After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 24

Mercenary License


The captain straight-up blanked out, even though he has seen many strong youths, but youth like this one in front of him, en, like ones these “modest” was really a rare sight.

“They retreated?!” The mercenary group members behind the captain just now reacted, and followed up immediately with loud cheering, the type that only comes after surviving an ordeal. But, the merchants was not half as cheerful as the mercenaries as they looked towards this stranger with eyes of anxiousness.

After all, the Great Forest did not lack in bandits, and when compared to the voracious magic beasts, bandits who loved to play with their target slowly presented an even bigger problem for the merchants. Adding to the fact that magic beasts only wanted to eat their fill for the day before leaving the group alone, and the fact that bandits will want to take everything away, most merchants dreaded the bandits even more.

“Wow, that guy was really strong! He took out two level two magic beasts with just two swings of his sword!”

“Clay, watch your mouth, who are you calling that guy, it’s Sir!”

“But just what weapon was that, I didn’t see it clearly from start to finish.”

The captain, naturally not like the other members, did not completely stop thinking, and the first thing he did was to re-assure the merchants behind them that this respectable sir was not a bandit and calmed their fears before making preparations to continue their trip to Miliac.

After taking care of all that, the captain finally came to stand next to the person and slightly bowed

“This lowly one is called Jack Timmory, a branch captain for the Sand Fox Mercenary group, many thanks for the help earlier, Uhhh, How should I address you Sir?”

“Tyre. Say, is this caravan headed for the Miliac Kingdom?”

“Just nice, bring me along, would you? Take it as my reward for the help earlier.”

“Naturally! But simply this, it can’t be considered as a reward!”
“Ah, so troublesome…… Hmm, right, why don’t you tell me some information regarding Miliac Kingdom.”

“Of course, of course, but this is still not enough as thanks. Sir Tyre, why don’t we give you half of the remuneration from our mission, how’s that sound?”

“I’m fine with anything, but to think that I’ve asked you politely just now, and yet the only thing you all have done so far is to completely ignore me and chat with each other.”

“Ahaha, Sir Tyre, we can’t help it. Afterall, anyone who experienced this kind of life and death situation manage to come out alive would be also be ecstatic.” Jack waved his hand and continued speaking.

“Sir Tyre, you seem very young, did you register at the Mercenary Division and get a mercenary license?”

“Mercenary License? What is that?”

“Does Sir Tyre not even know this? Right now the mercenary headquarters is considered as the most powerful force. As long as one was practised martial arts, they would surely register for a mercenary license. Although the mercenaries did not have a common goal in mind, unlike the other family powers, they will respond immediately and appropriately to situations. Even the empires are not willing to offend the Mercenary Headquarters.”

“So powerful!” Tyre is shocked. Doesn’t this mean that Claude and Sir Lao* Jerry had all registered for a mercenary license before!

Considering the total forces of the Mercenary Headquarters, although the mercenaries could not be ordered to accomplish tasks, in the face of an emergency, their power will instantly overwhelm the forces of many kingdoms.

[editor: was gonna change Lao -> Old since it sounds better and not just phonetics. Then I realised how bad Sir Old Jerry would sound…]

Who is not fearful of such a strong force? Especially the fact that there are many sub-divisions of the Mercenary Headquarters situated in countless empires, their influence was extremely vast, and perhaps only the Crimson Shroud Warrior Hall and the Magicians’ Association could rival them.

“Well, Sir Tyre, there are many things that I can’t go into details right now. Why not wait till we enter Miliac Kingdom, then I’ll slowly explain everything to Sir.”

“En. Sure, as long as we leave this darned forest, other things can be discussed later.” Tyre was sick and tired of the place. Meeting magic beasts everyday, having to hide when sleeping, his body reeking of stench, these are merely some reasons to why Tyre hates this forest.

Jack helplessly smiled, as long as this strong person is not some strange moody weirdo, anything is fine. He does not want to be killed by this strong person just for saying something wrong, especially when he has just escaped from the claws of some magic beasts. In history, this has actually happened before, the most ridiculous case was when a prince of some duchy accidentally offended an anonymous expert, and that expert was either having his aunties* over or he acted on a whim, but the whole duchy had disappeared within a night’s time.

That incident caused an uproar, but what is more comical was that the Imperial Sicily Empire kept quiet about it, not daring to even let out a fart.

[editor: you either understand it or you’re going to google it…]

Jack chatted with Tyre for a while before roughly guessing the kind of person Tyre is.

In sum, Tyre is mentally sound, but the rest remains unknown.

Yes, unknown. For every word that Jack mentioned, Tyre would always ask for an explanation, as though he was a kid desperately seeking knowledge. But Jack could only patiently reply, this sort of mysterious expert was not someone that he could investigate into. This proves a famous saying from the Ancient Vermillion Emperor,

Curiosity killed the cat!

He did not want to be that cat.


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