After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 25

Slave Shop

The Miliac Kingdom is one of the lowest ranked kingdoms in the Sicily Empire, but because it produces magic stones and honors martial fighting, the kingdom is still very lively and not any less popular when compared to the other kingdoms.

When Tyre entered the city with the others, night has already passed by and the morning sun was rising. The citizens of Miliac was bustling with activity on the streets.

“Sir Tyre, this is Hess CIty, located on the northern part of Miliac kingdom, and our mission was to guard the merchants to here.” Jack said with respect, and got back a look full of expectation from Tyre.

“Say, Sir Jack, is there some sort of hotel around here?”

“En, there is a pretty decent hotel just opposite the mercenary branch group, and most of the mercenaries would gather there.”

“So it’s like this, then let’s go there. After going around in the forest for so many days, I bet I can scare the magic beasts away just from my smell alone.” Tyre sniffed the weird odor from his body, and decided that he was going to have a nice and long bath. But Jack, on the other hand, was thinking of the fact that Tyre had came out of the dangerous Great forest, what’s more, despite the ragged clothing that Tyre wore, there was not a single scratch mark on his skin underneath, just how terrifyingly powerful is this guy!

Jack was sure, that to be able to wander around the edges of the Great Forest without a single injury, one must have at least the level of [Army Breaker]. Even upper [Qi Harmony] individuals can’t say that they can stroll around the edges with confidence.

Of course, if Sir Tyre was [Heavenly Son] then that’s even more terrifying. But there was no need to guess which, because all of them are far beyond his strength to reach, so Jack decided to just concentrate on getting on even better terms with this powerful individual, and leave a good impression, who knows, he might even get some unexpected benefit from this.

“Oh yes, Sir Tyre, since it is right there, why not go register for a mercenary ID. It is very convenient to have one around these parts.”

“Convenient? How is it convenient?”

“Such as using contribution points to trade for precious treasures, or purchase materials that are not available on the market from the mercenary group. And if your contribution was high enough, you can even request for a [Pheonix] level or Sacred Magic Instructor powerhouse to come and teach you.”

“En? Is there more?”

“Of course, there is also information, and massive amounts of wealth available for taking down bounties with massive rewards….”

“Wait, did you say information!”

“Yes. Is there any problem?”

Tyre squinted his eyes, and thought of the fact that he was just in need of information, after all, if he asked too much as Lunaria in the mansion, he would definitely get suspicions, but that’s an entirely different story if he asked as Tyre, being free to do whatever he wants, so there was no misgivings.

“Ah right, I actually do need to go and investigate some things.”

“Then Sir Tyre, you mean….”

“Take me there.”

“Yes” Jack was overjoyed at the unexpected find, because if they had just parted right there, then the chances of them meeting again would be very slim, but if he brought Tyre to the mercenary group, then they would be colleagues in name, then the chances of getting on Tyre’s good side would increase a lot.

“Sir Tyre, if you want to join a mercenary group after registering for an ID, I can personally take to you meet our Sand Fox Mercenary group’s boss, I believe he will definitely give you a high position!”

“Let’s talk about this later.”


Even though he was politely declined, but Jack was not surprised, after all, the strongest individual in Sand Fox Mercenary group, their [Guardian] was just a person at the level of [Heavenly Son], so powerhouses like Tyre would naturally preserve some haughtiness, and would probably select to join super mercenary groups like Amaterasu Mercenary group or Tigris Mercenary Group, because these are the groups that powerful individuals aim for.

Hess city wasn’t too big in Miliac Kingdom, but to merchants, it was a very popular city to visit, so the volume of trade that goes on in this city can claim to be the highest. The myriad of different color and styles of clothing passing by on the streets made Tyre’s eye sore as he watched. With different cultures in different kingdoms, it is natural to see a great mixture of all sorts in a city where tons of people gather from different places, especially a place like Hess, where the traffic of people can make the top 100 list in the entire Sicily empire, any normal person would go dizzy at the first sight of such a place.

Suddenly, Tyre stopped his steps, and after Jack felt that the person behind him wasn’t following anymore, immediately turned around and asked

“Sir Tyre, what’s wrong?”

“This……” Tyre pointed to a structure on the side of the big street, and there were black iron cages of many different sizes, with sounds of miserable shrieking coming out of them, and shadows of raggedly dressed people can be seen huddled in them.

“Ah, this is a slave shop.” Jack was not very surprised at Tyre’s question, and explained with a matter of course tone.

“These are some escaped criminals, fugitives from the law, or relatives of people with great crimes, or the captives from a nation defeated in war. There are so many of them and because it is a waste just to kill them, so the Empire constructed a slave system, to give these people some value.”


“Uhh, this is kind of a broad topic, for example, Sir, don’t you think that the strong and well-built slaves would have a great value as a laborer? And powerful slaves can be frontline cannon fodder, and the beautiful girls, their uses are even more broad, and the potentials for kids are very broad too, Mehh, there are a lot of uses in general, it all depends on what Sir can think up.”

“So it’s like this.” Tyre nodded his head as in enlightened, then pointed to a pretty girl huddled in one of the cages alone and asked

“Then what is this? With ears that pointy, is she still a human?”

“No, that is an elf, Mmm, should be a wind elf.”

“Elf? Are you talking about the San Cheal Ces Empire?”

“Yes.” Jack silently let out a breath, thanking the gods that Tyre at least had that much common knowledge, he had thought that he would have to start his explanation from the start of the great shattering from one million years ago.

“…….”Tyre knew that this was a slave shop, after all, he didn’t watch the magic picture stone broadcasts for nothing. It was just that he was kind of interested by the elven girl.

Meh, only a passing interest, because he did not have this kind of money or this kind of a heart to go buy her, and even after he bought her, then what? Tyre considered this question deeply for a brief moment before his normally thick-skinned face flushed bright red. Seems there was actually something that he could do.


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