After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 16

  • Temporarily Safe

“I called you over because i wanted to see if you were really as beautiful as they said, this is now confirmed. The second thing I wanted to know was about your background, but it is not longer necessary… mahhh, to get to the point, seeing as the world is not too peaceful, it is common to see small principalities and big kingdoms plotting against each other in the dark against each other, pretending to be a victim to go undercover into a government isn’t a first….. En, if i put it like this, do you understand better?”

“Oh, so it wasn’t that.”


“Ah, nothing, i understand. Only, sir, look at me, I don’t have any DouQi or magic, and there isn’t any dangerous weapons on me, how can i be one of those bad individuals?” Lunaria blinked her big eyes, showing a look of honesty, and this was the truth because she didn’t have any plots to begin with. She  only wanted to get a better grasp of this world around her.

Falysess Duke nodded his head, but did not respond to the charming yet sarcastic words, he looked towards the old man next to him.

“Lao Jerry sir, from the situation, it looks like this little girl does not pose a threat, so please arrange a suitable identity for her, and make sure that her title is high enough to not be bothered by those perverted bastards.”

“I understand” Lao Jerry answered.

“En, also Claude, this time your performance was very good. To be able to kill that bandit worth 100 thousand gold in 1v1 fight, looks like you can go and test for [Son of Heaven] rank at the martial art center in a few years.”

“No, that was only by luck, if that [Axe King] fought with all his strength at the start and did not underestimate me, I would not have been able to win so easily.”

The underlying meaning was that even if the other started the fight with a serious attitude, he would have still not be a match for Claude.

As to who this [Axe King] was, and how strong he was, Lunaria had no idea, but there was no way that he could be stronger than Lao Jerry or that huge beast in the forest right, he can’t.

Just as she was thinking randomly, Falysses shook his head with a smile, just about to say something but hesitated, before looking towards Lunaria and Leah.

“You go can for now… oh yes, my birthday is after 3 month, and at that time important nobles from all kinds of principalities and kingdoms will arrive. Little girl, you need to show your face at that banquet along with your fake identity. That way they won’t suspect you while you live at this mansion.”

“Yes, thank you sir duke.”

“En, tis only a small matter, you can go now.”


Watching Leah and Lunaria leave, Falysses kept the faint smile on his face.

“What an interesting little girl, she obviously have no abilities, but does not fear her situation in an strange environment a single bit. Who knows if this have anything to do with her memory loss.”

“Then, Sir duke, you mean…..”
“Pass for now, Since Lao Lerry and you are vouching that she has over 30% and more affinity for the light attribute, not looking at her beauty, we can treat her as a high ranking magician or a holy healer in the making. Adding to the fact that we are her benefactors, and that she has no memories and no where to go, if we treat her well, there is no need to worry that she will escape.”

Falysses was still smiling faintly, but when he spoke, he was already looking at Claude.

“If the situation allows, she would make a fine grand-daughter-in-law.”

“Grandfather, you…..”

Claude’s serious face immediately became startled, and he followed up

“Grandfather, I already have the current thirteenth Princesses of the Sicily Empire as my fiance, Snow Lily-Kear Jantis) [- long ass name…..]. And this arranged marriage is something that you proposed to the emperor himself.”

The underlying meaning was that starting to dabble with other girls before the primary wife haven’t even married yet is a huge disrespect to the royal family.

“Haha, Claude my grandson, do you think the little thought you have can be hidden from me? Even if Lao Jerry doesn’t tell me, just from your virgin response from the moment that the little girl entered, I already knew what was going on.”

“Vir…….Vir…..” Claude was so embarrassed, that he could not even bring up the will to refute this old grandpa’s guesses, even his death struggles will only lead to even more word traps for himself.

So what if he was a virgin! Was there any need to be so absolute on that! Claude muttered in his mind.

“Haha, okay, let’s discuss this matter at another time, the most important thing is how we should respond to those few things.”

When those things were mentioned, the three people suddenly became serious, Lao Jerry squinted his eyes and said in a low voice

“A disciple of [Indigo Jewerly Hall] seems to have arrived inside of the principality, and the people who saw her say that she is a person who wears fancy clothing.”

“Fancy clothed girl, I remember that back when there was a rebellion going on in the empire, that women and several disciples have also showed up, I think they were calling themselves…..”

“The seventh disciples [Beautiful] Anna Jess-T-Jaleelah.”

“Though there isn’t any big movements, we can keep quite and watch for now.”

“En.” Falysses nodded his head, and said

“Second thing, our neighbor, Mileac Kingdom, seemed to have some movements recently.”

“Sir duke, I think that Mileac Kingdom’s movements should be related to our [God’s Orders] Book, so they must be taking some actions.”

“En? Then what do you think that they will do Sir Lao Jerry  and when do you think they will visit?” Falysses looked towards Lao Jerry and both started smiling.

“Isn’t this just the effect that Sir Duke is wanting?”

Claude squinted his eyes, but did not feel troubled by the words that the other two was saying, but he was giving off killing intent, almost as if he was seeing the bloodbath to come.


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