After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 Fierce Combat

“It’s defeated?” Roselle Butterfly surprised herself. The other three could barely believe their eyes and felt glad for Roselle Butterfly.

Sand Sword smiled and said,

“Looks like Roselle Butterfly started to understand senior’s technique.”

“What?!” Jade Star and Ghost Slayer said in shock. In just a short time, Roselle Butterfly was able to grasp the usage of senior’s technique. Even Jade Star, who is a close friend with Roselle Butterfly did not know she had such talent.

“Ha, ha … “ After narrowly escaping death, Roselle Butterfly stared at the ogre’s corpse in front of her and took some deep breaths.


Haha, Roselle Butterfly gave a slight smile before turning solemn. Her legs felt heavy, but she still turned to attack other ogres, she was so tired that she may have fainted at any moment . However, she knew that she had to reduce the enemy’s strength even if it is just a few more.

As long as they hold out, the seniors will come back, they will definitely come back!


Inside the cave filled with bones, there was an insane battle that is unmatched by the one from outside.

An ogre bigger than the behemoth that Tyre saw before, swung its arms randomly looking like the fighting style of a kid, but that ferocity kept Tyre and LongTu from getting near.

“This bastard does not know how to use the magic aura yet. Let’s focus and finish it in one go.”

The ogre, who relied purely on physical force, was almost invulnerable to the bending Tyre and petite LongTu so each attack attempted by the ogre would be met with some counter attacks from those two. On the other hand, the ogre’s swings were just too fierce, which forced Tyre to keep some distance. Their attacks were not able to penetrate the ogre’s skin from such range, causing the battle to turn into a deadlock. Unable to instantly finish the ogre, LongTu focused on attacking the existing wounds on the ogre.

Even when it was injured, it was still an ogre king. There was no way to kill it instantly, but it could still die under enough attacks.

Tyre frowned at the thought, while LongTu’s suggestion was true, but he was only at the grade of [Qi Harmony] and was quickly approaching the limits of his abilities. Not mention he had already used several Heaven Sword Ensemble’s first technique, which requires both physical and mental abilities. LongTu’s tactic was based on one being  [Army Breaker] grade, however, if Tyre were to use such a plan, then there can only be defeat.

“Not good, I will not be able to hold out much longer.”

Tyre felt his body slowing down, while it was not enough for the ogre to take advantage of, but that was only a matter of time.

“What?!” LongTu asked in confusion. She looked toward Tyre and realized it.

“Mr. 123, Don’t tell me that you only studied techniques, but didn’t practice DouQi.”

“Congratulation, That answer got a perfect score” Tyre dodged to the side and answered with a wry smile.

LongTu frowned and had almost tripped, But her strong will allowed her to quickly recover. She suggested

“How about we take turns to attack?”

“No, it will not give us a chance.” Tyre shook his head while rejecting, then said.

“I still have some strength, but if this keeps up, then it is only a matter of time before I am out. So, if you could create an opening, then I will make an all-out attack.”

“Alright!” LongTu answered and started to launch a fierce assault. The ogre king had never feared a straight up fight. It completely ignored Tyre and let out a roar with both fist punching forward, it charged at LongTu like a meteorite.

Suddenly LongTu stopped her attack, pulled back all her DouQi, and closed her eyes. Just as the ogre’s fist closed in on her, she whispered.

“Strike Arts, Soul Garment”


The terrifying fists shattered the floor and sent debris flying. A tremor was sent throughout the cave. After the dust had cleared, LongTu could be seen in a ready stance with her eyes still closed. The ogre’s fist was only a meter away from her, but the ogre was unable to make his attack.

While the Ogre was shocked, LongTu opened her eyes.

“Strike Arts, Shatter”

Like a loaded spring, the ogre was sent flying off with his arms opened and weakness exposed!

“Mr. 123, Now!”


Tyre had only mastered the first technique of Heaven Sword Ensemble, but in his current state, even the first technique would be difficult. However, faced with such strong monster, he can only give it his all.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

When his eyes opened again, he saw the ogre with weak spots exposed!
“Heaven Sword Ensemble second technique, Draw Stinger.”


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