After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Mission Begin!

“Ah, I should speak carefully. I am a virtuous young lady.” The golden-haired young lady patted her small chest, forcefully suppressing her anger. She then walked in front of the six people and said with a smile,

“Nice to meet you, my name is Dragon Slayer, I am a new primary-grade mercenary. I hope my fellow mercenary seniors can care for me with your vast experience of being a mercenary.”

Does she mean she doesn’t expect much from us in terms of actual help?

“Oh, yes, I heard there was a Mister who was facing the same situation as me, right?

“Miss Dragon Slayer, the person in the same situation as you is Mr. 123.” Harriot respectfully stepped aside, withdrawing with a single step, causing Tyre’s strong physique to be revealed!

“Hello, Miss Dragon Slayer, I am 123.”

Oh? The information said that you should possess the strength of an [Army Breaker] individual, but your DouQi is comparable to someone who has just begun training!

Dragon Slayer’s words startled everyone who was present, to which Jack baffledly replied,

“No, no way! I have personally witnessed Mr. 123 in the blink of an eye killing a dozen grade 2 magic beasts with only a tree branch!”

Ah, Tyre’s mouth gaped open from shock, thinking to back then where he had only killed two magic beasts.

“Well, powerhouses practicing restraining techniques aren’t that rare, the amount of DouQi seen on the surface does not reflect an individual’s true strength.”

Dragon Slayer stroked her hair while looking at Harriot speak and then said,

“So everyone is here, we can now begin.”

Yes, yes. Oh that’s right! The branch head also left me with a few words for you, saying that……” Harriot had some hesitation as if debating on whether or not to speak the words.

But Dragon Slayer was still somewhat impatient, she put her hands on her hips and glared at Harriot, saying,

“Spit it out already, stop being such a sissy.”

Facing the wrath of Dragon Slayer, Harriot got cold shivers running up his spine and immediately spilled the beans,

“The branch head also said, that, that, don’t always be stuck in your little fantasy and call yourself a virtuous lady left and right, even calling a man a virtuous lady would be more fitting than calling yourself one.”

“…Wha…What!” Dragon Slayer could not remain calm after hearing that, and started yelling at the top of her lungs towards the interior of the hall

The grand branch head being called a filthy whore by a little girl in broad daylight in front of a huge crowded was definitely shocking, and sounded very rude especially to those who held the brand head in reverence, causing them to be deeply angered, but when they discovered strength of the aura surrounding this little girl, they were all rooted to the spot.

[Army Breaker], the upper power echelon of the entire Hess city and even the military must give them face. If they wanted to, any [Army Breaker] individual can easily obtain a nobility title and gain land if they work for the kingdom.

All the people who wanted to speak up promptly shut their mouths, who were they kidding, an [Army Breaker] can kill advanced [Qi Harmony] with a single slap if they wanted to, and how many advanced [Qi Harmony] was there? Even those who have reached peak [Qi Harmony] were the scarce few.

“Miss, Miss Dragon Slayer, please, please keep it down while in the hall. Please calm your anger.” Harriot really regretted agreeing to bring the words of the branch head. If this Miss Dragon Slayer really get pissed off, then all of them in the hall will suffer a calamity.

“Humph!” Dragon Slayer’s face was still red, very apparent that her anger has not dissipated just yet. Those around her can clearly hear her mumble ‘how come even a man suits it more than me….. I am a lady, a lady!’


Uuwah, Tyre unconsciously took two steps backwards, feeling that it was hard to approach. She(?) was worthy of the title Dragon Slayer, even that soft and cute appearance cannot contain the tyrannical aura from leaking out of her!
[EN: the (?) was in the raws, Tyre is not sure whether or not she is a lady… :P]

But what made Tyre felt more terrified was the Dou Qi emanated from the other’s body, that feeling was just like when he was facing a huge ferocious beast. Although it was far from the level of Lao Jerry, but it was still enough for him to label her as someone to not piss off.

“Uh, Miss Dragon Slayer, can we talk about the mission first and other things afterwards? How does this sound?”

“……………….” Dragon Slayer sighed and nodded her head, and thankfully didn’t take her anger out at anyone.

“Mr. 123, I wish you success!” Jack emotionally saw Tyre off. Originally, Jack wanted to say a few more words like telling the other high-ranking mercenaries to take good care of Mr. Tyre, but after seeing Wind Slashing Ghost’s scary eyes, he swallowed the words back down.

“Then let’s go, to the Meteor Mountain Range!”

The bounty board is the mechanism that all mercenaries use, and the normal requesting parties are either the military or the locals who were harmed severely. Bounties are in accordance with the level of difficulty discovered by the bounty scouts and one could tell the difficulty of the request from looking at the bounty board. Normally, the lowest bounty is worth at least 1000 gold, therefore, the person who wants to take the request must at least be in the least advanced [Qi Harmony] or stronger.

Meteor Mountain Range, in the outskirts of Hess city, covers enough area to span half of all the cities in the Miliac Kingdom combined, and inside the Mountain Range, countless magic beasts roam its forests. There are also many Boss-level magic beasts who rule over entire mountains, and thus making the mountain range one of the most dangerous places in the Miliac Kingdom.

At the start of spring, birds and flowers carpet this mountain range, and even if it is the dangerous Meteor Mountain Range, it still gives off a picture of serenity and beauty.

“What a great place.” Dragon Slayer gave a huge lazy stretched.

Although the stretch revealed a taunt and white stomach that caught Tyre’s attention, he was more focused on she was saying… [t/l trust him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).]

“Miss Dragon Slayer, even if this is the outer region of the mountain range, it still can’t be called a good place.”

“Mah, I am saying this without taking the magic beasts into account. Mr. 123, don’t be too proper with all things. Even if it is this place, as long as you have enough power, you can still use the mountain range as a picnic location, and occasionally relieving built up anger and stress on the beasts isn’t a bad idea either.” Dragon Slayer extended both her arms and spun around in a circle on one foot, making her golden hair trail in the air, as if a happy little golden sparrow flitting in the air. Those who saw these scene would probably forever cherish it in their hearts.


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