After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 20

The Shocking Test Results (Middle)

Compared to the 70% fire element affinity from before, the 40% wind affinity was a bit more acceptable, but if one think about this a bit more carefully, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in history who had such an outstanding affinity with all these different elements.

“Continue!” Lao Jerry’s face had a red tinge to it, and even though he looks calm on the surface, anyone who examines closely will see that he was trying really hard to keep his mouth from twitching.

“Yes!” Mina took a deep breath, steeling her resolve, thinking that she is a white-robe elementalist of the element hall, not only young but also talented, a high-ranked individual, she could not be in upheaval over something like this, even more so since Sir Lao jerry was overlooking this right beside her, she could not lose her composure again.

With her heart somewhat settled, Mina operated the elemental bead once more. As her finger touched the bead, there was a ripple, but nothing else happened. The silence ensued was like the calm before a storm.

Following the silence, several hundred flashes of electricity crackled out of the element bead, striking everywhere inside the room, as if fishes playing in the water, as happy as could be.

Looking at the lightning flashing all over the place, Mina felt her legs go soft, and said with some difficulty:

“Sir…….Am I hallucinating? This should be the recorded Body of Lightning Purgatory, over 80% affinity, only records of this can be found in the history books! How can I see two different body physiques on the same person!”

Just how much of a freak is this person! The white-robed girl couldn’t help but feel her head start to go dizzy, feeling the room spinning around her, and fell on her butt as her legs gave out.

Lao Jerry’s usual squinted eyes were opened wide at the moment, the series of shocking results flooded his core, but he did not lose all his calm at this, because things like someone possessing two body physiques at the same time has happened before…..

After showing shock for a split second, Lao Jerry recovered his calm, but the red on his face did not recede so quickly!

After staying silent for about a minute, Lao Jerry slowly opened his mouth again

“Next, we will test the three higher elements, Light, Dark, and Space affinities. Though before this, let me ask you something.”

Lao Jerry’s eyes looked at Lunaria with some conviction, and said with extreme seriousness

“You, are you willing to become a disciple under I, Sir Lao Jerry-Hope God!”

As soon the words left his mouth, the almost fainted Mina bounced up from the floor and even the stupefied Leah standing to the side gasped aloud!

“I, I am not hearing this wrong right? The Sir Lao Jerry who has not taken in any disciples for the past 90 years actually wants to personally make Miss Lunaria his disciple! This………”

This was simple unimaginable, after that incident with his last disciple, he seemed to entirely reject the idea of disciples, and even treated his past disciples who had already finished their apprenticeship with a cold eye, causing many people to think that Sir Lao Jerry won’t take in another disciple the rest of his life, but unexpectedly this……..

“I am waiting for your answer.”

Lao Jerry’s urging caused Lunaria to recover, she muttered inside, but I didn’t do anything, how come first Sir KaMing wanted to pass down his Sacred Level Skills, and now someone who looks like a super powerful old grandpa want to take me in as a disciple, could I be born with the fate of being a disciple?  

But thoughts were just thoughts, Lunaria did not hesitate with her answer. She bowed politely and said

“Disciple Lunaria sees Master”

“En.”Seeing Lunaria’s natural matter of course response, Sir Lao Jerry let out a slight smile, because it wasn’t everyday that one could see a genius like this, and to be able to take on a disciple this talented, no matter who the master, they will still feel happy.

“Good, now you have already accepted me as your master, then I will personally teach you magic!”

Mina looked on with a extremely envious expression on her face, because no matter if it was element hall or Hall of Sealing, Astrology Hall or Holy Hall, even the main Magic Hall wishes for Sir Lao Jerry to take disciples from them. If there ever was a day that Sir Lao Jerry wished to have a disciple and openly announced it, other than the palace hall masters, who won’t beg to become a disciple for the sake of face, almost everyone else would rush at the chance.

So how could this not cause Mina to be envious. She sat in her high position, and as a genius amongst geniuses, she had never taken a master in the hopes of catching  Sir Lao Jerry’s eye, but she never would have thought that a girl who had recently arrived at the duke’s mansion would so easily accomplish her final goal. This type of discrepancy caused her emotions to surpass envy and evolved into jealousy…….

“Elementalist Mina, Continue to the next test!”

“Yes, Yes!” Sir Lao Jerry’s voice awakened Mina, who had sunk deep into her grudging thoughts, but when she saw Lao Jerry with his penetrating stare, her heart leap with a thump, and did not dare to keep thinking dark thoughts.

“Sir, the next element is the higher element of light!”

“En, start, this is one that I look forward to the most!”

Mina nodded her head with a serious expression, and prepared with the utmost caution, and took out a glowing instrument from her white robe, and threw it into the Elemental Bead.

Suddenly……..The entire room was filled with light!


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