After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 Magician Lunaria

“Lunaria, cast a fireball for me.”

An elderly person sat in the middle of the magic hall of the duke’s mansion. This was a place that boosted the ability of magicians to cast magic, a truly marvelous place that gathered numerous sealing crystals from the hall of seals! A holy ground for growing magicians!

At this moment, Lunaria stood in front of the elderly person.



As if the appearance of a meteorite, a fireball of unimaginable heat appeared in Lunaria’s hand, its size comparable to that of a small child!

The old person clicked his tongue in astonishment and clapped his hands.

“Genius, truly a genius! Not only were you able to understand the concept and technique behind the fireball, but to also be able to boost its size to these proportions by relying on your raging flames physique? This fireball probably contains the power not less than some second level magic!”

“This all due to the great guidance from Teacher Lao Jerry.” Lunaria was very pleased with herself, but did not forget to flatter while she was at it. If it was anyone else trying to flatter Lao Jerry, he would probably ignore them, but if it was his genius disciple, then he was very pleased, and the more he looked at this little girl in front of him, the more he liked her.

“Excellent! Then today I will teach you lighting attribute spell Thunder Cut and light attribute spell Healing!”

“Yes!” Lunaria became excited as soon as she heard Sir Lao Jerry mention those two spells. Putting Thunder cut aside, the Healing spell was something a magician must learn when adventuring. The even more advanced Greater Healing, or even Holy Healing was not as convenient as Healing due to their lengthy casting time.

Lunaria spent the whole afternoon learning magic from Sir Lao Jerry. Even though Sir Lao Jerry was the housekeeper and he had a myriad of duties to finish, he still took time out to teach Lunaria, this showed the importance that he placed on Lunaria. However, Sir Lao Jerry also could not simply put the chores from the Duke aside, especially with the Duke’s birthday approaching, so he had to rush off to do other stuff immediately after he finished teaching Lunaria.

As Lunaria walked out of the magic hall and she suddenly thought of Tyre, who was currently leisurely taking a bath.

“Tch, such a pity, it seems the other part of me, Tyre, does not have the qualifications to learn magic. Not mentioning the fireball spell, he does not even have any affinity for the lightning attribute and light attribute.”

Lunaria sighed and shook her head, she thought that she could allow Tyre to learn both magic and martial arts, but things did not go according to her wishes.

“Learning both? Right! Since Tyre can’t learn magic, then why not let me, Lunaria, learn martial arts!”

After all, the martial arts were powerful and easy to learn, with Lunaria’s talent and Tyre’s personal experience, it should be very easy for her to learn it. Learning both magic and martial arts was uncommon in the Empire. Take for example the duke’s mansion, only Lao Jerry was such a person!

“Unfortunately, even after learning both I still can’t go out and show off…” Lunaria shook her head, she was like a caged bird, she could roam freely within the duke’s mansion but she could not fly away.

“Err, Miss…… Miss Lunaria.”

“?” Lunaria wrinkled her brows, turning around to face the golden-haired man running towards her. A look of annoyance flashed across her face, before she smiled and said,

“Isn’t this young master Claude, did you come to find me for something?”

“Ah, that…… Wait, I, what did I want to say.” Claude scrambled to think of an answer to Lunaria’s question, his faced turned extremely red like a bright tomato. Lunaria wondered if she might burn her hand if she put her hand against his face.

Apart from today, Lunaria had also discovered that every time Claude saw her, he would often frantically greet her.

What is this, the most popular style of greeting in the Duke’s mansion? Lunaria thought in ridicule, she suspected that the young master who had “saved her” seemed to be interested in her.

“Then, young master Claude, if you don’t have anything to say, I’ll be going first. It is lunch time soon, young master Claude should also go and eat first.”

“Ah, yes, yes. Then, I’ll leave first.” As soon as he finished speaking, Claude quickly ran towards the fencing field at full speed.

Lunaria shook her head, unable to figure out what exactly that fellow had come here for. One or two days was fine, but he had been like this for quite a few days in a row. Lunaria felt that he seemed to be here only to add more trouble.

Nevermind him, afterall he is still the Duke’s grandson and he has done nothing wrong, I’ll just leave him be.

Walking out of the magic hall and past the enchantment hall was the exit of the magic area. The duke’s mansion was split into the six large regions, the magic area, martial arts area, collateral area, miscellaneous area, military area and the central area. There were all sorts of halls within the magic area, the main hall was the magic hall, followed by the enchantment hall, rune hall, holy hall, element hall, etc.

At this moment, near the exit, there was a teenager with the same golden hair like Claude’s, who was currently bidding farewell to a beautiful lady. Lunaria did not want to interrupt them and she could only wait near the entrance, until the lady reluctantly left after the golden-haired teenager had kissed her.

Looking at the sight before her, Lunaria could only shake her head, agreeing with what the magic picture stone had said about moral degeneration. That little brat who was only thirteen or fourteen years old had already learned how to flirt and date. Although there was a rule in the past that one had to get married by the age of fourteen, that was all feudal thinking. Now, everyone would at least wait till their thirties or forties before even thinking about marriage.

However, what made Lunaria dumbfounded was that, after the golden-haired teenager had sent the girl off, he actually heartlessly spat out a mouthful of saliva, and used his clean sleeves to wipe against his lips.

This sight pissed off Lunaria badly. ! Even after you, little brat, stole the chicken yet you still have the face to say that it doesn’t taste good!

[TN : aka, for all the neets/forever people out there (like me), wouldn’t it piss you off to see couples loveydovey, but then that brat still wasn’t content with that girl.]

Damn! But it was just her opinion, and his action didn’t concern Lunaria. She was not some romance guru, and even more so, she was not the type to let out an indignant roar in the face of immorality. She was just a passerby, and she could simply ignore what had happened. Calming her heart, Lunaria walked out from behind the golden-haired teenager, and swaggered past him. Just as she had walked past the teenager and was about to step out of the magic area, a cold shout came from the teenager behind her.



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