After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Astonishing Secret

“Commander, Look!” Malone looked seriously at the fortress while pointing at the huge demonic beast next to it.

The tracks were broken up and scattered across the floor. The walls as well as the fortress had also suffered some damage!

“Shit!” Magus, who was normally calm, swore in disappointment at himself.

“Malone, you take care of the monster, I’ll check inside the fort.”


Magus heard his subordinate’s response, then went into the fortress on his own. He looked around and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Quickly , he moved and arrive at the large basement.

“The teleportation spell circle is still good, the enchanted barrier is not damaged.”

Feeling that there was some luck to be had in this unfortunate event after all, Magas sighed in relief. However, he still could not forgive himself so he decided to write a report for the Marquis when he returns.

Magus checked again to make sure there was no issue, finally he moved outside the fortress.

Only to find that Malone had yet to defeat the monster, he frowned and said,

“Malone, I believe I asked you to take care of it.”

“Yes, Commander! But this [Demonic Beast] is a bit odd. There are no visible wounds, yet it’s frozen in shock.”

“Probably because it mutated into grade five too forcefully, its demonic aura is still messy. That had likely caused it to go berserk and attack randomly. More importantly we need to know how it got in. Well, I will leave the rest of the work to your first platoon.”

“Yes! Commander!” Malone straightened his posture and gave a military salute. Magus nodded, then with a small thud, he flew back towards camp. Even in a special situation like this, as long as the most important thing was normal, then, the rest could be left for the subordinates.

Malone watched Magus leave, then looked at the twitching monster on the ground. He couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Best go back to join the first platoon first.”

Malone turned and travelled back at moderate speed. There was no need for him to rush now that the crisis was taken care of.

Blinding sunlight shined on Tyre. When his eyes adjusted, the scenery had completely changed.

“This is …”

Tyre looked around and when he finally realized his location, he couldn’t help but stare wide in shock!

Long Tu had a pondering expression, she was also just as surprised at the sight.

“We are hovering in the air.”

“Yeah, but it’s strange that we’re not falling.” Tyre pressed down a bit with his toes, even with nothing there it felt solid as a rock.

His expression suddenly changed as he looked down. Long Tu followed his gaze and looked down. Beneath the two was a large city-like area, there were many people that seemed very busy like they were preparing for a big event.

“This is …” Long Tu scowled at having no memory of this place. Yet Tyre answered in a slight trembling voice

“Duke palace … below is Duke Xavier’s palace!”

Just as he spoke out, memories flashed in his head, God’s Order book, underground tunnel, an empty fortress, [Heavenly Child] grade experts with heavy killing intent, and the giant teleportation magic circle.

Duke’s birthday …

As the pieces came together, his feeling of unease finally cleared.

Long Tu’s reaction was not any slower than Tyre’s. The moment Tyre mention Xavier’s Duke palace, she immediately pieced together the puzzle.

“[Miliac Kingdom] wants to take back the [God’s Order Book]!”

“I am afraid so.” Tyre Frowned. If Miliac Kingdom launch a sneak attack with such a large teleportation magic circle, there would be a terrible battle.

All these preparations for a single sacred grade item.

“Now what?”

“… It’s no use to just stand here, let’s head back to take a look first.”


Tyre turned and disappeared into the teleportation magic circle. At the same time, Lunaria watched the sky above, yet she was unable to see any trace of teleportation.

Under the clear blue sky, the people below was totally unaware of this impending calamity.

Right after the two came out of the teleportation spell circle, Long Tu’s expression instantly changed.

“What’s the matter?” Tyre asked.

“One of the [Heavenly Child] had come here, but they have both left now.”

“That is still disturbing to know. Good thing we hid inside the teleportation magic circle or else …”

Tyre still had a frown as the series of information left him confused.

“Come to think of it, how did you break through this enchanted barrier?”

“Enchantment? What enhancement?” while still speaking, Tyre once again shattered the barrier around the teleportation circle.

“Look, it broke again.” Long Tu pointed at the broken barrier, then stared at Tyre like he was some rare beast. Then she continue to speak.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a body that is naturally immune to enchantments right?”

“How can that be? There is no way I would be so fortunate to be born gifted.”

“But this enchantment is a super high level protection barrier that require at least five [Sacred Magicians] to create. Normally someone like you would have been vaporized.”

“Eh, according to Miss Long Tu, I should be dead with my body in pieces?”

“Far worse than just being in pieces, even I would suffer serious wounds.” Long Tu argued with a shrug. She continue and said

“Don’t be so rash in the future, how could you ignore your elder’s advice and just do your own thing!”

“So now you proclaim to be an elder.”

“Quiet! When you are around me you must listen to me!” Long Tu vigorously punched Tyre on the chest, although the punch was soft, Tyre was reminded that this fist had seriously injured the [Ogre King].

“I didn’t expect that forbidden technique would affect you so seriously.”  Tyre said in worried. But, Long Tu smiled and shook her head.

“It’s only unlocking a single ring that’s all … “


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