After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 19

The Shocking Test Results (Up)

Element Hall.

As the name suggests, it is a gathering place for the 8 great elements, making it the best place to test the affinity of people to the elements.

The white robed girl, Mina, took Lunaria and Leah into the one of many rooms in the Element Hall. The room was pitch black with only a faint fluorescent rock lighting up one corner with its dim lighting.

Mina took out a white colored bead, and looked at Lunaria

“Then let us start the test with Earth Affinity.”

“En, may I ask what is this?”

“This is an element sphere, and will test different elemental affinity based on the one being tested, and is one of the must have tools to test if a person is suitable to become a magician.”

“Oh, so it’s like this.”

“What great news Lunaria-chan, I am a complete stranger to magic, all my affinity with the eight elements are below 10%, but it is the dream of every girl to become a magician! You must grasp this chance and don’t become someone like me…….. “ Leah looked at Lunaria with her eyes glistening, a face full of expectation.  

Now you are a buff female ape *pffffffff*, Lunaria laughed on the inside but showed a sympathetic smile on the outside, not knowing if Leah would keep her current attitude once the results of her affinity comes out.

“Then let’s begin.” Mina let go of the bead in her right hand and it floated up into the air, after 10 seconds of silence, the bead finally gave off a faint yellow glow.

“This is…..” Mina became more and more astonished as she looked, and said with a trembling voice

“Over 40% earth affinity! How could this be! Didn’t Sir Lao Jerry say that Miss Lunaria has extraordinary affinity with the light element?!……No, this isn’t okay, I must report this to Sir Lao Jerry. Miss Lunaria, Miss Leah, please wait here for a while.”

“It’s fine, no need to mind us, you go on ahead.” Leah nodded her head as she recognized the importance of this matter. As she watch the other disappear into the distance, she looked towards Lunaria as if looking at an exotic animal.

“40% earth elemental affinity, just a bit more before becoming Body of Earth’s Womb , something that only 2 to 3 people possessed inside the entire Dukedom. You really hid your abilities well Lunaria-Chan.”

“This, I didn’t know this either.” Lunaria waved her hand, thinking back to the time when the crab informed herself that it was possible she had the Body of Holy Light. At that time, the crab only informed her of that but nothing else because there was no way to test her at that time, and now she is being officially tested, there was not telling what would pop up. Earth elemental affinity is already 40%, what about the other elements.

As her thoughts flew all over the place, Mina quickly brought over Lao Jerry into the room.

“Let me see your earth affinity.” Sir Lao Jerry ordered without any hesitation, making Mina, who was just catching her breath, fumble a bit as she started operating the floating bead.

*Bzzzz*, The faint yellow glow appeared once more, making Lao Jerry curl the corners of his lips, but he quickly returned to a serious face, saying

“Next test, Water affinity!”


Mina did not fumble this time. The yellow glow gradually died down but a gentle blue color took its place!

“40% water affinity! This…. This………”

Mina’s forehead started to form beads of sweat, but not from overuse of magic, but from the shock that was taking place in front of her!

“Continue! Next Element!” The corners of Lao Jerry’s eyes started to twitch a little bit as he had a faint premonition that this little girl called Lunaria might not be as simple as she appeared on the surface. Even though he has experienced many things and has never been flustered before, but this time, he actually looked forward to the results with excitement.

“Yes……..YES!” Mina wiped off the sweat on her forehead and touched the element bead gently with a finger, causing a ripple to appear on the surface before taking her right hand back, another *Bzzzzz* sounded, and a layer of fire appeared on the surface of the bead, the strong waves of heat made Lunaria duck behind Leah to avoid the heat.

“Sir……..SIR, this…… this is the sign of over 70% affinity, Body of Raging Flames!”

“……………….”This time, even Sir Lao Jerry was truly shocked, and looked towards Lunaria with the gaze of someone looking at a valuable treasure, scaring Lunaria, who was just coming out of her hiding spot behind Leah, to hide once more.

“Switch the element bead, try again!”


This could be the result of the element bead having issues, and this has happened before.

But after the results came out again, Lunaria’s results were genuine.

“Next element!” Good thing Sir Lao Jerry was aged and experienced and was able to withstand his excitement, not like Mina and Leah who were jittery with excitement. It wasn’t their fault, as they have never seen someone having over 40% affinity with earth and water, and even an affinity of over 70% with the fire element, the body of raging flames!

Mina has never seen someone as abnormal as this in her entire life, and have only heard about something like this from the magic picture stone news.

Also, she has a faint feeling that the excitements were far from over.

“Next Element!”

“Oi, Elementalist Mina!” Lao Jerry’s repeated his order to wake Mina from her shock, she hurriedly apologized before operating the elemental bead again


“Sir, wind affinity is over 40%!”

—End of chapter!—

“All her affinities combined equal a power level of over 9000! This has never been seen before since ancient times!”


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