After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 17

A Conversation that Affects one’s Entire Life

After a night of special training, Tyre, was unexpectedly able to to learn all of the body techniques and martial skills and managed to shock Ka Ming, a deity, to the point of praise in the area of [Parallel Processing].

“This has really broadened my views, never have I seen in 300 years a person who can compare with you in the field of [Parallel Processing], you really are a freak!” Ka Ming shook his head while exclaiming, being completely toppled by his new recognition of Tyre, if only Ka Ming knew that Tyre was operating Lunaria at the same time he was learning all the new skills, who would know what his expression would be.

Tyre did not become proud of himself or become arrogant from Ka Ming’s praise, but only looked at the tree branch in his hand instead, as if considering all the ways of using the skills he had just used.

Martial skills, body techniques, as well as Dou Qi. All of this was engraved into his brain and revolving rapidly.

“This really is mystical, so this is sacred stage, beyond the mortal’s reach!”

Tyre muttered to himself, with bright flashes shining in his eyes, as if a child finding a brand new favorite toy.

“Sir Ka Ming , Thank you very much, very very much, for teaching all of these valuable things to me.”

The sudden gratitude from Tyre startled Ka Ming for a second, but Tyre ignored the big crab’s response and continued

“I was lacking experience before, but after learning all these new things and mastering some of the profoundness within, it is now clear  just how valuable these skills, body technique, and martial skills are! I, Tyre won’t say anything else, but if Ka Ming sir ever needs anything that I can help with, you only need to call and I will be at your service!”

Ka Ming was even more shocked now, after hearing Tyre’s heroic and magnificent monologue, he looked at Tyre up and down for a moment before opening his mouth

“This… could you have fallen into madness from the training, hurry and follow me and recite these holy light incantations and we might still make it.”

“Sir Ka Ming ……” Tyre looked at the big crab with embarrassment, and scratched his head awkwardly, remembering the grudges and suspicions he had on Ka Ming from earlier, he started to feel embarrassed, especially now that he has experienced the mystical body techniques and martial skills, all his suspicions flew to the clouds.

“Never mind, never mind. I am starting to feel embarrassed if you keep thanking me like this. Since I have lived up to my promise and taught you what you wanted, I think that if there are no lucky coincidences later, we won’t be seeing each other again.”

Ka Ming waved his big pincers and thought of something, suddenly opening his mouth

“Oh yeah, let me tell you a piece of information that I just remembered. I heard that between the borders of the Sicily empire and the Vermilion empire there is a top academy recognized by both empires called [Avalon]. Within this academy there is three holy devices and one of these can erase, control and awaken people’s’ memories, this might be useful for you.”

This information caused Tyre to hesitate a second before the excitement arrived. His biggest problem at hand aside from his body, was his memory. Losing your memory and being a stranger to everything is a very annoying thing to deal with. Now all he has to do was to think of a way to go to that so called Avalon and try to awaken his memories, then he might also find out why his body was like this. This was hitting two birds with one stone.

“No need for words of gratitude.” Ka Ming saw Tyre about to lower his head again and hurriedly waved his pincers, then he said in a calmer tone

“Since you already freed me from this place, you have already given me a great help. Since we are even now, there is no need for tearful farewells… we are not that type of people, if my luck was better…….Maahh, if we ever do meet again, then that will be fate.”

Tyre never thought that Ka Ming would pull out such a high level of monologue, and did not know how to respond, feeling that the other’s emotion had a faint change.  

“Oh yeah, Tyre. One last bit of information…….no……..calling it a warning is better.” Ka Ming’s face suddenly became foreboding, gone was the calm and easygoing feeling, there was no anger, despite, excitement, but an extremely unfamiliar change of attitude to Tyre.

At this time, Tyre would never have guessed the level of impact in his future! And even after many years later, he would still recall from time to time the strange and complex expression on the big crab’s face before laughing helplessly.

At the same time, Ka Ming’s voice sounded again

“On this world, the most fearful thing is not Demons, Not Deities, and Certainly not Elves and Giant Dragons, but Humans, the bottomless, all encompassing Evil…….”

Ka Ming’s tone was very severe, as if there was some extremely deep meaning behind the words, and after that, his entire body slowly rose into the sky. Tyre raised his head looking at the flying figure several meters above the forest with some unwillingness to part in his heart.

“Remember, there will be one day that you will understand just how much meaning there is behind these words.”

Before the sound faded away, the shadow in the sky had already disappeared from view, leaving Tyre standing there alone and staring blankly into the sky, muttering and repeating the parting words from Ka Ming.  



What evil? Evil person? Is it a disaster? Tyre does not understand, but he still engraved the words into his mind, since it was something that Ka Ming Sir had said, memorizing it can’t go wrong.

“Anyhow, as long as I take precautions around people there shouldn’t be problems right.”

Tyre finally thought of that as a solution.


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