After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 23

Hitching a Ride

Tyre threw away the branch in his hands and wiped the sweat on his forehead. Looking at the bear with its head facing itself, he let out a long and deep sigh.

“Finally, my dinner for tonight has shown up at last. This brave bear is the only one so far to rush at me with such bravery, the first this brave that I’ve seen in five days while wondering in this damned forest. In order to thank this brave bear for sending me a meal, I will try my best to eat you.”

Tyre said superficially, then took out a razor sharp tooth hanging from his waist and started to cut the meat.

This tooth came from a lion-like magic beast that he met from 3 days ago. The thing’s teeth was so sharp, that no matter what went in its mouth, be it stone or wood, it would be crunched into dust. At the time, Tyre had to spend a huge effort before killing it, and this single razor sharp tooth that can cut apart pretty much everything he found, naturally became his loot, and it is because he has this tooth, all the hunting from later on became much more convenient.

The roasted meat had a obvious gamey smell to it, but the texture was quite nice. The only worry that Tyre had was accidentally killing and eating some magic beast that was poisonous, at that point, it’ll be too late to even cry.

“From the map, Miliac Kingdom should be just ahead, but there is no way to tell with these many forest trails here. I can’t believe this simple 1 – 2 day trip is taking me these many days, I don’t even know how long it’ll be before i can get out of here! Aiya, I really want to be like Lunaria right now and be relaxing in a warm bath.”

Tyre patted his full stomach and laid his back against a tree. He had the expression of someone with everything perfect but with only one small defect.

Though, speaking of taking baths, when he first saw Lunaria’s body, he really didn’t know where to start touching first, but because it was also his own body, when compared to the naked body of Leah, he wasn’t half as excited, at least not to the point of having a nosebleed. This was a small piece of good luck in all this bad luck, otherwise what difference would he have from a weird narcissistic pervert who bleeds at the sight of his own body!

Just as Tyre was having wild thoughts and was about to find a hollow tree to sleep in, the ground below suddenly had a tremor run through.

“This is……”

Tyre’s brows raised as he hugged his ears to the ground to listen. What came into his hearing was the sounds of magic beasts roaring and humans shouting mixed with cries of pain.


Although he didn’t know what the situation was, but since there was people, it was worth a look, and if all goes South, he could just turn around and run away. Not that Tyre was boasting, because the body technique Thousand Bends that KaMing had taught him was so strange that even though Tyre can only manage one bend, but it was still enough to escape from a great many of the magic beasts in the great forest.

He was confident when it comes to escaping, how would he have known that KaMing taught him this with the expectation that he will use this as an attacking method against enemies, If the big crab knew that he was using this sacred technique to escape from enemies instead, the crab would probably have an expression that was half crying and half laughing.  

After he had learned DouQi and broken through to initial stages of low level [Qi Harmony], Tyre felt that his own foot strength and speed has become much stronger and faster than before. The Magic beasts that he initially had some trouble dealing with were now being exterminated by him with ease, just like that big bear from just then, if he had met with that on the first day, he would have ran as far as possible.

Though, Tyre did not know that a huge gap in strength existed between non-martial artist and Magic Beasts, if other people knew that Tyre was able to defeat magic beasts relying on only martial skills and body techniques, there would definitely be a new headline for breaking news!

A moment later, Tyre stopped in the middle of a cluster of trees. He laid flat on the ground and looked below him, and there was a road beneath the higher ground that Tyre was at. The road was man-made and there was over 20 meters between where Tyre was hidden and the road, a very safe distance for the height difference. If everyone was at the same level of elevation, Tyre would have probably chosen to stop 50 meters back instead of 20.

At the moment, on the road below Tyre, there was a huge slaughter fest in motion. Ten terrifying

magic beasts surrounded a caravan group of over 100 meters long. Caravan groups of this size was shown on the magic picture stone broadcast before, and they were people who made a profit off of the price difference in between kingdoms, after all, the pricing between different places will always have some difference, and as long as that difference was high enough of a profit, there will always be merchants who are willing to risk going to the Great Forest to make the journey.

Caravan groups being attacked is not a rare sight, and the scene in front of Tyre is a great example.

Although this group did employ a mercenary group, the end results were still not too great, as the actual strength of this 20 man mercenary group was very average and the attack of several uncoordinated magic beasts was enough to beat them to the point of no resistance.

Tyre shook his head, he did not want to be bothered with that many magic beasts, and after all, there was no benefit to speak of if he did lend a hand. Merchants with gratitude? I will have to politely decline that offer thank you very much. Also from the lifestyle of Lunaria over at the duke’s mansion, Tyre had absolutely no idea of the value of gold as he has not even touched any during his stay. So after considering everything, Tyre decided that it was in his best interest to go find a place to sleep for the night instead.

Just as Tyre decided to retreat, a strong man, obviously the leader of the group, cried out from  the mercenary group below

“Jake, Little Coby, Laer, you guys take the merchants and go! We will catch up after we drive away these magic beasts!” The captain’s lies obviously didn’t fool anyone, and a skinny boy that was just called by name answered with a hoarse voice

“No! We want to live and die with the captain! Did you not say that the girls in the Miliac Kingdom was all pretty and cute, and you said you would take us for a go with them! How can you go back on your words captain!”

“Damn it Jake! Can you not see that if us old guys can’t block these magic beasts, the merchant caravan will also perish! Don’t shame the honor of the Sand Fox Mercenary group! Hurry up and go!”

“Captain!!” Jake, little Coby, Laer and a few other people all shouted with their eyes red, they did not want to leave like this because they knew that this would be their last farewell!


The captain’s shout disappeared under a single deathly pale white light, right afterwards, a magic beast sprayed out blood and cried out in pain!

When the captain was able to clearly see the person who came from the sky, the person had already started to move again, with a expression as calm and solid as a mountain, yet with movements as fast and decisive as lightning!

That speed let the captain who had already fallen under despair saw a ray of hope.

Swoosh! Yet another magic beast screamed out in pain and sprayed blood in front of this person as if the magic beast was just a decoration, becoming fertilizer in an instant. The originally bloody fighting scene became still and quiet, the only thing still moving was the person flicking a tree branch in his hands…………


“Tree branch!?”

The captain suspected that his eyes had problems, or maybe he could not see Mount Tai, because the white object that was cutting through the magic beasts like a hot knife through butter was actually a commonly seen tree branch! Can there be anything more doubtful than his eyes were going haywire!

But just as he had this line of thought, the person drenched in blood spoke

“Um, big brothers, can you all let this little brother hitch a ride?”


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