After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Split

Tyre couldn’t hear Long Tu’s mutter. Right as he walked out of the basement, Long Tu pointed outside the fortress and said,

“Let’s take this chance and go back the way we came from. Those two [Heavenly Child] ranks may still come back.”

“Yeah, but before that, I think we should first get what we came for from that [Ogre King]! You take a rest here.”

“Alright.” Tyre gently placed Long Tu in a corner so she had something to lay against. He quickly headed out to the corpse of the [Ogre King].

The ogre had already stopped breathing. Tyre sighed, realizing the power of the forbidden technique. Just a simple punch had killed such a terrifying beast. Putting his feelings aside, Tyre stepped on the ogre’s face and pulled out his right eye which was the evidence required to receive the job completion reward. Probably because it had been detached from the body, the eye that was two meters wide slowly shrunk to the size of a fish.

“Just like this and the job is complete.”

Tyre let out a smile and quickly headed back into the fortress. By now, Long Tu had already leaned her head against the wall and was fast asleep.

“Hoho.” Tyre couldn’t help but smile. He carefully lifted Long Tu and took quiet steps down the tunnel.

“Roselle Butterfly, how are you holding up!” Sand Sword, with a husky voice, shouted at the exhausted girl, but It was like she had been enhanced by a spirit. Her tired body felt fully recharged and she cut down an ogre infantry with a single strike.

“Ogre infantries have been wiped out, and only a single ogre ranger remains … haha, I actually did it.” Wind Slashing Ghost watched the ogre ranger drop its hammer as it fled. Wind Slashing Ghost relaxed and sat down on the floor. He then quickly realized it wasn’t enough to recover so he just gave in and laid down in a pool of blood while taking deep breaths.

“This is my first time killing so many rank two monsters.”

“I don’t even remember how we managed to pull through.” Jade Star was holding herself up with her wooden cane. Her eyes were already starting to see darkness, a clear sign that her mana was completely spent. But she still had a brilliant smile. Even when she was so exhausted that she couldn’t walk, it was impossible to hold in her excitement.

“Huuh, huuh, huuh …” Roselle Butterfly was still standing and didn’t give in to the urge of laying down like Wind Slashing Ghost. She raised her cross sword while in deep thought.

“Slash, Stab.” These were the words on her mind during the entire battle, both were very different techniques. However, with [Heaven Sword Ensemble] applied, it became an unimaginable attack!

“How can I create a slash like senior’s slash!”

A slash that felt like it could cut through anything!

If she could master this one technique, then she, Roselle Butterfly Cili, could protect her precious family and not disappoint that senior.

“Hold on, do you guys hear some movement?” Sand Sword asked, a serious expression on his face. The first to notice was Wind Slashing Ghost, he quickly got up, looked towards the road, and answered.

“It’s a big one coming.”

“What?!” Jade Star and Roselle Butterfly’s faces turned pale as they turned to look.

There was a ten meter tall ogre with injuries all over its body. The shocking thing was that the wound on its chest had blood still flooding out non stop.

“The [Ogre Lord], to think he would come here.” Sand Sword’s heart almost stopped. There was no way for them to fight against this monster. If they were to fight, then they would surely die.

Right now they had completely exhausted their physical strength and mana. Even if the [Ogre Lord] had been severely injured, they were still no match for it.

“Let’s retreat. This is not something we can hold against.” Jade Star spoke first, voicing out what was on everyone’s mind. The differences between them were just too much. There wasn’t any hope. The gap was like heaven and hell.

However, no one moved a single step. Jade star was puzzled. She felt a never before seen determination from the other three.

“What is with you guys? Mr. 123 had told us several times to retreat if we couldn’t hold out! He didn’t want us to die here.”

“… I know, so Jade Star, please go first.”

“What … ?” Jade Star retreated a few steps. She had just fought a life and death battle with those three, yet she could not understand what they were thinking at all.

“Are you guys really looking to die?”

“That is a possibility.” Sand Sword forced a smile with his head covered in blood. He turned his head toward Jade Star and said,

“Just need to hold out a bit more, senior should be returning soon.”

Was this the thought that was supporting them? Jade Star’s eyes slowly narrowed, she couldn’t hold it anymore and said.

“That’s insane.”

It was only a single meeting. Even if they were [Army Breaker] ranks, there was no reason to give your life for them! Even if those two seniors died in there, things shouldn’t be like this.

“You guys are out of your minds.”

“Haha, Jade Star is right. But as a magician, you should still be able to feel Mr. 123’s charm right?” Wind Slashing Ghost answered without minding Jade Star’s unsightly outburst. It was as if he had full faith in the seniors.

“That sword skill of Senior 123, that refine movement, and his humble manners. It is too fascinating,  That feeling is something even [Heavenly Child] and [Phoenix] ranks couldn’t be compared with.  Senior is a real genius, a prodigy. One day he will definitely surpass even [Phoenix] rank. For such a person, it’s only natural that we’d want to sacrifice ourself!”

The other two felt the same as Wind Slashing Ghost. But instead, Jade Star felt her skin crawling!

What was with these three? Were they really the same people she had fought together with?

Sand Sword and Wind Slashing Ghost aside, but why even Roselle Butterfly …

I don’t get it! It’s crazy, madness, insanity!

“I can’t wait anymore! If you guys want to die then die on your own!” Jade Star was shocked by her own words, but it didn’t matter anymore. She turned and ran. Thoughtlessly throwing your lives for two seniors who were practically strangers? Haha, that was just too silly.

Jade Star, filled with a complex emotion, ran down the other end of the mountain. While it was a detour, it was still a lot better than facing off with that monster.


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