After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Branch Manager

“Malone, are you sure there was an altar in front of the fortress?” Magus’ hand with the letter started to tremble. He frowned after he heard Malone’s report.

Malone nodded respectfully. He felt that it was better to personally report the news rather than using a magic sound stone.

“Yes, there is also a stone with ancient Sicily text engraved on it. We have already asked related specialists to rush over here.”

“That… perhaps we don’t need to investigate this altar and we will still have the answer.”

“Commander, by that, you mean…”

“Yes…” Magus replied retrieved a map from a drawer.

“Dratexas, Tamil, and now even [Meteor Mountain], maybe there will be more altars related to [God’s Order] Book.”

Magus’ eyes narrowed as he muttered to himself.

“An average sacred-grade item actually has three altars created for it and all of them are also located within the [Miliac Kingdom]. The leaders also have some big plans… I fear things may not be as simple as they seem.”

“Hello, I am this branch’s manager, Tiska Jirik.” In front of Tyre was an extremely mature and beautiful woman. She possessed long, stunning silver hair that was extremely eye-catching. Her beauty was able to lighten up Tyre’s depressed mood. Tyre’s two eyes shone with a bright light that could have almost blinded Long Tu at his side.

“Hey! Answer me!” Long Tu fiercely kicked Tyre on the leg which allowed him to keep his excitement in check and recover some of his sanity.

“Ah, my apologies, I am Tyre, my mercenary nickname is 123. Please call be according to the circumstances.

“Ho ho, then for now let us call you Mr. Tyre.” Tiska chuckled. She did not seem to mind Tyre’s stare, as if she was used to it. It was normal for the branch manager to appear in public and be exposed to various audiences.

“According to Long Tu, Manager Jirik had received the duke’s invitation. But why are you bringing the two of us?”

“Naturally, it was because Long Tu personally begged me to bring you.”

“Wha!? Who begged you!? I was instructing you!” Long Tu swung her head. While her face wasn’t beet red, she still felt embarrassed that Tiska had revealed her intentions.

Tyre scratched his cheek and nodded while he said.

“I am really thankful to you two. But manager, is it possible for me to bring one more person with me?”

“is it one of the three followers?”

“No, they will follow me there, but I will have them stay at the hotel during the banquet.”

“Okay… Adding another shouldn’t be a problem as long as we tell Marquis Miritime beforehand.” Tiska casually answered as if a few more wouldn’t be a problem. Tyre felt the branch manager must have some kind of relationship with Maquis Miritime. Tyre couldn’t help but think about Old Duke Xavier upon the mention of Maquis Miritime because Maquis Miritime’s seventh son was born so late that he had the same age as Duke Xavier’s eldest grandson, becoming the topic of some jokes.

“Thank you very much.”

“So who is the one that you wanted to add?”

“She’s an elf, but it is possible that she is not here anymore, then it could be someone else.”

“Elf? There is only a wind elf slave recently, is she the one?”

“Yes, let’s first go take a look.”

“Ok, There is no rush because it is still two months until the Duke’s birthday, so there is a lot of time.”

“Ah, speaking of time, there is another unreasonable request,” Tyre said awkwardly. Tiska gave a laugh without bearing a demeanor of a [Heavenly Child] rank then calmly said,

“Well, you are Long Tu’s friend, therefore also my friend. As long as it is within my ability, then I will offer my help.”

Tyre was truly grateful for Tiska’s word. But Long Tu protested with a ‘Who is your friend?!’ tsundere comment.

“Then I will thank you once again. The truth is that Xavier Duchy is hosting a [Magician Girl’s Tournament] with the first three place receiving a letter of recommendation into [Avalon] … which is something I need.”

“So the reason why you became Iron rank mercenary was to investigate about Avalon,” Long Tu spoke from the side, but the other two ignored her comment and continued.

“So that is why… Then that elf will be the participant?”

“That is correct.”

“It is widely known that elves are natural born magic bow users. I feel it is better if you choose an iron rank mercenary magician girl for such a big tournament.”

“However, the participant need to be eighteen or under. I thought it over and still think a wind elf is a safer choice, but if she had already been sold then I can only try to find a magician girl under eighteen years old.”


“Oh right, the tournament starts in half a month. I would like to leave by then.”

“That would not be a problem.”

“I am truly grateful for this.”

“Stop ignoring me!” Long Tu protested and stood between the two. She seemed like a child who was desperate for their parent’s affection and attention.

“Right, Long Tu, I am very grateful to you using the forbidden technique back in the tunnels. So I will officially offer my thanks here.” Tyre spoke and bowed toward Long Tu. This caused Long Tu to leap backward.

“What? It was just that the situation called for it then. You saying this now is making me feel so embarrassed.”

“Oh, our little Long Tu can actually feel embarrassed.” Tiska put her slender and pure jade-like hand on top of Long Tu’s head, causing the irritated little girl to explod in anger. Long Tu pushed her hand away then pointed at Tiska and yelled.

“Stinking Bitch. Last time you said gentle women is better off used to describe a man than me! Since you said it, then I will show you the meaning of the woman who is manlier than even a man!”


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