After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 31

er 31

Translated: Naervon

Edited: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 31 The Apprehensive Mercenaries

Cili Mitre, a high-ranking mercenary who once killed a level two magic beast while only being at intermediate [Qi Harmony rank] has high expectations placed on her even though being a new mercenary but at this moment, she was walking on the streets of Hess City filled with unease. This was because she has just received a mission from the mercenary headquarters. The contents of the mission was to go with 5 other mercenaries to support a strong individual suspected to be at the level of [Army Breaker].

They would have to support this person in the effort to kill the Ogre King Meme’Da, a notorious creature well-known in the circles of Iron Rank mercenaries.

Cili does not fear death, or she would not have became a mercenary in the first place and fought side by side with men as a woman with weapons in hand against magic monsters. But, because she needed to feed her three smaller brothers and sisters as well as a mother who is sick. As she had some natural talent with douqi as a child, it was inevitable that she would choose to become a mercenary, whose death rate is as high as the pay rate. Luckily, she worked harder and had better luck than most others, as well as the persevering will needed to protect others! All of these factors made up of the current her, a super newbie with the title of [Roselle Butterfly].

Cili is unafraid of death or else in the first place, she would not have become a mercenary and fight side by side with men as a woman with weapons in hand against magic monsters. As she had some natural talent with DouQi as a child, it was inevitable that she would choose to become a mercenary whose death rate is as high as the payout rate supported by the fact that she needed to feed her three smaller brothers and sisters as well as a mother who is sick. Luckily, she worked hard and had better luck than most others as well as possessing the perseverance and determination to protect others! All these factors made the current her, a super-newbie with the title of [Roselle Butterfly],

However, at this moment, she is very terrified as this was her first time seeing an [Army Breaker] level individual which possessed a level of strength that she currently dreamed of achieving, not to mention that this person was able to kill tens of magic monsters with a tree branch in an instant.

“Will I be able to give the senpai a good impression?” Cili used a somewhat trembling voice as she muttered to herself before holding on to her abdomen, resisting a sudden urge to go use the bathroom.

“Wuhh~I want to run away…” At this moment, the Cili who can faces magic monsters with a smile has forgotten how to smile in order to leave a good first impression in front of this senpai.

As she was having wild thoughts in her head, Cili has already arrived in front of the mercenary hall’s entrance.

“Ahh!” Cili hesitated as she stared at the figure in front of her, saying,

“Isn’t this Miss Jade Star?”

The young girl who was called turned around to look at Cili, and said with a somewhat stiff smile on her face,

“Hello, Roselle Butterfly, it’s been almost half a year since we have last met, right?”

“Yeah, you’re not at the branch often, and why are you standing at the entrance not going in?”

“Ah… Good question… I’m so nervous that I can’t even lift my leg.” Jade Star waved her hand, trying to act natural but only manage to give Cili the impression of a wooden puppet trying to wave its hand.

“You probably don’t know this, but a super-powerful person around the level of [Army Breaker] or even [Emperor] came to Hess City recently, and I was picked along with another four other people to help support this person.”

“You too!?”

“What do you mean? Could you also have been selected? Ah! Oh yeah! Harriot, that perverted baldy is on duty this week! It must have been he who suggested us!”

“Umm, let’s not talk about others behind their backs, after all, this is also a rare chance to make a good impression on that senpai/senior.” Cili felt much better about herself after seeing Jade Star, who was even more nervous than herself, even though her words also disguised the self motivation purpose.

“Err, let’s not bad-mouth other people behind their backs. After all, this is also a rare chance to give a good impression on that senior.” Cili felt much better about herself after seeing Jade Star who was even more nervous than herself, also don’t understand this sentence meow!

Jade Star took a deep breath and said,

“Yeah I guess… After all, that person if powerful enough to instantly kill several tens of level two magic monsters with his bare hands. As supporters, we must then prove our worth and if we can gain the favor of senior that that is even better.”

“Yeah.” Cili agreed with Jade Star but at the same time became doubtful in her heart, how did it turn into killing with bare hands?

“Alright, let’s enter, making senior wait would definitely not leave a good impression.” Jade Star started moving in a stiff manner and Cili followed behind all the while muttering to herself. Cili came an hour earlier but even so, she was much slower when compared to Jade Star who by the looks of things arrived two to three hours ago. From this point alone, she could tell just how much more nervous the other was compared to herself. After making this comparison, her protesting stomach quietened down and Cili felt much better.

The mercenary branch hall that the two had entered over a hundred times now seemed very foreign to the two, and despite the fact that there was many mercenaries wearing black cloaks as usual, Cili and Jade Star did not have the time to notice them.

“Hoy! Over here, Roselle Butterfly, Jade Star, you two are finally here!”

The one who spoke was big baldy Harriot, the pervert who tried numerous times to court Jade Star despite being rejected with brutal force each time, causing Harriot to awaken something deep inside and started courting Jade Star even more.

“Harriot! Are you the scoundrel who recommended me!” Jade Star walked straight up to Harriot and give him a big slap on his bald head, the sound so clear that it attracted everyone’s gaze, and what was even more surprising was the fact that the ought to be angry Harriot had a big enjoying look on his face instead, and he answered without minding the brutality a single bit.

“Yes, after all, the people who are my intimate friends and lover and have a high mercenary rank are only you four!”

“Who is your lover!” Jade Star grinded her teeth while glaring at the scoundrel, but only elicited a wave of his hand

“I didn’t say it was you, why take it as a personal attack?”

Jade Star knew that she was being played by this perverted baldy, making her angry but with nowhere to let it out. Just before things escalated a step further, a middle aged man with his arms crossed over his chest used his voice to stop the two

“Alright, that’s enough Jade Star. We are that senpai’s supporters, so let’s not keep clowning around.”


Jade Star, who lost her anxiety and worries the instant she say Harriot, regained her composure and said with some unease

“Sand Sword, you’re also here.”

“Yes, after all, that kind of powerful person only needs to use a fraction of his power, and that’ll be worth this trip. To personally see the moves of a [Army Breaker] or even a [Emperor/Heavenly Son].”

[tl: [Heavenly Son]-> [Emperor] and [Phoenix] -> [Titled Emperor] rank name correction]

“Sand Sword, you’re still as infatuated with martial arts as ever I see!” Cili became more calm and at ease with more people around her, and not having to face that powerful senpai alone. She should be alright right?

“Oi~you are all here? Looks like it really was Harriot behind all this!” The new comer was a handsome young mercenary wearing gaudy clothing, no matter the earings or the tattoos on his hands, anyone could tell this guy was a delinquent at a glance, but it wasn’t unusual for a delinquent to be a mercenary.

“Harriot, speak, is this all just a lie to get us together for some secret of yours!”


“Yeah! It must be lies, after all, this city that we are in is a merchant city, why would a powerful person come and live here? And even if the core part of the city might have [Emperor] or even [Titled Emperor] there, but those people are part of the country’s military, and speaking of mercenaries, isn’t the branch head only a [Emperor] level person.”

“But the truth is the truth.”


“I’ll call him out now, just wait here.”

“Wait, wait a moment!” The delinquent gave in instantly and patted his chest and start taking deep breath before saying

“Okay, you can go call him now.”

Wuah, who would have thought that Ghost Slayer would have a nervous side. This was the first time that Cili saw the delinquent mercenary being nervous. Although the guy was half believing at first, but he was still nervous at seeing Harriot’s matter of fact face and about to face reality of the situation.

“Wait, wasn’t there supposed to be 5 supporters? Aren’t we missing someone?”

“This…….actually, the extra person is on the same level of power as that Mr.123, and is in the same situation of being powerful but wanting to become Iron ranked mercenary after just registering, Mah, this is also the branch head’s idea. With the two of them together, this mission should be a lot easier, and you all’s pressure should be much lighter.”

Harriot’s words suddenly gave the three besides Sand Sword a much greater pressure, all complaining inside their hearts, how is this easier? This was obviously adding one more direwolf to the mix on top of the one they already have to face!


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