After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 18

 A way out  

Whipping the tree branch in his hands in the air, Tyre looked around and found out something to his embarrassment

“Hahaha, where am I? I was too focused on escaping that giant monster, there is no way I can recall the way back from that long ago.”

Although now Tyre has some fighting skills, but he still lacks actual combat experience, and in addition, he has no clue just how powerful those so called magic monsters are, but he was very aware of the danger, and knows that even if 100 of himself together, he still won’t be a match for that giant beast.

So instead of being eager to test out his new skills, he was thinking of a way to leave this forsaken place.

In actuality, Tyre really wanted to go to where Lunaria is at in Hillier dukedom, but he wasn’t stupid, and he knew from meeting the duke this morning that the other side was already suspicious of Lunaria, even though the duke waved off the suspicion and said that Lunaira’s identity was safe for now, but this does not mean that they won’t suspect her anymore, or at least, they must be doing a lot more digging in the background trying to find out more about Lunaria. If Tyre just went there openly into the dukedom, although he doesn’t know for sure just how strong their information network is, but he felt based on intuition that he will be found out immediately, and this was based from the magic picture stone, because if they had something as magical as that, then they could also have something that will detect him the instant he arrived in the dukedom.

So, although he was worried about the situation on Lunaria’s side, but he still can’t go to the Hillier Dukedom just yet. There is no telling what they would do to him other than some interrogation, after all, this was not what Tyre was into.

“Based from what the magic picture stone was showing, the direction where the sun rises should be the east.”

Tyre gazed at the just rising sun and muttered to himself.

“If I can find a map as Lunaria, I should be able to leave here successfully.”

He put his words to action as soon as he decided on the idea, and immediately, Tyre put most of his attention onto Lunaria.


“Ummmm, Leah onee-san, I want to borrow the map of the entire empire for a quick look, if possible, can you also bring over the map where the kingdom names are labeled as well.” Lunaria clapped her little hands, and pleaded Leah who was walking side by side with her.

This type of pleading from a big beauty packed quite a punch, and no matter who is on the receiving side won’t even think of rejecting, and Leah was naturally one of those people, though she still asked with some confusion

“Of course I can, but what do you need a map for?”

“Leah onee-san, don’t you remember that I lost my memory? Looking at a map can help increase my common knowledge and experience, and in the case that I recognize a place, I might even be able to recall somethings.”

Lunaria had thought up the excuse much earlier, and putting it into use was as natural as breathing, without a single hint of artificialness. Leah was successfully hooked, after all, there was no real reason for her to suspect this little angel.

“You’re right, let’s go to the library, there should be a big continental map there, and it should be pretty detailed.”

“Okay, Thanks a lot Leah onee-san.”


Noah world, Gabriel Continent, this was what Lunaria read from the map.

The top three powerful areas were split by a big patch of forest in between.

Sicily Empire, Elven Empire (San Cheal Ces Empire), and leastly was Vermilion Empire, who shared a border with Sicily Empire.

Sicily Empire had 27 different kingdoms, and 239 Dukedoms, and countless smaller countries.

“Hillier, Hillier…..ah-ha, here!” Lunaria pointed at Hillier Dukedom with her hand and traced her way back towards a certain location in the Great Forest.

“I should be here, then the place closest to me is …… Miliac Kingdom, En, it is 7 times bigger than Hillier, and from rumors, Hillier Dukedom is close to the top in area amongst all the Dukedoms, but looking at this, it is not even close to the size of any of the kingdoms..”

As of right now, the only path other than heading to Hillier, was to go to the next closest Miliac Kingdom, Lunaria silently made up her mind and started the trip on Tyre’s side.

“Is Miss Lunaria here?”

Suddenly, a girl wearing a long white robe appeared at the library entrance, disturbing the silent atmosphere of the library with her voice. Lunaria furrowed her brows and stood up, sayin

“I am here, you are……?”

Lunaria’s reply caused the white robed girl’s eyes to display a slightly shocked expression. Since this was within expectations due to many prior examples of people being stunned, Lunaria was used to it and said again

“Umm, could I know who it is I am addressing? Do you need me for anything?” Lunaria repeated for the second time, and by this time, the white robed girl had finally recovered, and when she recalled her embarrassing stare just then, this pale faced girl’s complexion was suddenly tainted by a layer of red.

“I am really sorry, umm, I am the white robe elementalist of the duke’s mansion, Mina, here on Lao Jerry Sir’s orders to help test you for elemental affinity.”

“Testing elemental affinity? Does Lao Jerry Sir want to let me become a magician?”

“I don’t know exactly, only what Lao Jerry Sir has asked. He also mentioned that Miss Lunaria’s light affinity is much more outstanding than the affinity with other elements, and has a great chance of becoming a magician.”

“So it’s like this, En, I much really thank Lao Jerry Sir for his care. So what should I do now?”

“Please follow me to the Elemental Hall. There, we can test Miss Lunaria’s affinity with all the elements.”

“Okay, please wait a while. Let me go get Miss Leah, oh yeah, it is not a problem if she also comes with me to the Elemental Hall right?”

“But of course.”


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