After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Entering the Den

“In-Incredible!” “T-this is practically skill that only a Great Sword Master could achieve, isn’t it!?” Sand Sword stood up excitedly, his actions resembling an excited child while Roselle Butterfly’s face turned rose red from excitement, with her emotions stirring around vigorously inside her. As a swordsman, who doesn’t deeply desire for a senior whose skill is far beyond their own level to instruct them?

Tyre scratched his head somewhat embarrassedly and felt ashamed from the praises of Roselle Butterfly and Sand Sword. If he had to instruct them with great detail, then Tyre could only be dumbstruck would not be able to reply. However, on the path of pursuing martial arts, this man, with his saint level martial arts would still able to display an exceptional amount of skill.

Tyre looked uncomfortable and coughed.

“Ahem, about this uh, how should I put this? That attack just now is called “God’s Fall”, you may attempt to use this technique as the foundation to all your sword skills. The closer that you can imitate “God’s Fall”, the more exquisite your swordsmanship will become. I believe that if you can execute this technique perfectly, becoming a Great Sword Master wouldn’t be that hard of a goal to achieve.”

“Yes! I will definitely live up to senior’s expectations!!” Sand Sword was extremely emotional, as he exclaimed. If Tyre, Dragon Slayer, and the others weren’t still looking at him, he would have laughed wildly into the sky. It was hard to cast away his current excitement! After all, this was an attack that could almost defy Heaven and Earth. Iron Sword knew, without the slightest doubt, that if he was able to practice this move to perfection, he would become a top rank Great Sword Master!

“En, of course, you probably wouldn’t understand much just from seeing it once, after a while I’ll demonstrate this move a few more times. If you have any questions just ask me and I’ll do my best to instruct you.”


After he finally snapped back to his senses, Tyre realized that he had probably made a mistake by revealing to them such a big secret. For what reason must he teach these precious martial arts to some people he just met ? He couldn’t help but feel that he was being disrespectful to Ka Ming. Still… Tyre couldn’t explain it, but somehow he had this vague feeling that associated these people with memories of his past.

What was it?

Tyre stopped trying to recall those lost memories. Trying any further would only result in him getting a headache; his past memories were, after all, an empty space and it was just a vague feeling.

Tyre looked at the four people around him who were revering him, as well as Dragon Slayer who was sitting by the side and contemplating about something. Out of the blue, a word randomly popped into his mind.


So that’s what it was…Tyre bitterly laughed and shook his head.

He packed the thought away and looked at the nervous Roselle Butterfly before saying,

“The weapons that you sue are dual swords, right? An agility reliant weapon that focuses on stabbing.”

“Y-yes, that’s right.”

“Hmm…” Tyre did have another Saint-level Technique that was somewhat similar to Roselle Butterfly’s swordsmanship. He did not know if this was another coincidence, but his own martial art stance suited Wind Slashing Ghost very well. As for Jade Star, he could only say “Sorry!”, he really could not teach her much in the aspect of magic. (TN note: but Lunaria…)

“So how about this, then I’ll just do the same as when I demonstrated to Sand Sword. Saying long-winded superfluous words just isn’t my style, so as long as you can understand my technique it should be fine.”

“Yes!” Roselle Butterfly deeply concentrated, her eyes wide open, as if she didn’t want to even miss a single twitch. This cute reaction from Roselle Butterfly caused Tyre to smile, his hand still holding the tree branch.
“I should do the sword movement slowly”, he thought to himself, “she won’t be able to see the swords clearly if they are too fast, so let’s just slow down a little bit.”

Of course, Tyre’s demonstration was going to be just like ‘God’ Fall’. In all honesty, this is but one move out of hundreds, and every move should actually be executed with both hands, along with the skill, Return of Heaven and Earth, Heart and Soul to achieve its maximum power. Since Tyre took the technique apart and executed them separately with one hand, both its power and mysterious laws had fallen quite a few stages. But this should be more than enough for these mercenaries to use for a lifetime!

“Watch this carefully!”

As the heat from afternoon sun became more vicious than before, Tyre and his friends were already deep into the Ogres’ territory!

“Senior! On the left side there are 11 ogre infantry approaching! Behind them is also an ogre ranger, a grade 3 monster!”

“You deal with the infantry! I’ll get the ranger!” Tyre had killed 3rd-grade monsters before, in the Great Forest, so he was quite confident in defeating these slow moving Ogre rangers.

But this time, Dragon Slayer waved dismissively, signaling that Tyre didn’t need to go.

She then kicked the ground and flew towards the ranger, as light as a swallow!

The ogre ranger was twice as big as the infantry ogres, and the bird-like Dragon Slayer was like a moth flying towards the fire as she faced the ogre ranger’s gigantic hammer. But to their surprise, as Dragon Slayer let out an unladylike shout “Haah!”, her delicate fist punched right through the Ogre Ranger’s hammer in an instant and without losing any force at all, crushed the enemy’s head into bits!.


It sounded like an explosion, and a huge amount of gore splattered out in every direction.
Dragon Slayer stepped away with a push against the ground and agilely escaped the splatter of blood and numerous shrapnel of bones. By the time the people snapped back to their senses, she had already arrived by Tyre’s side.

“Let’s go!”

After such a domineering punch, Tyre didn’t hesitate to follow the command given by Dragon Slayer, all the while throwing secret glances at her jade-white little fists, thinking,
‘Oh my lady, just where did you find the strength to smash a 3rd-grade monster’s head in one strike?!?’

While he was puzzling over the fact, he also subconsciously placed a mental note not to mess with Dragon Slayer. He might not be able to withstand even a casual punch from her if he made her angry.


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