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After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 The God’s Orders Book (unedited)

“Something is amiss here.”

After the two of them had escaped a safe distance away, Tyre started to investigate the surrounding. He found a rock with an incredibly smooth polish surface. Something resembling words were carved into it. There were traces of torch marks on the wall, which showed there were people who came here previously.

“What are you looking at?”

“Probably a historical record, it’s not surprising, but we need to be on alert for traps.”

Long Tu waved her hand to brush her long golden hair, then said,

“Escaping is still a problem. Going through the ogre is out of the question. It is so dark here, so there are probably no exits.”

“Then what to do?”

“Search, maybe fortune will smile on us.”

“come on, teleportation symbol.” Tyre tried to repeat calmly. If Jack was here, he would have seen through Tyre’s distress, and provided some consultation.

The two analysed the situation while heading toward the darkness. Gradually their eyes adapted to the dark and were able to see a road. They were surprised at how unexpectedly warm this place was. It was many times warmer than the ogre cave above. Confused at the phenomena, Tyre asked Long Tu. However, she too did not have an answer.

The road came to a quick end. An altar was at the end.

Surrounding the altar was a pond with crystal clear water. An enormous amount of Sky Aged Flower grew around the area filled the air with sweet scent. Furthermore, there was Ever Glow grass emitting faint light that shined on the altar and gave off the feeling of divine beauty.

“This can’t be real.”

“That altar in front, it just may… Let us check to see if there is any exit.”


They walked up the stairs, crossed countless Sky Aged Flowers, and arrived at the central altar. There, they found a stone engraved with words.

“Can you understand it? This isn’t a modern language.”

“Yup, I am able to understand a little, likely a language that predates your Xavier kingdom.” Long Tu made a slightly solemn face, it was hard to decipher after all. Surprised, Tyre said,

“I never imagine you to also study languages.”

“Hehe, isn’t studying foreign language a necessity for travelling?” Long Tu said casually, then she continued,

“This is a historical record about a sacred grade, the [God’s Orders Book].”

“[God’s Orders Book]? Sounds familiar …” Tyre frowned but was unable to remember where he heard it from. He then asked again.

“What is it about?”

“According to history, it was originally Miliac Kingdom’s sacred grade item, [God’s Orders Book], but was later taken by Xavier kingdom. Is Xavier kingdom your motherland?”

“Ah! Now that you mention it, Xavier’s duke house does have a [God’s Orders Book]. I once heard from a friend that the king of Miliac lost a bet to Xavier. Recently, there is an issue about killing a phoenix grade monster in Cojacks Grass Plain. Because of this event, Miliac kingdom demanded the return of the sacred grade item.”

“That history is only half real, fabricated by one of the sides. But even if we figured out the truth, it won’t help with our current mess.”

“Yeah …”

“Hold on, Mr. 123, can you feel some wind movement?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ah, it means that there is a hole that connects to the outside. Did Mr. 123 slack off in elementary school?”

“Ugh.” It was such an irony to be told that by someone who looked like an eleven-year-old kid. Suddenly, Tyre felt ashamed as he remembered the many questions he asked Jack, who probably thought the same thing as Long Tu.”

“Follow me!” Long Tu wave to Tyre. She slowly headed down the stairs, occasionally stopping and used her hand to feel the direction of the wind.

Tyre could only follow silently. He started checking out Long Tu out of boredom.

Being alone together, not to mention that LongTu was very attractive, Tyre began to analyse Long Tu’s figure. Long Tu’s allure was capable of charming a country. Her skin was silky and smooth, her body well-defined and will definitely grow an excellent pair of peaks. Her legs wrapped in tight pants looked very attractive. The most impressive thing was not a single trace of blood was on her even after such an intense battle. Tyre thought to stop himself from thinking too deeply to avoid developing a weird habit.

“Mr. 123 …”


“Mr. 123?”


“Mr. 123!”

“Ah! What, what is it?”

“That should be my question. You have been staring at my legs for a while, what are you intending on doing?”

“That is, I am trying to figure out how your body is petite without a lot of muscles, yet is capable of such terrifying bursts of strength.”

“That’s easy, all the power increase came from Dou Qi. If not for Dou Qi, how many pounds do you think my tiny arms can only lift?”


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