After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 Avalon Recommendation Letter

“Oh right, each magician girl needs to bring a knight or martial artist for this tournament,” Leah told Lunaria while clasping her hands. However, the dark hair girl didn’t seem to care and answered,

“Leah onee-san, there is no use giving me the details because I am not going.”

“Really? The Duke had personally asked me to invite you. It was also approved by Master Lao Jerry.”

“I say, you guys sure have been busy huh? What is the Duke’s intention in having me participate in that shameful tournament?”

“It is the Magician Girl Tournament, not a shameful tournament. Lunaria-chan, you are extremely privileged right now. If I am able to use magic and could join the tournament, I would be so extremely happy to the point that I would faint with excitement.” Leah said with a yearning expression

“Can the Duke make an exception? Let me pay him a visit.” Lunaria let out a troubled expression. Leah nodded and said,

“Sure. On my way out, he said that if you wanted to refuse then you could find him in the study room.”

“It would have been better if you didn’t tell me. Now I am a bit too nervous to go.”

“Then are you going to go see him or not?”

“I am going!”

In the Duke’s study room.

“Are you saying that you wouldn’t like to go?” Duke Xavier put down his pen and watch the nervous Lunaria.

“N-no! It’s just that I was afraid Leah onee-chan was playing a trick on me.”

Leah who stood nearby thought, Hey! that was not what you said a short while ago!

“That’s good.” the expressionless Duke Xavier let out a kind smile. The young face showed a kind smile, but unpleasantness could be clearly seen in her eyes.

“You are already our Ducal Household’s famous figure. It is necessary to show yourself a bit.”

“It can’t be considered showing myself much as the tournament is still limited within the duchy. Besides, there isn’t much to show.”

“Oh? Are you saying that the [Xavier Duchy] is too small?”

“No no no, the [Xavier Duchy] borders the [Forest of Funerals] with its population in the billions, how could it possibly be classified as small?”

“Alright already, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to explain. There will be many famous people that have an influence over dozens of countries attending this time.  Your stage won’t be small.”

“Enough already, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to explain. Don’t worry about the lack of influence, there will be many famous figures that possess influence on dozens of countries attending this tournament. The stage will not only be set locally.”

“B-but I don’t know how to prepare for this tournament!”

“I don’t know how either. The tournament is hosted by Ray Lindauer and my elder sister Kelsie. While I would be present at the time, we will need to ask the related staff for details, yeah … Oh right, you need to bring a martial artist for the tournament. Claude!”

After Duke Falysess shouted, Claude suddenly appeared and walked next to the Duke.


“Alright, little girl. Take a look at this guy. Whether his looks, strength, and character, they are all top notch. He will be good for your competition.”

Duke, are you trying to sell pork? Lunaria secretly thought in her heart. She looked at the embarrassed Claude and said,

“It is too much for the Duke to let young master Claude assist me. I think this guy should be a better choice.”

She pulled Noah to the front. The normally strong-willed Noah became shy and couldn’t raise his head in front of Duke Falysess.

“Oh?” Duke narrowed his eyes and slowly spoke.

“Raise you head little guy.”

“Ye … yes.” Noah slowly lifted his head to show respect. But he started to tremble the moment he saw the Duke’s emotionless expression.

“Then I will ask this once. Are you willing to help the little girl with the tournament?”

Say yes, say yes! Lunaria kept poking Noah’s back. Noah suddenly acted like he received strength, his eyes gleam with determination. He took a deep breath and calmly answered the Duke,

“Actually, I feel young master Claude is better suited for this.”

Lunaria’s hand trembled. This little lying bastard actually got afraid and admitted defeat so easily.

“Alright, then it is decided, you guys can go now. Oh, Claude, you should stay near the little girl for the sake of cooperation. You need to get to know each other better, knowing each other’s personality and habits will be a great help in the tournament.”

“… Yes, Grandpa.” Claude’s reluctant expression made Lunaria even more reluctant. I didn’t even say that I hated you, yet you already despise me.”

Duke Falysess laughed, then stood up and said,

“I will tell you about the prizes to help motivate you. From fourth to tenth place will be able to become students under a Sacred Magician rank teacher, receiving three hundred thousand gold coins and one thousand magic stones or receive two out of three high ranking magic. The top three places will be given a recommendation letter to enter [Avalon] academy, while the first two places will get additional rewards, the recommendation letter is the most important.”

“[Avalon] recommendation!” Lunaria became excited. Her uninterested look disappeared, and she looked at Duke Falysess with a pair of glimmering eyes.

“For real?”

“Obviously, the invitation was personally made by me, so it can’t be forged.”

“Then I will be entering this shameful tournament!”


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