After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Closing In!
Ogres are a race of ugly and greedy humanoids, being extremely lazy and greedy. However, they are very adaptable to different types of natural environments and will live in various areas. For the convenience of plundering, they would often stay around weak settlements.

This time, the ogre king launched a large-scale attack for human flesh which caused an outrage. Even if Tyre’s group did not accept the quest, in around a week, the army would probably prepare an attack.

Just as Jade Star foretold, a huge cave could be seen at the end of the mountain trail. Standing in front of the mentioned cave, a horde of ogres were standing guard.

“Seventy ogre infantries, four ogre rangers.” Sand Sword gave a rough estimate, the results caused their heart to sink because this contingent would be very difficult to handle without Tyre and Dragon Slayer’s help.

“Will you guys be able to handle them?”

Tyre asked, but was only answered with silence.

The four high-ranking mercenaries would be facing against enemies who outnumbered them twenty to one. Within the enemy’s ranks, there were also four [Qi Harmony] stage ogre rangers.

“Remember what I said earlier, if you can’t handle them, then retreat! Remember! It is retreating, not running away!” Tyre casually said, although his words to a degree had calmed the four mercenaries.


Tyre nodded at their response. Although Tyre may be stronger than them, there was no need to act as if they were his servants. Tyre wish to treat them as equals, or the equivalent of being post-war buddies wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Tyre glanced at Dragon Slayer and signaled. In unison, they both started charging towards the cave.

“Ten Million Body Bending Technique …” Tyre recited as the slow ogres were unable to react to Tyre’s movements. Tyre’s movements caused Dragon Slayer’s eyes to shine with shock and amazement. Movement would be a scout’s most important skill, Tyre’s movements would be something Wind Slashing Ghost dreamed of possessing.

Dragon Slayer, on the other hand, was a human bomb, a bloody storm followed wherever she
went, neither ogre infantries nor ogre rangers could slow her, even Tyre was not much faster than her. In a flash, the originally seventy large ogre infantry had been reduced by nine and an ogre ranger was left in critical conditions.

After cutting through the formation, the two continued into the cave without missing a beat. When the horde of ogres tried to turn around to give chase, Sand Sword, and the others started to launch their fierce assault.

“You little meatballs need to bathe in the sunlight.” Wind Slashing Ghost sneered. All four of them knew that they must not let these guys follow into the cave after their two seniors.

Angered, the horde of ogres gave up on the two little bugs, they turned around and roared at the four high-ranking mercenaries.

Outside the cave, the intense killing spree had begun.


The cavern was enormous, the two instinctively ran as close as possible to the walls. The cave was not as cold as they imagined, or perhaps the warmth was due to the numerous ogres dwelling here but the stench was horrible and even Tyre couldn’t handle the smell. However, Tyre turned and saw Dragon Slayer seemingly unfazed by the smell and he couldn’t help but admire, she was definitely worthy of her title, Dragon Slayer, being stronger than most men in many ways.

Tyre thought that what the branch manager, Harriot, said was not too outrageous. Tyre prevented himself from thinking any further from that point as he would not want Miss Dragon Slayer to discover it and send her fist pummeling into his head.

“Mr 123, there are traces of a strong magic aura up ahead, most likely belonging to the ogre king.”

Dragon Slayer’s calm voice made Tyre snap back to his senses. Tyre tightened his focused while asking,

“Magic aura? What is that?”

“Mr 123 doesn’t know what magic aura is? It is common knowledge.

“Eh, please explain, I probably forgot about it.”

“…” Dragon Slayer’s stare caused Tyre to feel hurt, but still he asked. So Dragon Slayer answered,

“Some monsters will release an aura when they reach, and to continue evolving, they would start to gather more monster aura. When they reach to rank eight, the aura will condense into beads of magic, while the monster will be transformed into a monster master.”

“I see, so that means our bounty target is a rank five monster?”

“Not quite, the magic aura is messy, it is probably close to turning rank 5 but hasn’t.”

“That’s good, while close to rank five, it is still rank four, it will stand no chance against the two of us.”

“Yup, if we had arrived half month later, then it would be a hard fight.“

“Miss Dragon Slayer, just as you said, we must be quite fortunate. When we get back, how about we all celebrate with a few drinks?”

“Oh? The always nervous Mr 123 is capable of thinking about relaxing. Yup, alright, but the tab is on you.” Dragon Slayer smiled, Tyre is not so petty to mind a few bucks. Without hesitation, he answered,

“Of course, yeah! Tell me your magic sound stone frequency, we may team up again in the future.”

“Ah? Is this Mr. 123’s sneaky attempt? I would normally reject, but I will let it slide this time because you are so strong. Yup… my magic sound stone frequency is 177435920”

“Alright, memorized, I will input it when we return.” Tyre gave a hearty laugh and thought it was a good thing he was not interested, in Dragon Slayer, or else it really would have been a sneaky attempt. Tyre’s main goal was to make connections with the strong. Magic sound stones and magic picture stones were mysterious tools capable of long distance communication. After saying their farewells, if the need arises, it will be easier to meet again. If not for these stones, perhaps only fate could bring them together once again.


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