After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 22

The Plotting Old Timers

When Mina woke up, three hours had already passed. A special feeling of some change can be felt coming from this white-robed elementalist by Lunaria and the others.

Sir Lao Jerry’s conclusion was that Mina could try and apply for the Magic Instructor rank at the Magician’s association branch in the Dukedom.

A Magic Instructor of less than 25 years old, a piece of big news like this could only be surpassed by Sir Lao Jerry personally terminating a 100k gold bounty, a huge shocking news.

But Mina gave a very heartfelt thanks to Lunaria, and was even willing to follow Lunaria around as her personal tutor.

A high and mighty Magic Instructor becoming a mere personal tutor, this kind of situation would be something that even normal kingdoms wouldn’t easily accept, other than special situations for High Royal Princes or some extremely talented genius.

Of course, Lunaria fell right into the extremely talented genius category, no, it should be said that those so called geniuses would only be worth a dog’s fart compared to her. If any of the empires caught wind of a person with three different physiques in existence, they would probably immediately send over Sacred Magicians over to personally instruct that person, or if they are really invested, they would probably invite a deity over as a teacher.

Every empire naturally had Deities sitting guard, after all, these empires have existed for countless years, and in that time, some super rare genius would comprehend the mysteries and become a Deity, and some of those Deities rather stay behind then ascend into the realm of Deities.

The final result however, was Sir Lao Jerry personally instructing Lunaria. Although Mina could be counted as a Magic Instructor, but teaching a genius like Lunaria was still far beyond her scope. In addition, there was still a huge potential for growth for Mina, and she should not be wasting her time and her future instructing Lunaria when there is Sir Lao Jerry around. Sir Lao Jerry gave the Elemental Hall Master a few words, telling him to give more assistance to Mina, and allow Mina to use more of the Hall’s resources. If luck fortunes them, the Duke’s Mansion will most likely have another Sacred magician in the near future.

Of course, the most important thing was making sure that Leah and Mina would keep Lunaria’s secret. The abnormal levels of Lunaria’s affinity with the elements must never reach the ears of enemy nations. No matter who, be it a powerful kingdom or even an empire, as long as they willed it, they could forcefully take away Lunaria under the reasons of a draft for human resources, and this was not something that Sir Lao Jerry wanted to see.

That night, this old man called up Falysses and a few other old timers for a meet up.

Falysses summed up the contents of that meet-up with one sentence

“No one is going to steal this piece of meat away!”

All the old-timers nodded to show their appreciation at this straightforward yet vulgar to the extremest statement, they even went on to praising Claude for picking up this piece of treasure again and again. Of course, the subject of their talk, Claude, had no clue to all of this as he was asleep in his room, far away from this secret gathering.

“The most important part is how to restrain this piece of meat!” One of the old timers raised his voice, but Sir Lao Jerry humphed in reply

“And my Master-Disciple relation is not enough?”

“Not enough.” A young girl next to Sir Lao Jerry shook her head yet replied with a mature tone

“Did you forget that incident from back then?”

“……That was my blunder, this time I will definitely not let that happen again……” Sir Lao Jerry seemed to be traumatized by a simple remark from the young girl, and his original confident tone became frail. The young girl squinted her eyes slightly and gave a small sigh

“Nevermind, let it go. I’m sorry for bringing that up, but you old thing, your age is bigger than all of us added up together, how come your spirit is so fragile? Right, little Falysses~?”

“……”The randomly pulled in, innocent Falysses immediately had a head full of black lines.

“Older sister, I feel that your skill of mouth blabbing has reached a new level lately. Even though Sir Lao Jerry is not speaking, but he is still an Elder…….”

“Kukuku, I remember in the past a certain girl called Nicole would cling on master Sir Lao Jerry’s legs all day and told everyone that she would become his bride. Ahhh, how I miss that naive and innocent little Nicole …..”

“SHUT UP! You perverted Lolicon!” Nicole angrily glared at a certain sloppy uncle* who was blabbing his mouth off, revealing her dark history, becoming more angry as she thought about it more, this guy was a famous lolicon, although that guy had achieved the [Phoenix] level a long time ago, all he does is wander around the Duke’s Mansion. When he sees a little girl, those eyes of his would literally shine with light, impossible to miss. Good thing the ground caretakers are morally intact and did their duty properly, notifying Nicole everytime this guy acts up so she could stop him.

[t/l: uncle* isn’t pointing to an uncle in the traditional sense, rather a slang pointing to someone who is male and are not safe to be around, esp for children and girls. Imagine Jiraiya from naruto]
This could only be blamed on the avant-garde information from the magic picture stone broadcasting. The old fashioned Nicola stuck in her old era ways completely does not understand the meaning of “Cuteness is Justice”, “Lolicon”, “Imperial Siscon and such terms. She only knew that this big uncle was called by the nickname “Emperor of Lolicons” from several years ago by other people, so Nicola followed along and called him a lolicon!

If she knew what lolicon meant, her moral integrity would probably shatter all over the floor.

The old timer who started all this by mentioning how to restrain Lunaria this piece of meat, observed all of this bickering on the side with mirth to spare.

“I think, love makes the best chains.”

This remark made all the old timer’s eyes light up, all of them looked towards Falysses with looks of silent agreement. This handsome and mature man seemed to predict this result from the start, and slightly smiledy at their gazes, the old timers all started chuckling with a dark aura surrounding that meeting room, ‘Kukuku’ ‘Fufufufu’ ‘Ohohoho’ and various other sounds could be heard from that place, causing the guards who were near the room to have cold shivers run up their back.

That night, Lunaria felt her back creeping with cold shivers, causing her not able to sleep well for the entire night.


In the Great Forest, Gabriel Continent’s biggest Forest, with its borders running parallel with all the three great Empires, and its area big enough to contain several tens of kingdoms with room to spare. In a forest like this, terrifying monstrosities were everywhere, both hidden and in the open, countless magic beasts and countless species and races of creatures in addition to the countless criminals who use this forest as a hiding place from authorities makes this forest the number one most dangerous place, and it is here that adventurers call the Forest of Danger!

On the edges of the Great Forest, at this moment, a youth wearing rags currently sat on a small pile of grass, and poked at a burning pile of branches in front of him with a small stick in his hand.

Suddenly, a huge roar sounded from nearby, that was a sound of a magic beast announcing its attack towards its prey. Such was the power of the roar that even a person with greater than average courage would falter and lose his decision-making ability, and that slight moment of hesitation would be the end of his life!

The magic beast was the same in appearance as that of a gigantic bear, and its four meter tall body held enough strength to pulverize a normal tree to shreds, it was certain, that as soon as it can touch that human, then its dinner for the night was secured.

But to its surprise, the originally small and skinny food became a huge and furry thing, this made it suspect that the prey was same as itself but pretending to be a human. Only when its head struck the ground did it finally know that the huge and furry thing was itself.

It was confused, because what killed him wasn’t some sharp metal weapon, but a commonly seen type of tree branch in the forest, just as the terror of realization hit it, blackness engulfed its consciousness, and death overtook it.


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