After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Burden

“Are you crazy!?” It was now Lunaria’s turn to be speechless, for a lack of better words, she said,
“Who would acknowledge a master a few minutes after meeting!? Are you going to follow me for life if your family never prospers!?”

“Yes!” Noah said with a firm determination on his face, since Noah had made up his mind, he was not going to waver! This was a quality that other teenagers lacked!
“I just don’t want to owe you.”
“What did you owe me? EH! Ah, I don’t get it, I don’t get it, why is there such a stubborn kid like you!?” Lunaria seemed slightly crazed as she scratched her head, her beautiful hair was all messed up which caused it to emanate a faint fragrant scent.

Pondering for a while, Lunaria started to drag the teenager out of the area.
“Where are we going?”
“To see Teacher Lao Jerry and see if he has any idea how to undo this oath.”
“No!” With a shove, Noah pushed Lunaria back and promptly took two steps back while saying,
“You cannot go look for Sir Lao Jerry, if you do so, you will be violating the oath and will suffer punishment, I will also immediately commit suicide!”
“……” Lunaria felt a chill run down her back. It was clearly spring so why did it feel as if it was winter?
“Then, what you’re saying is, in just less than half an hour, I’ve gotten another burden that I need to be responsible for, right?”

“I’m not a burden! I am already at the intermediate-level [Qi Harmony] martial art rank, in just a few months’ time, I believe I can be a high-level [Qi Harmony] martial artist, and I’ll even be able to defeat level 2 magic beasts!” Noah exclaimed with pride, a 13-year old at mid-level [Qi Harmony] was indeed not commonly seen. Noah is one of the talented youngsters in the Duke’s mansion, this was why his family could still have a foothold within the mansion.
“Oh, so it’s like this uh.” Anyways, Lunaria had totally no idea what talent was. All she knew was that as Tyre, he could kill a level 1 magic beast after just half a day; a level 2 magic beast after 3 days; and after 5 days, he could already scare off a bunch of level 2 magic beasts, forcing them to run away with their tails between their legs. His power increased at such a fast rate that it could be visibly seen, so he had no concept of what talent was.

“However, this is the magic area, I think you’ve come to the wrong place.”
“Sheila…… she is a level 1 holy healing magic apprentice.”
“So this is why”, Lunaria realised, before continuing to scrutinise Noah once more. Just as the other party was starting to feel creeped out, she spoke,
“Mah, since we’ve already sworn the oath and are bound by it, we can naturally trust each other, therefore, let’s just mind our own business in future, what do you think?”
“But Lunaria, I’m your first follower, how can I leave you?” Noah’s rigid thinking once more caused Lunaria to feel like cursing his mom. Flinging her sleeves and pointing at Noah, she said,
“Kid, are you trying to annoy me? First complicating an originally simple issue, then now I ask you to pretend to be a stranger, yet you try to cozy up to me!? What? Do you think that it will be easy to gain benefits as the follower of Sir Lao Jerry’s disciple!?”

“You!” Noah’s straightforward answer caused Lunaria to almost choke on her breath. Red faced, she gave him a deadly glare as if she wanted to rip him apart!
“You, you are such a bastard, why is there such a devil like you!”
“Then, Master Lunaria, where shall we go next?”
“Your attitude changes so fast! Don’t call me master, and don’t follow me.” Lunaria was screaming for help in her heart. As she quickly walked towards the exit of the area, Noah faithfully followed behind her, looking just like a loyal guard!

The central area was where the Duke lived in along with some VIPs and some other higher-ups. After Lunaria had become Sir Lao Jerry’s disciple, she was naturally considered to be a VIP as well. At this moment she was walking through the central area with no one blocking her way with many servants greeting her respectfully.

Lunaria had thought that Noah would not dare to enter the central area, but unbelievably, he actually followed her in without any hesitation. Furthermore, no one seemed to block his way, perhaps those hidden sentries had thought that he was part of Lunaria’s entourage.

After all, there were many servants in the central area and Noah had openly walked in, he would probably not arouse the suspicion of the sentries. Not to mention, Noah was currently following Sir Lao Jerry’s disciple, Lunaria! Which person was tired of living and dared to provoke such a prominent figure?
“Ah, isn’t this little sister Lunaria, I was just looking for you to have lunch together.”
The person was naturally Leah, who was extremely close with Lunaria. She was wearing a suit of soft armor today, and with her red hair flying in the wind, she looked extremely heroic.

“Sister Leah, I was thinking about having lunch together too.”
“En, then where shall we go to eat? Should I inform the servants that we’re eating here at the central area, or at the trade street in the miscellaneous area?” Leah eagerly walked over, but when she saw Noah, who was behind Lunaria, her eyebrows suddenly twitched.
“Little sister Lunaria, this is……”
“Uhh, this is……” Just as Lunaria was troubled with answering Leah’s question, Noah made a standard knight bow, courteously replying,
“I am Master Lunaria’s first follower. Noah, Noah Hillier.”
“Oh! I must really congratulate you, Noah, little sister Lunaria is a magician who is held in high regards, you will surely rise to prominence as you follow her!” Leah did not hold back with her congratulations but Lunaria was displeased.
“What congratulations, I do not acknowledge him!”
“It’s okay little sister Lunaria, an aspiring magician cannot be lacking in followers, this is because magicians are physically weaker, and you will need followers who are warriors to protect you in close combat.” Leah did not know that Lunaria had wholeheartedly refused to accept this absurd follower, thus, when Leah was trying to enlighten her, Lunaria had only felt that it had become even harder to get rid of this burden.


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