shady look annoyed Tyre considerably. Tyre wondered if he wanted to get a beating.

“Say what you need first.”

“Alright.” The merchant saw that it wasn’t rejected immediately and continued in a happy tone.

“Recently, We needed to make a batch of slave delivery to Xavier Duchy, but the tariff had become very expensive, so I wanted to take a chance and go along the edge of the [Forest of Funerals].”

“You mean to evade the taxes, but you don’t have the power to do so. So you want an [Iron Rank] mercenary like me to escort you?”

“Sir is a genius, Sir is a super strong expert able to take out a rank five demonic monster that mastered the use of demonic aura. Having sir escort me will be much safer. Of course, I will present the wind elf as well as two thousand gold coins as escort fees. I hope sir will accept this request.”

“When are you departing?”

“Within ten days.”

“Good, you are in luck. Because of Duke Xavier’s birthday, I will be travelling with the branch manager as well as another [Iron Rank] mercenary. We will also protect you then.”

“Branch … branch manager!! Heavens, my god, that, that is awesome, too awesome!!” The merchant was overwhelmed with joy. He was only willing to bring three hundred slaves with only Tyre protecting but with the [Heavenly Child] rank branch manager then even a few thousand would not be an issue. He would be rich!! This was the chance of a lifetime!

“Alright, take me to see the wind elf.”

“Ah, yes yes yes, look at my stupidity, quick, hurry and take this sir to see Elaina!” Behind the merchant came a sound, then a large slave quickly got busy at work.

“So you are Elaina?”

A young, pure and beautiful girl was released from her bounds and presented in front of Tyre. Her hair was golden blonde, and her eyes were blue. The chest fell a bit short, but if compared with Long Tu … realising his thoughts, Tyre shook his head to remove the idea then continued to appraise the girl.

Her body had smooth curves and two legs that were lovely like jade. He raised his head and noticed a pair of long pointy ears as if they had the magic to charm Tyre to go and touch them. However, Tyre suppressed his urge because they had to work together soon.

“…” The elf gave no response to Tyre’s question.

Oh, this little elf actually rejecting me, Tyre’s face darken then said

“Answer my question, Elaina.”


“Alright, then I will change my method of questioning. Answer my questions, or else I will do some unspeakable things.”

“What are you trying to do!” Elaina released an angry glare, crossed her arm in front of her chest, then retreated a few steps. Tyre just shrugged at this.

“I want to exchange some conditions. So answer my question then you won’t be violated. Not bad right?”

“… you are the one that said it.” The wind elf said weakly

“Are you fluent in the Sicily language? How long have you been here?” Tyre asked like he didn’t care, but he secretly hoped that she won’t answer so that he can just rightfully … no no no, stop that thought, important things first.

“Half a year.” the wind elf started answering Tyre’s questions.

“Ah, that’s good. Then next is an offer. If you partner up with me to compete in a Magician Girl’s Tournament, then I will set you free after. What will you do?”


“You don’t understand? Partner up with me to a tournament, then you can leave after it is over.”

“That, that easy? That tournament wouldn’t require my life right?”

“How can that be. So do you accept or not?”

“Accept! But, this is a bit too simple.” Elaina had dreamed of freedom, but the man said it so easily, that caused this beautiful elf to be in disbelief.

“I swear to the Highest God to let wind elf Elaina go free after the Magician Girl’s Tournament concludes,” Tyre declared casually. He felt a bond was made then turned to Elaina.

“Can you believe now?”

“Yes, I believe.” the wind elf seemed a bit confused. Tyre wanted to make sure, so he asked.

“Can you use magic?”

“Yes, six technique as well as some rank 2 spells.”

“Great, then follow me and so I can introduce two humans to you.”


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