After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: (Title at bottom)

“Then, before I think of a unique nickname, can I ask some questions?”

“As long as it’s not something confidential, I, Harriot will definitely give Sir an answer immediately.” Harriot thumped his chest, making a guarantee.

“Avalon Academy, Sir Harriot should have heard of it right?”

“Yes, Avalon is a place where geniuses gather, and it is supported by both the Vermillion Empire and the Sicily Kingdom. Every year, there will be many gifted and wealthy youths who enter, but at the same time, there will also be countless geniuses leaving in dejection.”

“I see, what I want to find out is, whether the Avalon Academy contains a holy device that can awaken one’s memories.”

“This…” Harriot furrowed his brows, and thought for a long while without answering. He tapped a few times at the void, seeming to be inquiring something, then turning around and shook his head at Tyre.

“Sir Tyre, I deeply apologize. The investigation of sacred weapons are classified as grade three secrets. As a junior mercenary, you are currently unable to obtain this level of information.”

“Oh? Does this mean that if my mercenary level increases, I will still have the chance to obtain this information?”

“Yes, the basic levels of mercenaries are, junior, intermediate and advanced. After that is the iron level, military level, national level, and the legendary level. Third level secrets require one to be recognized as an iron level mercenary, only then will our mercenary division be able to disclose the information.”

“This system sure is troublesome. Even those who just want to register a mercenary license for convenience’s sake will have no choice but to raise their levels for the required information and be stuck in this never-ending cycle.”

Harriot could only smile apologetically at Tyre’s self-mocking sentence, as he thought to himself, Sir, aren’t you a little too straightforward?

“However, I guess I can only face this straight on. Sir Harriot, do you have any methods to quickly raise the mercenary level?”

“Sir, how fast do you want it to be?”

“Very fast! As fast as a griffin soaring through the sky.”

“That will be simple. The apocalyptic demon king in area C of the great forest, if you can kill her, as well as to bring back her heart or her devil horn as evidence, I’m sure that Sir Tyre can raise your mercenary level, even faster than a griffin soaring through the skies!”

“Eh, sorry, I spoke too broadly just now, I indeed want it to be fast, but not at the expense of my life. And Sir Harriot, you should be able to have an estimate of my strength, can you not be so devious to give me suggestions that make me speechless?”

“Haha, my apologies, Sir Tyre, I indeed spoke too casually. How about this? Within the Meteor Mountain Range of the Miliac Kingdom, there is an ogre cave. Due to new ogres occupying the cave after each round of extermination, this time, we have decided to directly target their boss instead. There is a 30,000 gold bounty on the [Ogre King, Memeda]. I believe, if Sir was to defeat him, you will surely be able to become an advanced mercenary easily. After that, you can get an iron rank mercenary evaluation, and you will be done.”

“Ogre King, Memeda? Such a strange name. Since we are going after their boss, I’m sure that the ogre infantry will not turn a blind eye to this, but I have no confidence in killing their leader amidst the chaotic battle.” Tyre raised both of his hands, giving Harriot a look that implied, go and figure it out yourself. Actually, Tyre had met the ogres once in the Burial Forest, they were a gregarious species. Tyre had never fought with them before, but their slow movements were of no threat to him. Even if they were to really fight, with his bizarre <skill name>, Tyre would not need to expend too much energy dealing with them.

Of course, Harriot had long thought of a solution for Tyre, and immediately replied as he saw Tyre’s look.

“There is no restriction to the number of people for this mission. However, Sir Tyre must take note, if you wish to use this mission to raise your rank to an advanced mercenary, the number of people in your group must not exceed five.”

“Aiya, this is so troublesome. Then, I’ll have to request Sir Harriot to help me find some reliable mercenaries later.”

“Haha, Sir Tyre, despite your extraordinary skills, there is no hint of arrogance in your words, I really respect such a humble person like you. Don’t worry, I, Harriot will definitely do my best in fulfilling Sir Tyre’s request.”

“I’ll be extremely grateful. Then, how long do you think it will take to gather the members?”

“I have some familiar advanced mercenaries in mind. I suppose, if they know that an expert of around the iron level is going to lead them in advancing levels, they will surely be honored. As for the time, I estimate that they will arrive in half a day, after I contact them with the sound transmission stone.”

“Ah, that will be great. However, you don’t need to rush. Look at me, I’ve only just came out of the Burial Forest, at least let me rest for a day before contacting them.” Tyre did not want to drag his smelly body back to do some other sweaty labor, he wanted to have at least a good soak in the bath. Right now, half of his mind was focused on bathing.

Harriot let out a laugh, giving an understanding look. After that, he seemed to have recalled something, and asked.

“Sir Tyre, then have you thought of a nickname? You will be a real mercenary only after registering a nickname.”

“En, I’ve thought of it.” Tyre loftily waved his hands and said.

“Kaming!” Since he wanted to have accomplishments within the mercenary groups, then he must have a formidable name. The name that was best suited was naturally the one who had taught him various martial arts and techniques, the Great Crab, Kaming!

“Eh, sorry, this name is unavailable.”

“……” Instantly, there was a look on Tyre’s face that was almost as bad as having constipation.

“I am really apologetic. After all, there are more than 900000000000 (nine hundred billion?) mercenaries registered in the Mercenary Headquarters, it is very common for there to be repeated names.”

“Ah, it’s okay, I’ll just think of another one. En, then how about 123?”

“Eh, this name is indeed unique, but are you sure you want this as your nickname?”

“Yeah, it’s too dumb trying to think of a good name. Just 123 will be fine, it flows quite well.”


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