After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 2

To answer the call of nature

As he practiced [One Mind], he tried to find a way out of the forest, although there were still roars a while ago, but that is not a valid reason to stay where he is and take no risks, he does not want to put faith in the chances of a random person passing by this thatched shack that has seen nothing but dust for who knows how long.
Tyre tried using [One Mind] in many different postures on his way out the forest, sometimes one body running and the other walking slowly, sometimes one sitting down while the other is jumping, or sometimes the two would run in separate directions. As Tyre kept experimenting, the results were so simple that Tyre almost couldn’t believe it, agile and nimble moving just as he wishes with no obstructions.

“Now is not the time to play around” Tyre looked at the gradually dimming sky, feeling that walking around in the forest at night time was bound to have unpleasent things happen, but he is separated from the original shack by who know how much distance, he has been walking around for 3 hours unknowningly, and even if he wanted to go back, he can’t avoid the night.
All of a sudden, an urge to pee hit him, from the feeling of it, it should be from the girl’s side, but this feeling spread to Tyre as well.
Helpless, the boy took a deep breath, looked at the absolute beauty infront of him, eyes revealing a firm gaze.

“Okay! Since it’s like this, then lets test out the true profoundness of [One Mind]!”

Must peeee!!!
Tyre’s clothing was rather simple, making it really convenient to relieve himself, but, even after Tyre’s side was already finished, the girl’s side was still stuck with battling the complicated attire.
All of a sudden, the urge to pee abruptly hit like a tidal wave! Girl Tyre’s legs unconsciously clamped together, and a rosy red flushed her face.

“No, this, if this continues, things are going to get real bad.”

Tyre quickly ran over, and started helping the girl to take off her clothing, his anxious look from an outsider’s perspective will definitely see this as the start of a crime scene.
The urge came wave after unrelenting wave, Tyre clearly felt that his female side’s legs cannot hold on anymore.

“Faster! Faster! Faster!” With both eyes red like a hungry wolf, he completely ignored the pain caused by his own forceful actions on his female self.

This bit of pain is already not worth his attention, especially since this impending crisis can be said to be Tyre’s greatest after waking up in the shack.
The girl is already sweating from the urges, her beautiful black hair is plastered on her forehead, her face even more flushed, the feeling even caused her tears to well up in her eyes.

“Noooo! I….. I Tyre, will I lose my dignity for the first time in my life after this short of a time since waking! This, just how shameful is this!”
“Yiiaaaaahhhhh!” the girl’s piercing cry followed, that voice, caused all who heared it to be distressed to the max.

Tyre does not want to give up, hating himself for wearing something that wasn’t a skirt or dress, but wearing this strange type of clothing. What really makes one even more shocked was this type of clothing was extremely durable.
“Bastard, loosen up already, if you don’t, I will resort to brute force!” With the pressing anxiety filling his head, Tyre set out a desperate yell, but answering this, was a resounding shout!
“Beast! Desist!”

Claude-Xavier [Kelade-xilier]

Xavier old duke’s only grandson, barely 19 years but possesses an astounding amount of dou qi that peers since even grown men are envious of. However, because of his knightly education from the Hillier Dukedom built from a foundation of knights, he, was also a man who possesses the honorable knight’s mindset.
A head full of golden short hair and a pair of red eyes full of vitality causes a great portion of the girls to fall into captivation, to the point of him even appearing in their dreams.
At this time, Claude was on horseback leading a 300 man cavalry through the forest, from their bedraggled and injured state, it was obviouse to any onlooker that they have just experienced a battle not too long ago. But, from their manner and the way that they held their heads up high, it is easy to tell how the battle ended.

“Thank god that Lao Jerry was with us this time, if it wasn’t for you, those bandits would have definitly escaped.” Claude thanked the old man next to him from the bottom of his heart, but suddenly, before the old man could respond, a pretty girl with a head of red hair answered first, she wore a suit of women style light armor, riding atop a big horse, making one image pop up to anyone who sees her, valiant.
“Claude young master, you are way too modest, even if master Lao Jerry did not interfere, with the beseige circle of troops you set to ambush them, it would have been no problem to catch all of them. Even that bandit head [Mountain Axe King] who has a ten thousand gold reward on his head would have trouble escaping!”

Then, the red haired girl turned towards the old man next to Claude, his grey white hair and a face full of deep creases and wrinkles could not cover up the attitude and style from his younger days.
“It is just so, Claude young master is our Xavier clan’s once in a hundred years genius, this time’s mission was originally able to be completed by the young master alone, but since both the Duke and I could not put down our worries, I insisted on coming along, now it looks like all our worries were none existant, so there is no need for the young master to be so modest.”
“Lao Jerry grandfather, Leah, you guys……” Claude revealed a helpless look, then looked behind him at the 300 strong elite cavalry squad, and commanded in a resounding voice,
“Pass this on, everyone did great this time, every warrior is to be rewarded 10 gold apiece, minor captains to be awarded 15 gold! Let everyone redouble their efforts and become even stronger”

“Yes!” A herald messenger wheeled his horse towards the troops behind him with a excited look on his face, carrying out the orders he just recieved.
On recieving this news, the entire squad of cavalry immediatly became rowdy with joy, because that’s an entire 10 pieces of gold, if a regular commoner wants to dress and eat comfortably for a day, he only needs 20 copper coins, but one gold coin = one hundred silver coins or 10 thousand copper ones, 10 gold coins = 100 thousand copper ones, enough to stand up to the cavalry men’s expenses for one to two years!

Hearing the loud ruckus behind her, the red haired girl pouted her lips.
“Claude young master need not give them this much gold coins, after all, all the efforts for this mission came from you and master Lao Jerry.”
Claude kept his faint smile and shook his head.
“This cannot be said like that Leah, although this time Lao Jerry grandfather did most of the work and spent the most effort, but the warriors in the cavalry also faced the bandits’ vicious suicidal counterattacks, gambling their lives when they have less ability of self preservation than us is more worthy of glory and credit then us.”
“Really~~” Leah noncommitedly pouted, showing a confused face.
“Of course” Claude extended a big and wide right hand and stroked Leah’s pretty and glistening hair while answering back.
“Of course, our female knight Leah also contributed alot, and it looks like your fighting prowess will catch up to my level soon.”
Leah meekly shrank her head back, with her face flushed bright red, thankfully it was approaching dusk, or else if Leah’s current appearance were to be seen by others, ahhhh so shameful!
“I … I don’t need the verbal praises, Humph”

Leah made a small sound, Claude cocked his head with a puzzled look on his face, but just as he was going to ask Leah what she wanted as a reward, a distressed cry came from not far away.


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