After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Rank 5 Magic Beast

“Phew,” Long Tu slowly exhaled a breath and clasped her hands together, giving off the feel of a master fighter that has just finished their routine. She then smiled and said,

”Aiya, aiya. Good thing my perception was right, else we would be wasting a lot more effort and that is not something I desire.”

”Per, perception…..” What was that? However, Tyre knew he should not ask for information on common knowledge anymore, who knew what Long Tu would do.

“Yeah, but the fight ended shockingly fast.”

“Meh, this was, after all, a fight heavily stacked in our favor. Even if the monster was close to upper [Army Breaker], we had the element of surprise on our side. Adding on to the fact that ogres possess naturally slow reflexes and we outnumber it 2 to 1, it is only natural that we killed it in less than 3 seconds. In fact, we would only have an issue if we didn’t manage to win in 3 seconds with all these advantages on our side.”

Long Tu’s statement caused Tyre to shrug his shoulders. Sidestepping what she said, Tyre replied,

“Anyways, I never thought that my first time working with you would go so smoothly, Miss Long Tu. Our coordinated attacks were synchronized too, could it be that from the beginning, Miss Long Tu has already been planning this?

“Pssh, of course not! Can’t you see that I’m so terribly young? My experience probably couldn’t even compare to those people like Sand Sword and the others ya know?” While she was proclaiming her youth, she spun around as if a young girl flaunting her new dress and instantly a heavenly fragrant smell wafted around her.

Well fuck me, because word has it that you are at least 27 years old, Tyre silently thought to himself, definitely not bold enough to voice and thoughts and to question why she had stopped growing before puberty. He could only force a laugh and return to the topic on the ogre,

“After we take the right eye of the Ogre King for proof, let’s hurry out to help Roselle Butterfly and the others.”

“Okay. After all, those guys stubbornly blocked a great number of ogres, it would be a pity if they sacrificed their lives because of this.”

“En.” Although Tyre didn’t like the way Long Tu had worded it, he still chose to keep his mouth shut so that he could hurry to help them.


All of a sudden, formless gales of wind started to cyclone around inside the cave. Tyre was puzzled looked up to see a huge cyclone so incredibly dense that it almost appeared black, on the other hand, Long Tu’s face suddenly paled.

“Magic Aura Vortex! Fuck!”

“Magic Aura Vortex?” Tyre asked, but before he could get an answer from Long Tu, she had already charged towards the remains of the Ogre King who was splattered against the wall.

“Strike Arts!: One Soul!”

Long Tu seemed to be desecrating a corpse and it was certainly violent enough to cause pain to anyone who was merely watching. Only, the black-colored magic aura seemed to possess a life of its own and formed a shield to meet her attacks and blocking her fist winds.

Long Tu retreated two steps and met up with Tyre who had rushed over. Before Tyre could ask anything, she had already started to speak and said,

“This guy is becoming even stronger than the time before we ‘killed’ it! Looks like it managed to summon the magic aura to it at the very last second to create that cyclone. In a short while, we will be facing a rank 5 magic beast!

There was a defining gap between rank 4 and rank 5 magic beasts. All magic beasts, before reaching rank 5 could only be classified as a very dangerous beast. However! From rank 5 and onwards they will be able to use magic aura and calling them demons wouldn’t be far off from the mark.

“What now? Should we retreat?” Tyre suggested, but Long Tu shook her head.

“There is no time! Even if we did escape outside, those four mercenaries that you are so fond of will definitely be slaughtered!”
“…. Looks like we have no choice but to attack then.” Tyre furrowed his brows tightly. This was an unexpected development for an easy mission. If the mercenary branch knew that this bounty was put on a rank 5 magic beast, then the reward will definitely be raised to 50k or even higher. Also, the number of people in the party will definitely be doubled and even iron ranked mercenaries might join.

However, humans could not predict what fate had in store for them.

The cyclone of magic aura in the air started to gather at the stomach of the ogre, rapidly mending the gaping hole there and also causing the ogre to rapidly grow in size.

5 meters, 7 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters…

20 meters!

BOOOM! The huge creature fell down from the wall and caused a massive tremor like that of an earthquake. When all of the magic aura has gathered inside the ogre, the huge magic monster looked towards its human-like hands and body, then let out an earth-shaking roar,

At that time Tyre still could only curse silently; no wonder it was called the Ogre King, Memeda. So this was what they meant.

“Let’s go up, even if it grew stronger, the natural disadvantage of ogres having slow reflexes can’t just be overcome by only leveling up, make use of speed and beat it until it kneels!” Long Tu clenched her fists tightly and exchanged a look with Tyre,


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