After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Duchy
Translated By: Naervon
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Puluoses quietly watched and waited for everyone to leave. Even though many other nobility and self conceited people wanted to go forward and say hello to Puluoses, but the expression on this Deity’s face told them that maybe today was not a good day for that.
Seeing that he succeeded in scaring off everyone with his eyes alone, Puluoses turned his gaze back to Duke Falysses, and as their eyes connected, they both smiled.
“Now can you tell me?”
“Of course.” Duke Falysses was still smiling, and that image made Puluoses do a double take, because that young man in front of him has grown so much that he almost can’t recognize him.
“The seventh disciple’s appearance is not a mere coincidence, because the reason she came to the Duchy was to take away the God’s Orders Book.”
“Oh? Why do you think that?”
“I did not guess this or deduct this, rather, I confronted her and talked to her about it.”

“Lord ancestor, please calm down and wait for me to finish.” Duke Falysses saw Puluoses looking like he’s going to go to town on him and immediately explained
“Largess. T. Sharlea is the Seventh Disciple of 【Blue Jewel Hall】. In that group, every disciple possess strength on a level equivalent to a Deity. Every recorded appearance of them in history show that they will fight or join a fight to take control of a Sacred Artifact, the most prominent example being their widespread presence during the Great Unrest in the empire where 【Blue Jewel Hall】and 【G】worked together to work up a rebellious storm in the empire’s capital. Even though the High Emperor himself did not appear during this entire unrest, but the situation at the time was complicated beyond simple explanation, because even factions from the God’s Realm joined in on this. Sadly, everyone including the factions from the upper realm were used by 【Blue Jewel Hall】like pawns. At that time, even the Gateway of Hell set up by the rebellious faction in the capital was used by the people of the hall, and after they were done with these pawns, they cast the pawns aside. Why did they cast aside these valuable pawns you ask? It is because they got what they wanted, and that was a Sacred Artifact, one that can be said to be a treasure of the Empire, a peak tier Sacred Artifact! Afterwards, the Blue Jewel Hall dipped their fingers into many other countries, and the endings were the same, for all these countries ended up losing a Sacred Artifact and with the loss, the people from the Blue Jewel Hall would disappear with it.
As for our country, there isn’t much that is of value to the people from the Hall, so the God’s Orders Book, which has the effect of magnifying a magic’s affect and range, is naturally her target. Of course, I wasn’t sure at the time, so I ordered for people to go and reach out to her.”
“Brave little brat. So how did you find her? What did she say?”
“She didn’t hide herself from us, and I think that is because she doesn’t think we have enough to stop her anyways, so that’s why she didn’t even bother.”
Obviously, when he put it like that, he was saying that Puluoses was weak and powerless indirectly, but since the relationship between the two go way back, this kind of joking didn’t really matter to them, and Puluoses only smiled and shook his head at the little joke.

“Lord ancestor, this seventh disciple is actually a calm and quiet woman, because our emissary sent to find her is still alive and brought back the message to us successfully.”
“What did she say?”
“She said that if we turn the book over to her, then she will be thankful.”
“Ha ha, what an interesting woman.” Puluoses said while a trace of anger started to burn in his heart, but he knew that even if he burst out in anger there was nothing he can do at the moment, so he turned that anger into a cold smile.
“It really is interesting, because I have never seen someone who had the face to ask a country to hand over its Sacred Artifact and be thankful about it. However, I agreed.”

“Lord ancestor, please calm down and wait for me to finish~” Duke Falysses calmly smiled and looked at Puluoses. That look made Puluoses question whether the little brat was making fun of himself again, but since he had to keep up the image of being a powerful Deity, so he forced himself to calm down.
“What I said to her was if you are able to appear during the feast, then I won’t say a word if you take away the book.”
As a Deity, Puluoses obviously was smart enough to get the meaning behind the words, and after the crux being pointed out, he naturally knew what Falysses had in mind
“So your plan was to have her swoop in as a third party when we are standing off against Miliac, and because she will be the one to take it in the end, it doesn’t really matter who has the book before she shows up. That way, the pressure that Miliac has on us would be turned to her and redirect Miliac’s attention and obtain a chance for us to catch our breaths.”
“A brilliant deduction Lord ancestor. Even though the God’s Orders Books is a Sacred Artifact, but Miliac has been piling more and more pressure on our Duchy. Although I do not know why Miliac Kingdom wants the book, and was willing to ignore appearances and break ties with neighboring countries in their attempt to get it, but the pressure they were putting on us outweighs the value of the book itself, and we can’t just hand it over just because they asked for it, or we’ll seem like a very weak country and that will affect our citizens negatively, but if we do not hand it over, then Miliac Kingdom will be pressuring us on all fronts 24/7. My original plan was to use another method to turn Miliac Kingdom’s attention to another Kingdom, but since the seventh disciple appeared, I changed my plans. In actuality, we should give thanks to this seventh disciple, because if it wasn’t for her, then I am afraid our Duchy will have to suffer for an even longer period of time.”

End of Arc


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