After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 36

Chapter 36: First Battle!

“Miss Dragon Slayer, even though you possess overwhelming strength, it’s best not to let your guard down. After all, unexpected things can happen.” Tyre prudently said. This is what he had personally experienced back in the forest. It could happen that when relaxing your life is wrested away by a viper magic beast. Only by remaining alert in an environment like this at all times can you have a greater chance at survival.

“Ah~ Mr. 123 don’t act like my big brother and say identical words, my ear has a callus from hearing this advice.” Dragon Slayer somewhat impatiently said as she covered her ears, she then looked and Tyre and said,

“Word has it that Mr. 123 is a person of the Miliac Kingdom?”

“No, I am from the border between Miliac and Hillier Kingdoms” Tyre loftily shrugged. Not like it mattered what place he mentioned, Miss Dragon Slayer would probably not look it up.

“That’s how it is. However, I also just arrived on this Continent, so there are many things that I do not understand.”

“Just arrived in this Kingdom?” Tyre was somewhat astonished, this also caused several other mercenaries to respond in a flash,

“Miss Dragon Slayer… You mean, you come from abroad?”

“That’s right. It is the opposite of the Gabriel Continent. The Continent I come from is the Holy Dragon ruled Heavenly Empire.” Dragon Slayer’s words shocked everyone, Holy Dragon Empire was definitely the most powerful overlord empire of a continent, albeit the size of the continent was half the size of Gabriel Continent, but the military force was on par or even greater than either Xigely Empire, or Vermilion Empire.

“Then why did Miss Dragon Slayer come to the Gabriel Continent?”

“This is because I am searching for something.”

“Searching for something?” A very vague explanation, but this is probably why Miss Dragon Slayer wants to quickly be promoted as a mercenary. After all, utilizing the mercenary headquarters’ intelligence network to search was many times simpler than doing it by herself.

“123-senpai, Dragon Slayer-senpai, please stop.” The one speaking was the oldest which was Sand Sword, he stood one step before Tyre and said,

“Ahead there are eight ogre footsoldiers, it looks like we are approaching the Ogre King’s lair.”

“What should we do 123-senpai? Should we take a detour to avoid alerting the enemy or should we forcefully charge through?” The originally somewhat delicate Roselle Butterfly showed her firm and resolute side, as if the possibility of an upcoming slaughter did not waver her in the slightest.

Ah, en. Miss Dragon Slayer, what do you think?”

“Obviously, I think forcefully breaking through is the best. However, I am still waiting for Mr. 123’s decision.” Dragon Slayer also swept over the other mercenaries with a glance, hinting the fact that the other mercenaries will follow his lead.

This caused Tyre to be in a dilemma. In the past few days he had always gone solo, so how would he possibly know how to make a group decision?

However! Since Miss Dragon Slayer thinks that forcefully breaking through is better, the correct answer is obviously to comply with her!

“En, I also think that we can forcefully break through. After all, we don’t have that much time to procrastinate and take a detour.”

“Yes! Then please allow I, Sand Sword, to pave the way for Mr. 123 and Miss Dragon Slayer!”

“Me too!”

“Seniors, please save for strength! Hand over the sweeping of these footsoldiers to us!” Wind Slashing Ghost patted his chest then proceeded to reveal a dagger in his sleeve, the dagger apparently not a normal dagger as it was covered in some diluted liquid.

“You guys…” Tyre was thinking of refusing. After all, he could kill eight ogres in a flash. Why allow his companions to take some risks when he could crush through everything, Tyre certainly does not like that style of doing things. However, Dragon Slayer interrupted Tyre from speaking, as if guessing what he was going to say, she then said with a smile,

“Mr. 123, isn’t this great? We can take advantage of this and probe their strengths. If they can’t take care of themselves now, then who will help them later on when they are in danger and we aren’t nearby?”


“Additionally, aren’t these mercenaries the ones that you hired? I’m not saying anything false.”

“That is because… so be it. Then let’s have a look at their strengths, I will say this in advance, I have never looked down upon them.”

“En, the strength a person can erupt out with cannot be measured by the DouQi they possess. I have met this kind of individual, so even a [Qi Harmony] individual cannot be ignored!”

Dragon Slayer’s words caused Tyre to feel that it contained a trace of profound meaning but he planned to disregard it. After all, since they started speaking Dragon Slayer hasn’t spoken to him threateningly.

While they were talking, Sand Sword and the four others already equipped their weapons and faced the eight ogres to initiate their attacks. Their coordination had a faint trace of a method that was close to perfection.
Sand Sword grasped a shield and a longsword and by himself withstood the attacks of four ogres, a contrast to the delicate Roselle Butterfly, her nimble swordplay tallying the ogres attacks, she was graceful like a butterfly, fighting nimbly yet vigorously. Every move she made could pierce the joints of the ogres causing them to slowly become paralyzed. At the back providing assistance was the grade 2 Magic Apprentice Jade Star. However, because of the situation being lopsided the originally most important role became the most carefree and leisure role. However, every so often Jade Star’s hands released piercing lightning and fireballs. Nevertheless causing Tyre to inwardly sigh, even though her formidability was on par with Lunaria, the difference in technique and proficiency was like the difference between the sky and the earth.

The last ogre’s weakness was attacked by the strange ghost-like Wind Slashing Ghost, in his hand every attack he made with the dagger caused the ogre to howl in pain, it was also because of Wind Slashing Ghost’s offensive that the pressure on the other mercenaries was greatly reduced.

“These mercenaries aren’t bad!” Tyre cannot help but to sigh in admiration, his experience cannot compare with the experience of these mercenaries, every movement they make can achieve maximum effect with minimum effort. Tyre has to use a Saint-level technique to absolutely crush his opponents. It doesn’t matter what sort of attack his opponents used, Tyre in one move strikes down 10 enemies, a sequence of movements to eradicate the Heavens.
[T/l Sorry, I have no clue what the last sentence means.. Help anyone? 提尔全部一力降十会,一种套路吃遍天.]

“It seems that it is necessary to ask them for combat advice,” Tyre mumbled to himself.


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