After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 53


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Editor: Nas Versix and Izuno
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Chapter 53 Follow

Roselle Butterfly felt disappointed as she watched Jade Star leave. She had thought that Jade Star would have understood instead of being so short-sighted.

“Get ready!” Sand Sword raised his sword and shield while giving a defiant look.

After they heard Sand Sword’s enthusiastic command, the two also pumped themselves up to face the incoming monster!

Against this kind of monster, they could be killed with a single strike. But victory was theirs as long as they could hold out long enough!


The three of them gave a war cry. The angry ogre responded with a leaping hammer strike!


There was no way for them to withstand this attack!


The shock echoed throughout the mountain. The three that had thought they would be dead were left completely unharmed. The huge ogre in front of them gradually fell over.

Bam! A sound like a fallen boulder resounded. The three frozen in shock heard a voice from behind.

“You guys … why …”

“Senior!” Roselle Butterfly was the first to respond. She was super happy like someone who found her saviour. Suddenly she felt weak and fell to the ground. Wind Slashing Ghost relaxed and landed on the floor. Only Sand Sword remained standing with a big smile.

“You guys …”

Tyre still carrying Long Tu looked at the ogre on the ground then looked at the injuries on those three. He was a bit surprised and thankful. “I had said you guys are allowed to retreat. How did the battle end up coming to this stage?”

“Because senior is also fighting for his life inside, there was no way we would let him bother you.” Wind Slashing Ghost’s word gave Tyre’s heart warmth. ” Even though we had just met?”

“That’s right, senior. I have already decided. I, Wind Slashing Ghost, real name Cassi Keliyomi, will happily become your follower and help clear your path! Even if we had just met, your charm had convinced me!” Cassi dropped down to his knees and bowed to Tyre to show his sincerity. Tyre couldn’t detect any hint of dishonesty.

But then a second person, Roselle Butterfly, kneeled down. She was a bit panicky and quickly lowered her head then said in a clear voice.

“I, Roselle Butterfly, real name is Cili Mitre. I am willing to become your follower.”

Finally, the man who was not easily angered put down his massive sword and shield. He placed his right hand on his chest then slowly opened it.

“I, Sand Sword, real name Dior Mark Ryan am willing to become your follower.”

“Ho ho…” Long Tu let out a small laugh while still laying in Tyre’s arms. She stared at Tyre with a look of curiosity in anticipation for his reply.

However, Tyre didn’t act modestly or panic. Instead, he spoke in a serious manner.

“Then, Let me start with a question. Sand Sword, you also belong to other mercenary groups, but I won’t be staying here forever. Do you still want to follow me?”

“Yes, I will. I will quit being a mercenary when I get back and will follow senior anywhere you go.”

“… Then, Wind Slashing Ghost. You have always loved being a solo mercenary and not wanting to be tied down to anything. Following me would be the same as chaining yourself. This would be hard to you.”

“No! As long as I can follow senior, then everything else would not matter. Being able to follow someone like you will allow me to take pride in my life!”

“Then, Roselle Butterfly, you had even refused an invitation from the kingdom. How did you come up with this decision? What about your family?”

“Senior … I want to become stronger! Strong enough to protect anything! I am way too weak now and the next mission could be my last. But if I could become strong like senior and have the power to protect my mother, younger brother, and younger sister’s smiles, then it would have been worth it. It is true that I have to leave them, but that is in order to better support them in the future. I am sure they would understand.”

“…” Tyre closed his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Slowly it started raining. It started slow, but during the time Tyre was thinking, it had begun to pour.

However, no one had moved to get cover from the rain. Everyone’s eyes were still filled with determination.

Finally, Tyre opened his eyes to look at the three and asked.

“Tell me a reason why you want to follow me!”

“You have mastered secret arts yet you’re still humble. You help others without benefits and also care for your friends. You even selflessly teach your techniques to others. You are a genius amongst geniuses in the way of the sword.” Sand Sword raised his head to answer. Roselle Butterfly, Cili, continued after him.

“You personality is very charming. Every word is deep from your heart! You are still young with much potential and not to mention your swordsmanship is already like a master … “

Just as Cili’s words ended, Wind Slashing Ghost smiled and spoke.

“Your movements have been carved into my memory and can’t be erased! As long as I can learn a technique or two, then I,  Cassi, would follow you for life! I swear in the name of the highest god! I will become your loyal follower to death without any regrets!”

After speaking, they watched Tyre with hopeful eyes. Even Long Tu felt these guys weren’t so bad and watched Tyre with hopeful and doubtful eyes.

“…” Tyre let out a light smile. Tyre’s hair that was soaked in the rain had covered his eyes, which blocked them from being seen clearly.

“So it was like that.”


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