After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Three Seconds

“We’re here, it’s right in front of us.”

As they chatted, they approached the end of the cave. The originally sparse magic aura grew to a level where even Tyre could not ignore it. Long Tu narrowed her eyes and stopped at the same time as Tyre did. She then said with a serious voice,

“Judging from the magic aura, the time for it to evolve into a level 5 magic beast must be extremely close.”

“Then there is no time to lose! Let’s strike while we have the element of surprise on our side!”

“En, if this carries on, the Ogre King will become a level 5 magic beast. Things will then be a lot trickier to deal with.

Finalising their decisions, the two dashed forward again with their speed twice as fast as it was before. In a flash, they arrived at the end of the cave!

Bleached white bones littered the area in big piles, emanating a rotten stench. The scene could only be described as a corpse strewn battlefield. Right above the white bones, an ogre about 3 meters tall sat gnawing on a corpse. When it detected two bugs intruding during its sacred feeding time, rage and fury washed over its face.


It picked up the huge club by its side, and jumped down from the pile of white bones with a great thud, the intended landing spot was where Tyre and Long Tu was standing!


At the same time the 3 meter tall ogre crunched into the rocks, they jumped in separate directions.

Boom! Debris flew all over the place! Long Tu put both her hands in front of her body to create an invisible shield made of DouQi, shielding her from all the projectile rocks flying towards her. Tyre, on the other hand, used his strange body technique, making it seem like dodging the rocks was as easy as taking a leisurely stroll through the park.

“Attack with me!” The first one to call out an attack was Long Tu, whose reaction speed was even faster than Tyre, “Quick! While it’s still recovering its strength for another attack we have a prime opportunity!”

Tyre activated his skill, parallel processing, which was praised even by a deity. Despite being slower on the subject of reflexes than Long Tu, he still managed to get the first strike with the sword he weld in his right hand, he sent out a slash towards the ogre!

On the other hand, Long Tu did not fall far behind. The terrifying force behind her first stacked with the DouQi wrapped around them formed a fist strike that resembled a pouncing lion! The attack crashed into the ogre king at the same time as when Tyre’s sword slashed into it from the other end.

The Ogre King might have slow reflexes, but it still had a natural instinct towards danger and its instincts were saying that it would only have a chance of survival by facing these two attacks head on because it was impossible to dodge them!

Trusting its instincts, the Ogre King raised the huge stone club to block Long Tu’s fist strike and elected to take on the slash from Tyre’s sword with its bare back!
Bang! The weak stone club could not provide any resistance to the huge force of the fist and shattered to pieces but it successfully dispersed the fist strike. Consequently, a huge gaping sword wound opened on its back!

“What!” Tyre said in a slightly shocked tone, he did not expect the Ogre King to make the right decision at such a critical junction, causing Tyre to re-evaluate the intelligence of the Ogre King, it was such a rare sight to see such a degree of intelligence in an ogre.

“Continue!” Long Tu did not cease her attacks but instead pressed on even harder to push for victory!

“MEMEDA!!!” The Ogre let out an earth-shattering roar, the weak bugs that he stepped and feasted on everyday managed to injure it, this was the greatest shame that Ogre King Memeda had faced in his entire life! The Ogre King became even angrier and entered an enraged state which caused its body to turn completely red all over, its body grew from 3 meters to 5 meters!

“Its enraged! Mr. 123, attack it!”

Unneeding Long Tu’s reminder, Tyre was already accumulating the power needed for his next move. Sharp sword qi once again gathered but when the ogre felt that terrifying qi gathering behind its back, a flash of white light had already shot out.

“[Heaven Sword Ensemble] First Technique, Slash.”

Roar!! This time, the ogre let out a roar filled with pain. Compared to the first time when it blocked the attack head on, this time, showing its back to Tyre’s attack was akin to suicide. Besides, Long Tu did not give the ogre any time to respond on her side, she clenched her fists and emanated frightful DouQi, so concentrated that it was visible to the naked eye, the brilliant blue DouQi wrapped around her small right fist and swirled with power.

“[Strike Arts], Soul Possession!”

“Me, Memeda!!” the ogre felt an even more powerful attack than the slash from before rushing towards him and in an instant it forgot all of his pain and only felt fear towards this young girl before him! However, even if it wanted to, it could not get out of the way in time. Its initial carelessness had already completely sealed its death!
The entire battle lasted only three seconds!


Hong!! The blue light pierced through the Ogre King’s stomach and caused its intestines to rupture out from its stomach, the five meters tall ogre was also splattered against the wall! The entire cave shook as a large amount of debris began to fall from the ceiling. It also made Tyre to be even more afraid of Long Tu’s little fist. The label of ‘must not provoke’ too leveled up to the level of ‘ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT PROVOKE’.


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