After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: The First Meeting

Crossing the bustling streets of Hess city, Tyre and the other two arrived inside the mercenary branch hall after a few minutes.

The first thing that showed in sight was still the usual throng of black hooded mysterious people, making Tyre really suspect that this wasn’t the mercenary branch guild but rather the assassin’s branch guild instead.

But, a moment later, he saw the four people who were waiting for him, standing right beside the door as still as tree trunks.

“Mr. 123, these four are the high-grade mercenaries that I invited to assist you.”

“Mmm, okay.” Tyre nodded his head and looked oat the four people. This glance made their originally rigid bodies even more rigid, and one of the males who was dressed in gaudy clothes even had a few drops of sweat roll down from his forehead.

Yep, they really are top quality mercenaries, look at all that sweat from hard training. Tyre smiled and nodded his head again, saying to the four,

“Hello, my name is 123, a newly registered mercenary. If I mess up then please bear with me.”

This sentence made the four of them feel extremely flattered and did not know how to reply, this caused the nearby Jack to frown and solemnly say,

“You guys still don’t want to introduce yourself to Mr. 123?”

Even though Jack was only an intermediate-grade mercenary, and he usually had to treat high-grade mercenaries with great respect. However, right now, he was the closest to Mr. Tyre and he believed that he possessed the qualifications to scold these disrespectful people!

The four people snapped out of their daze, and the person to step forward first, was that handsome man who was dressed in gaudy clothes.

“Err, I- I’m called Ghost Slash, high-grade mercenary at, at the peak of [Qi Harmony] DouQi, I’m 21 this year… Ah- Also…? Eh? Is self-introduction really such a difficult matter?” Ghost Slash struggled to introduce himself, this made Tyre think of the appearance of Claude, but compared to Claude, Ghost Slash gave him a completely different feeling, how to describe this… It’s like the difference of length, breadth and height?

“En, nice to meet you Mr. Ghost Slash.” Tyre extended his right hand, causing Ghost Slash to gawk, he then gripped Tyre’s right hand with both of his hands and excitedly replied,

“He- Hello. Please just directly call me Ghost Slash!”

“Okay. Then the next person is…?”

“Hello, Mr. 123, this humble one’s name is Sand Sword, I am a high-grade mercenary from the Dust Spirit Mercenary Group and I’m at the peak of [Qi Harmony] Dou Qi. This year, I’m 34 years old, I heard that Mister is going to kill the Ogre King that has a bounty of 30,000 gold coins, therefore I’d like to offer my humble strength.” Sand Sword gave a clear self-introduction, possessing the maturity that a youngster would not have, his eyes containing a profoundness that came from a path of slaughter throughout many years.

“Hello, just calling you Sand Sword should be fine?”

“Yes, please do so.”

“En, then this young lady is…?”

“I- I am…” A sharp cry of a young lady came from Sand Sword’s side, but what stood out was that the young lady had apparently bit her tongue. Such an embarrassing scene caused . However, this only made the red-faced young lady become even more embarrassed as she tried to hide her face.

“I, I’m really sorry!” The female mercenary who hurriedly apologized carried a mature and sexy charm, her uneven green hair flowing down to her shoulders filled one with “determination”, her lofty towering twin peaks made Tyre….. Ah, better stop right there…

Tyre did not know why he could not look at females simply with admiration, if he continued to act this way he might really become a pervert.

“No problem, continue speaking.”

“O- Okay. My name is Jade Star, just like the others before, this is my mercenary nickname. I am a high-grade mercenary at the level of 2nd level Magic Apprentice, and I’m 22 years old this year.”

“En, Jade Star it is, you should be able to learn Cure Technique, Detoxify Technique right?”

“Ye- Yeah.”

“Then I’ll leave the support to you.”


“Then the last person is…”

“Hu~ Hello Mister.” The last person who was a young lady with flax-colored hair respectfully bowed once, then continued,

“I’m called Roselle Butterfly, I am at the peak of [Qi Harmony] DouQi, along with the others I am also a high-grade mercenary, being 18 years old this year. In the upcoming days, if you find any aspect of me to be lacking please be sure to harshly reprimand me so I can firmly ingrain it into my memory.”

“So it’s like this… Punishment eh…?” Tyre immediately took the word “Punishment” and dreamt up some wild fantasies before shaking his head, pondering if he used to be a wild beast before he lost his memories, to think of things in such a perverted aspect.

“However you sure are young, Roselle Butterfly is only 18 years of age and already possesses the strength of a high-grade mercenary, I think you are probably extremely reliable.”

“Ah- To praise me like this… No. I’m still lacking by far compared to Mr.Ghost Slash and Mr. Sand Sword.” Roselle Butterfly who suddenly received words of praise immediately mentioned Ghost Slash and Sand Sword, to which Ghost Slash changed his expression and cleverly replied,

“Little Butterfly, you don’t have to act modestly anymore, you have only become a mercenary at 16 years old, and in just short two years, you have become a genius at the peak of [Qi Harmony] DouQi, I am far lacking compared to you.

“En, it is indeed such.” Sand Sword nodded his head in agreement, this caused Roselle Butterfly to let out a soft groan. She was planning to let the other two misters share the burden, but they unhesitatingly directed it back towards her. Under Tyre’s gaze Roselle Butterfly’s stomach involuntarily started cramping.


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