After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Prepared for Battle

“What should we do next?” Tyre asked.

Long Tu looked down and started thinking. She started pacing back and forth, all the while kicking rocks flying with her small high-heeled shoes. She finally answered

“We can only wait and see.”

“So we should just wait and adapt to the situation?” Tyre didn’t feel like pestering her anymore and started thinking on his own instead.

“How about we keep running?”

“God knows how long we will have to run. There is no food in this place. I may be able to run for a few months without food, but I am afraid you won’t be able to hold out.”

Long Tu’s expression suddenly changed after she said this.

“What is it?”

Tyre knew Long Tu rarely changed her expression and when that happened, it meant trouble.

“That ogre followed our scent and is probably only five minutes away.”

“Tsk, that ungrateful bastard. It should be thanking us for helping it get to rank five.”

Tyre remembered how formidable ogre was while Long Tu clearly showed an impatient expression on her face.

“Ogres are a voracious and vengeful race. Considering how badly we hurt it, it will do whatever it can to chase us.”

“What should we do?”

“There are two options. The first would be to hide in this fortress and don’t come out no matter what that bastard does. As long as we sit tight, there is nothing he can do. The second option is to ambush it. There would not be another chance to do it. So Mr. 123, which one should it be?”

“Do you really need to ask?” even without considering Tyre, with Long Tu’s personality, there was no way she would just sit tight and hide behind the fortress walls.

“Then how should we ambush it?”

“Well … there are  watchtowers on the sides of the fort. You will hide on that side and I will take this side. Let’s overwhelm him before he can retaliate.”

“Wow, that is a really simple and crude tactic.”

“I don’t have any talent for this. How about you think of something?” answered Tyre with a shrug. Long Tu gave a glare and made an unhappy pout at Tyre.

“Alright alright, I just haven’t put much thought into this one battle.”

“Seriously, you should use your brain more instead of always asking me. You can still lose respect when you can’t answer questions you know?”

Long Tu retorted then point her finger out and said.

“Head to your side, that bastard will be here soon.”

“Kay.” Tyre quickly moved and disappeared from Long Tu’s view. Looking carefully, she could see Tyre moved quickly into a watchtower.

Long Tu let out a long sigh after seeing Tyre leave. She raised her right hand to stroke the five simple-looking rings on her finger and murmured.

“I shouldn’t have to use this.”


The [Miliac Kingdom] had a force of respectable martial artists as well as money-hungry merchants. These organisations allowed the kingdom to flourish up until this day.

[Tifeimia Tunnel] was built from the merchants’ request. The result was better and faster trading with close to a hundred percent safe travelling. But a demon king had recently attacked the tunnel and caused [Tifeimia Tunnel] to be blocked for the time being. The kingdom had already declared that it would dispatch troops to clean up the mess. However, the damage done to the tracks would require half a year to repair. Those impatient merchants cursed at the demons for the damage and started to go around [The Great Burial Forest] to trade with foreign nations, but this was a huge risk and it resulted in the deaths of many merchants. However, this is not enough to cause concerns for the [Miliac Kingdom]. Still, it’s a sad thing.

[Tifeimia Tunnel] is a 1000-kilometer-long tunnel that connects [Rum City] to [Fashionable Mountains]. [Rum city] had hired local mercenaries to blockade the tunnel while [Fashionable Mountains] was being guarded by the military. Neither side allowed anyone to get close.

Magus is a person with [Heavenly Child] strength but was only registered as [Army Breaker] mercenary rank. He is currently the leader of the blockade troops and held the title of [Viscount]. He was given the task because of his meticulous personality and not because of his strength nor rank.

Magus sat in his office and reviewed the troop’s operation as well as internal conflicts. Wherever there were people, there would be conflict. This was something that Magus believed in. Although it is not his job to resolve minor conflicts, he did not want to simply ignore them and cause discontent. While he has not heard any ill rumour of him, Magus still wanted to do a better job. Especially for this type of job, he will step up and give it a hundred twenty percent.

“Hmm?” Magus frowned and looked out the windows.

“Demonic aura vibration.”

“Captain Magus, did you feel it?”

“Malone. Just in time. This vibration came from within the tunnel, it can cause some area to collapse. I think you understand that both sides of the tunnel are blocked. It should be impossible for other creatures to appear inside.

“… Captain Magus, please let me lead the investigation.”

“Alright, but this is an important matter so I would be going with you. First, go give out the mobilization orders.”



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