After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Ogre Lord

The fight against eleven ogre infantries with four high ranking mercenary was simply too easy. Furthermore, Roselle Butterfly and Sand Sword’s improvements from Tyre’s teaching could clearly be seen. This caused Wind Slashing Ghost and Jade Star to be extremely envious.

“Follow me!”

While running quickly, Tyre called out to the nearby four and everyone quickly followed and moved closer to Tyre. It may be the effect from having entered the monster’s den, but the formerly clear sky was suddenly covered in dark clouds, there was also an eerie chill which filled the entire mountain.

At where Tyre and crew just fought, a number of Ogres started to rush out from the caves. Among those ogres, there was even a ten meter tall Ogre which was faster than any other ogre! The ogre roared and chased after them.
“Senior! An Ogre Lord came out from the back! This guy is probably only second strongest after an ogre king, a 4th-grade monster!”

“Ogre lord!?” Tyre frowned and looked back at the giant monster, he then looked forward at a naturally formed stone bridge. The bridge was five to six meters wide and over ten meters in height. Tyre thought for a bit and said,

“You guys go on ahead!”


“Need help?” Dragon Slayer seriously asked. After all, the Ogre Lord is a tier four monster, an [Army Breaker] tier existence. When a human with the same rank of [Army Breaker] is compared to a same ranked monster, there are various reason why humans will be at a complete disadvantage. But Tyre shook his head, Dragon Slayer chuckled at his response then led the other four across the stone bridge.

Tyre alone turns around then pulled out his weapon [Tempest Blade]. The huge ogre that steadily approached emanated the pressure of that belonging to a behemoth. Tyre’s eyes slightly narrowed and a huge presence could be seen reflected in his eye.

“[Heaven Sword Ensemble] first technique,” Tyre whispered to himself. The fierce strike could be clearly felt by the five in the distance. It was an extremely powerful attack!


~weon! The sound resounded through the sky, a column of white light split through the night and like a lightning bolt, it headed straight for the ogre lord!


The huge ogre felt the danger emanated from that column of light. It instantly stopped in its tracks and raised a boulder to use as a shield!
Bang! The moment the white light hit the boulder, it was reduced to pebbles, and even then, the ogre lord had received a deep wound on its chest. Blood spurted out and the ogre lord roared loudly in pain.

With just a single strike, Tyre had injured an ogre lord, who should be one of the top tier existences amongst the ogres. The four high-ranking mercenaries could only deepen their respect after such event. Dragon Slayer also let out a smile, but unlike those who are inexperienced said,

“What are you going to do next? While it is impressive to injure a 4th-grade monster with a single strike, but the opponent is still alive and kicking.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a loud collapsing sound could be heard and the stone bridge under the ogre lord collapsed into rubble, the angry monsters fell and disappeared from view.

“Let’s go!” Tyre said as if all went as planned, he was not even bothered with checking if his opponent had actually fallen. Tyre turned and caught up to the other five.

“So you were aiming for his feet from the very start,” Dragon Slayer said while still smiling. However, there was a subtle change in the way that she looked at Tyre.

“Well, he is a big guy after all, even if we fought together it would still take some effort and that would be a waste of time.”

Tyre spoke of the truth, 4th-grade monsters were the highest tier monsters other than the behemoth in the burial forest that Tyre had run into. Of course, he always chose to flee, but today was an exception. To preserve energy, he wanted to avoid doing anything reckless. Not to mention, within the saint-tier martial art style [Heaven Sword Ensemble], Tyre could only perform the first technique. In a situation without a blade but able to use the forbidden [Seance], the saint tier martial art, using a tree branch as a substitute is a valid solution. However, the opponent is a tier four monster, so even with the [All Things Favor] supportive martial art, Tyre still felt that it would be ineffective.

“Where to go next? Now that we ran into an ogre lord, the ogre king shouldn’t be too far away.”

“Right!” Jade Star took out a map meanwhile giving herself a speed buff, this allowed her to barely keep up with the other five, she was barely able to speak out,

“Pass the stone bridge, turn right then go up this mountain, a huge cave will be at the end, the ogre king will be there. However, there will likely be a handful of ogre infantries and ogre rangers.”

“When that time comes, it would be up to you guys to withstand them, if you feel you can’t take it anymore, go ahead and retreat. I am not saying this to be polite, I wish for us to go as six and return as six.” Tyre’s heartfelt speech touched the four mercenaries. After all, mercenaries often witness death, yesterday’s party buddy could become today’s monster food.

“Alright, let’s get started.”


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