After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 4

Claude helplessly curled his mouth, but something caught his attention. The left hand that he was using to prevent the young girl from falling off the horse suddenly felt a wave of hotness.

“En?” Claude raised his left hand and saw a clear fluid covering it.

“What is this?” He questioned, but he immediately became alert. Could this be tracking fluid?

Legends has it that in the ancient east, there were certain methods that assassin’s use to track others, involving the use of solids, fluids, and even gases. Even if the distance was extremely far, they could still feel out the existence of the target.

The girl in front of him was so beautiful. Even her attire was different. Therefore, Claude came to the conclusion that her background must be incredible, so the possibility that she was being targeted by an assassin was not nonexistent.

Claude’s face was solemn and grave. There was no way he could be sure that this was a tracing fluid, but he had to be sure. Rumors have it that the taste of tracing fluids was like that of tears – slightly bitter. He only needed one taste to confirm. Claude slightly squinted his eyes, and just as he was about to lick it, Leah, who was observing all that was happening, suddenly realized something. She looked at the girl with her soaked pants and flushed face.

“Claude Young Master!!”

This sudden  yell scared Claude into immediately sending out his perception into the surrounding area, but he couldn’t find any traces of an ambush.

[EN: I died. If you don’t believe me, ask Nae.]

“What’s the matter?”

Leah looked at Claude, who still had on a face of confusion, and couldn’t resist blushing even harder. She reached out and yanked the girl from Claud’s horse onto her own. With an extremely awkward expression, she hesitated for a long time before finally sing in a low voice,

“You, young master, you pervert!”

Claude became even more perplexed. Leah was a very polite and virtuous girl. Why would she say these kinds of words, and toward him no less.

However, when he saw the wet region spanning a certain place on the girl’s pants, Claude froze.

He had been petrified on the spot.

“Humph.” Leah knew that this behavior wasn’t very appropriate, but how could she watch her Young Master commit this type of lowly mistake? Some vague and intangible feeling somewhere inside her also caused her to have a slight sense of dissatisfaction with Claude.

“Young Master, you big idiot!” After saying this, she took a cloak from her pack and covered the young girl’s body before turning around her horse and leaving, abandoning a disheveled Claude and a Lao Jerry, who appeared deep in thought.

The cavalry saw this scene from behind them and glanced at each other, not understanding what was going on at all. However, when they saw the appearance of the girl atop the back of Leah’s horse, all of the cavalry men froze, their state not one hair’s difference from that of Claude when he been petrified.

“Heavens! Good Heavens! Brother, did you see that?”

“That, that must be an angel!”

“No, it must be an earthbound goddess!”

“I, I, Jack, in this entire life, have never seen such a beautiful scene! Even if I die, I will die with no regrets!”

“Wuu wuu~~ Being alive is too great!”

“Thank you almighty Lord! Thank you beautiful Goddess!”

Leah passed through the throng of people, hearing all the comments of the men behind her. She could not resist pouting her small mouth.

“What, all these men are a crowd of idiots!”

At this time, Claude was still in a state of petrification, the liquid on his hand dripping down slowly with a “pa pa pa” sound onto the back of his horse.

The wise and farsighted Lao Jerry tilted his head, then, shaking it, patted the shoulders of the handsome youth with the empathy of an experienced elder.

“Don’t mind it too much.”

Cut to Male Vision

“Ahh!” Tyre watched as the golden haired knight left before letting out a deep and muffled cry of pain.

Without caring for the wound, he stood and ran like a mad dog through the woods.

Although that golden haired bastard didn’t have the intent of killing him, there was no telling when the guy might change his mind. Even if the other didn’t bother to do it personally and instead let his subordinates do the deed instead, it would still lead to a bad ending!

Tyre received scratches all over his body from the branches and thorny vines that tore at him, but he didn’t have the time to care as he ran without stopping. He found that his girl side’s vision was a field of pitch black. It seemed that she had fainted. If at the time his girl self was still awake, he might have been able to avoid this debacle and not become such a haggard mess.

“Ahh~~~ It must have leaked out by now!”

Tyre was so ashamed and embarrassed that he had completely forgotten about the pain from his wounds. Although his girl self had already fainted, it would have zero effect in stopping the urge to pee! Wetting one’s pants… this kind of thing, in Tyre’s view, would only happen to little kids and cowards!

“This is terrible. That bastard goldilocks, who is he, slashing people without a single word of warning, and even abducting me! Could, could he be a bandit?!” Tyre’s chest suddenly tightened. If he really was a bandit, then seeing a girl as beautiful as himself must cause their lust meter to break their charts and open their appetites wide. Thinking up to there, Tyre’s face became pale white and his chrysanthemum tightened by itself. His whole person felt extremely unsettled.

That kind of thing- they wouldn’t do that kind of thing, right?!


[EN: pukukuku *dies* chrysanthemum hahahaha *feels like a 12 year old kid but continues laughing because who cares*]

“From their uniforms and armor, they must be a regular army troop. Even though that guy’s eyes were scary, there was no evil feeling to them. This kind of person, what were they called again?”

After thinking for a while, Tyre still could not recall the word “knight”. The only thing left was to pray that his fears would not turn into reality.

After feeling once again that no one was chasing behind him, he finally slowed his feet and looked at his slightly swollen left arm. He immediately tore off a strip of his clothing and tied it around the wound.

“I must stop the blood flow at the very least and prevent any infections.” He didn’t know why he thought like this, but he had a feeling that not doing so would cause unthinkable consequences. This must be common knowledge that he had obtained from his memory fragments. It was just like looking at a tree and knowing what it was. This sort of basic stuff wasn’t something that he would forget.

As he wrapped the torn cloth around his arm, Tyre began to worry again.

“Now it looks like myself and my other self are getting further and further away. He didn’t know if the distance between his two selves would affect his ability to control his bodies, but it was giving him a headache. Although he felt that his girl body was very cumbersome, he had a feeling that on this side, he wouldn’t be able to live for too long after. As a result, he was still extremely worried and could only hope that his other self would have better luck. Just pretend that she had been rescued by a handsome, virtuous, and impotent knight.

Although being impotent was a little bit unreasonable, there was still a chance that it might be true, ahahahaha….


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