After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Mutation

“Heaven Sword Ensemble second technique, Draw Stinger.”

Tyre shouted. The air started to vibrate even before Tyre moved to strike, but the sharp sword aura had already started to close in on the ogre king!

The vibration steadily intensified, it ripped apart the area it passed and finally enveloped the ogre’s body.


Numerous rays of light appeared on the target’s body but the shots were not from the outside, no. They came within it.

So efficient.

Long Tu looked at Tyre as if she were looking at a monster. To be able to release so many attacks while relying only on technique and a little bit of Dou Qi was hard for anyone to believe.

“Ah~ I am really sorry Miss Long Tu, my second technique has not been perfected and it could backfire. Damn, thank goodness you are here.”

“…” Long Tu turned silent and stared at Tyre with a strange expression. This sent a chill to Tyre’s spine.

“What, what is the matter Miss Long Tu?”

“No, It’s nothing, I thought you were like that too but it seems that I am mistaken.”

Like that? Thought wrong? Long Tu’s words only left Tyre confused.

The white light slowly disappeared after lasting for ten seconds. The ogre’s body now looked like a beehive. One would probably think its innards must have been turned into mush by and was deader than dead.


“Meme, memeda!!!”

It stood up again like an undying demon. Its eyes turned red and it emanated a maddening demonic aura.

The demonic aura formed black ribbons to envelop the ogre king and its wounds started healing at a visible speed.

“What is happening!?” Tyre frowned and said, that was pretty much a sure-kill strike. Long Tu in return shook her head and said,

“Didn’t we call ourselves lucky before? Nope. Our luck has been flushed down the drain. This big guy has not only managed to turn into a rank 5 demonic beast but actually even figured received insights in the usage of demonic aura.”

“Eh …” Tyre felt like he had swallowed some flies. The ogre’s plot armor was like a slap in the face. It was supposed to be a rank four ogre king but it had actually turned into a rank five ogre which was capable of controlling demonic aura. How unlucky did you have to be to get into this situation!?

“This may be a stupid question, but what should we do?”

“What do you think?” Long Tu smirked. Tyre nodded. If she was able to smile at their current situation meant that there was no major life threatening disaster.

Kacha Kacha. Cracks started spreading out throughout the already broken ground.

Tyre instinctively took a step back and avoided a new crack and then turned and said to Long Tu,

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

“The feeling is mutual.” Long Tu nodded in agreement after looking at the wringing ogre, then proceeding to say to Tyre,

“According to the green-haired mercenary, this mountain should be at least 300 meters tall.”

“Haha. Miss Long Tu, why did you bring that up?” Tyre said in confusion at this rhetorical statement, unaware of the answer. The ogre then smashed towards the ground.


The ground gave out and cracked in half!

Tyre and Long Tu didn’t get a chance to escape before the large crack swallowed them down. The two let out a helpless smile as they fell with the ogre into the darkness.



A large boom as the Ogre landed. Numerous rocks instantly buried the large monster. Two figures were seen stealthily leaving and headed towards the darkness.

“It really is impossible to predict the future, who would have thought the sturdy mountain was actually hollow and would have broken like tofu.” Tyre waved his hand. The pair was still running at full speed and the pressure from the ogre decreased. Long Tu understood what Tyre’s had meant.

“Isn’t this your Gabriel Continent’s ground? Looks like even nature is cutting corners. It would be even shocking if this were to be man-made. If I didn’t use [Soul Garment] to destroy the large falling rocks then we would have long been dead by now.”

“Haha, that’s absolutely true. But that [Soul Garment] of yours is truly amazing. Even that ogre’s strikes couldn’t put a scratch on you.”

“You are the same, that Heaven Sword Ensemble’s techniques let me see things in a new light.”
Long Tu and Tyre looked at each other and started laughing like they were old comrades who had gone through hell and back together.


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