After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 21

The Shocking Test Results (Down)

Rings after rings of silvery white symbols circled around the element bead, and if one listened closely, faint sounds of The Holy Hymn can be heard coming out from within the bead, and all of this was directly caused by Lunaria.

Holy Light, Holy Hymn, lasting and never fading, as if heralding the birth of a great being, such was the magnificence that even Sir Lao Jerry was stupefied by the scene.

“This, is this the legendary light element affinity surpassing 90%, the Body Of Holy Light?!”

Sir Lao Jerry ecstatically confirmed his guess without needing Mina to confirm it. It could clearly be seen with just the naked eye. In the least 50% brighter than the other Light Physiques that he has seen before, also possessing Holy Light but without the Holy Hymn appearing, as well as Lunaria’s degree of shock being worlds apart, followed by a roar from an elderly man who has been restraining his emotions for a hundred years. Of course, it was a joyous occasion which caused it to be necessary to show one’s emotion.

The temporary loss of refined dignity by Sir Lao Jerry did not arouse Mina and Leah’s attention, because their brains had already turned into an empty void, so much so that their souls were blown cloud high by the soul hooking hymn coming from the element bead.

Lunaria, on the other hand, only shrugged her shoulders at the scene. She already had a grasp of what the Body of Holy Light was from what Sir Ka Ming had told her earlier, only, because of the careless manner that he had described it, she really did not think much of it. But, after seeing these people’s reactions, she started to truly understand just how powerful this physique might be, especially after seeing the usually calm and dignified Lao Jerry turn into a rabid salivating mad dog at the sight…

“I! I Lao Jerry – Hope God! I am actually seeing the legendary Body of Holy Light! This is the most sacred out of all physiques! This must be a sign from the supreme God! Heavens! I can die right here right now without a single regret now!”

Wow~ This statement is somewhat exaggerated right? Lunaria stood at the side with a honest face, looking at the other three, who had totally different expressions. Lunaria tried to do her best to look like an innocent bystander, even though all this was caused by her.

Ten minutes passed.

“……” Lao Jerry finally calmed down, once again, and looked at Lunaria. Although much calmer than before, but he could not hide the glistening in his eyes despite his best efforts.

“Teach…… Teacher?” Lunaria called out probingly, Lao Jerry suddenly cracked a smile, making his face wrinkle into the symbolience of a chrysanthemum flower, and said with an extremely warm and soft voice, giving Lunaria cold shivers.

“En? What is it Lunaria.”

No, it should be me asking you what’s wrong! Is this really the silent strong figure leaking power that I used to know?!

Lunaria scratched her head, and asked

“Teacher, aren’t we supposed to finish testing the big eight elements first?”

How could she waste her time standing here and play along this comedy, especially since she was battling three magic beasts right now as Tyre! Good thing the beasts were kind of weak, except for the start, where she was a little nervous to take on the first beast, she killed the other two with one slash each after her nerves settled down, no wait, one branch wave per beast.

“Ah…yes…… “ Sir Lao Jerry nodded his head, but Lunaria had a feeling that the old man was still in fantasy land.

“Elementalist Mina, please continue testing Lunaria for her affinity with the last two higher elements.”


“Elementalist Mina?” Lao Jerry called a second time, but still no response. He looked over only to find Mina’s eyes staring off into space, as if gazing off into the distance, causing Lao Jerry to raise an eyebrow.

“This little girl……is she having a moment of enlightenment? I did not expect that the Body Of Holy Light with the Holy Hymn can actually allow a high-level elementalist to gain a flash of insight! No, it should be that she possesses a high level of comprehension, or else even if she once again heard the hymn again for a number of times it would have no effect. En, the Element Hall now has a good young sapling to be a successor.

“Wow! Lunaria-chan, just a moment ago I thought I saw heaven! I was scared to death thinking that I died!” Leah patted her rather lofty chest with a look of slight fear.

“Ehhh? But I didn’t see anything different!” Lunaria repeatedly blinked while looking at the Elemental Ball, then once again looking at Lao Jerry.

This elderly person at this moment apparently was in an extremely good mood, almost to the point of answering any questions flying his way.

“The appearance of the Holy Hymn definitely has a connection with the your Body Of Holy Light, it is not too extravagant to call the two as one with the Elemental Ball acting as an intermediary, as a result you yourself not relying on external objects can’t see or hear the Holy Hymn but others can.”

“So it’s like this!”

“En, there is nothing to be done about it. Since Mina is trying to comprehend her insight, I will personally operate the final two tests for you.”

“Okay, sorry for the inconvenience teacher.”

“Only a trivial matter.”

Though, outside of everyone’s expectations, Lunaria only had 40% affinity with the dark element and a big glaring 0% with the space element!

This caused the overly excited old man to become slightly depressed after his excitement wore off, after all, space was the leading element for the eight big elements, and have no opposing element that can counter it, giving it a very wide range of use and is the element that every high ranking magician must learn. Although after reaching mid and high ranks, the affinity with the other elements will increase with the magician’s rank, but that 0% affinity means even after increase, learning space element magic will be 100x harder than other people.  

“This can’t be possible, reasonably, with all the other elemental affinities so high, space elemental affinity should also be high!” Leah grumbled under her breath non-stop, her cute yet angry look caused Lunaria to squeeze out a helpless smile.

“I feel that we should just be content with what we have.”

According to Lao Jerry’s words, there have never been anyone like Lunaria recorded in all of history, and even if there were, then that person would have been hid like a secret weapon by the entire empire, because why would you give your enemies such an enticing target to eliminate! As long as your opponent have any brains, they will try their utmost with everything they have to eliminate that kind of person, because once they grow up, their power would be beyond their imagination, so that kind of genius must be killed before they can get strong.


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