After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 29

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“Wait!” The blonde boy’s cold voice sounded, this voice gave an entirely different impression from when he parted with the girl just then. Lunaria slightly raised her eyebrows towards this and turned around to look at the youth who was roughly the same height as her.

“Is something the matter?”

“!!” As expected, an expression of shock showed up on the youth’s face, but to Lunaria’s surprise, the other only stayed that way for a short moment before restoring his original gloomy look, he said,

“Are you the new disciple of Master Lao Jerry?”

“Looks like news travels fast around here, I am, but surely this is not the reason you stopped me right?

“……..” the youth remained silent for a short while before opening his mouth to speak,

“You saw that, right?”


“Lies! I can tell from your nonchalant attitude!” The youth angrily said, thinking that he was being messed with.

Lunaria waved her hands,

“Even if I did, what could possibly happen?”

“I am the only young master of one of the branch families of a clan, and because my branch has fallen into desperate times, if I do not marry that woman, my branch will be sent away because of the lack of contribution and connections!”

“En, and then?”

“Did you not see that? I dislike that woman, if this piece of news were to be spread by the disciple of Master Lao Jerry, it will not be long before my family branch faces expulsion!” The youth tightly curled his fists and stared furiously at the other. The youth did not care that the woman in front of him is so beautiful that the entire duchy knew of her, the unwillingness in his heart completely overshadowed his desire for beauty!

“So what you require is just for me to not talking about this? Previously I would’ve obliged but your attitude towards me deters me from wanting to keep this under wraps.”

“No problem! If you let me bring you back to my clan, my clan leader who possesses strength at the magic instructor level can certainly wipe your memories about this matter!”

“Aiya, I’ve only just forgotten so many things and you want me to have amnesia again? This is not a matter that would make someone happy. Besides, do you really think you can take me with you?” Lunaria extended her right hand and suddenly, an ginormous fireball appeared in mid-air, originally assuming that this big fireball would shock the youth in front of her, but from the other’s calm eyes, Lunaria knew that she is probably not his match, so she simply sneered and calmly spoke,

“I do not expect to be able to defeat you with this fireball, but the noise of using magic in this magic restricted area will definitely be enough to attract many supervisors that are present. I think when that happens, compared to you yourself receiving a little punishment, your situation would become a little more perilous~”

The youth who had looked at the fireball in Lunaria’s hands with indifference suddenly had a blanched face. After all, he was still young, so how could he think of so many other implications? Looking again at Lunaria’s pleased look, his heart continuously sank.

“Then what do you want? As long as you do not spread this around, I am willing to do anything for you, including dying!”

“Then die right now!”


“What? Why are you hesitating?” Lunaria gave a sly smile the devastatingly beautiful face only gave the youth the image of a demon.

“Because you still have not given me any guarantees that you will not spread this matter around, and you still have not said anything about how to keep my branch of the clan from falling.”

“Aiya, this little guy isn’t big but still considers these many details.” Lunaria looked at the youth with some surprise, and dissipated the scorching fireball in her hands, asking,

“What is your name, and what is that little girl’s name?”

The sudden change caught the youth off guard and he stared blankly for a second before answering with some misgivings.

“Noah, Noah Hillier. The girl engaged to me is Sheila, Sheila Hillier.”

“Does this count as intermarriage?”

“…………….” Noah seemed completely unable to comprehend the meaning of that so he decided to remain silent until Lunaria announced her true thoughts.

“Relax~ relax~, I did not intend to gossip about this anyways, but since you wouldn’t relent from the start, I decided to play with you for a bit. Mah(嘛-ま-emphasis), since you seem to be in a tight spot, I will solemnly swear.” Lunaria cleared her throat and said with a self-deemed serious tone.

“I, in the name of the Supreme Deity, give my oath, as long as Noah Hillier himself does not speak of this matter, then I, Lunaria, will guard this secret with a sealed mouth, or else face the wrath of the heavens!”

This was the oath to the Supreme Deity known by everyone on the continent, and as soon as the pledge to the Supreme Deity is made, a bond could be felt around the oath taker, this type of oath could even bind a sacred magician to keep his words!

Noah stared at Lunaria in a daze, not once did he imagine for her to give such an heavy oath to the Supreme Deity, he hurriedly said,

“Id- idiot, how can you give out a deity oath so casually like this! Even though an oath is very powerful, there are many loopholes! For example if you say what happened today while dreaming and someone just happens to hear this, it will still count as a violation of the oath, and you will receive a very terrifying punishment!”

“Aiya, but the oath has already been taken, and even if I want to take it back I can’t. Then that’s’ that, I’ve spent enough time with you little kid, I am very busy, can you step aside now.”

After speaking, Lunaria ignored the panicked look on Noah’s face and pushed the other off to the side, preparing to leave.

Noah was definitely not a person who muddles through matters, and since it seemed that she was not going to give him anytime to discuss this with himself, he gritted his teeth and said,

“Since you’ve already committed to this degree, then how can I, a grand future family head be outdone by a mere woman! I, Noah Hillier, descendent of the Hongzi clan branch family, swear in the name of the Supreme Deity! Before the branch family regains prosperity, I recognize Lunaria as my master and will obey all commands be it life or death!”



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