After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Things settling down
Translated By: Naervon

When Lunaria arrived at the spot where Darven landed, she found that Lao Jerry was already standing there with his back facing her.
The old and weathered man had a straight posture like an unsheathed sword, but right now, in Lunaria’s eyes, that figure seemed to have aged even more. Rather than an elder who have just experienced a long battle, he seemed more like an normal old person who was past one’s prime.
He sighed, and even Lunaria could feel that frustration built up in Lao Jerry’s heart.
“Master.” Lunaria’s voice startled Lao Jerry, who shook slightly. Even though he wasn’t scared by the sudden voice of Lunaria, afterall, he knew Lunaria was there from his perception. No, but what truly shook him was that voice, that voice calling him, Master.

As if countless voices rang in his ears, as if the grandfather clock ticking away in the dead of night. . . . . .
But, the haziness were only permitted to exist for the briefest moment before clarity took over his eyes as the old man recovered his spirits and turned to reply
“What is it Lunaria.”
“Uh, I just wanted to see if Master was here or not.” Lunaria hurried to find an excuse, because her actual purpose was to see if anyone else still remembered the existence of Darven, and if no-one remembered to check, then she was planning to take ownership of the late Darven’s possessions like a good junior sister, because isn’t that the duty of a junior? To take care of the senior brother’s belongings?
Sadly, it looks like master Lao Jerry had gotten here much earlier, and what was even more shocking was that there was no body on the ground.
“Master, umm. . . . . where’s Darven?”
Lao Jerry shook his head in silence at Lunaria’s question before answering
“He was rescued.”

“Ah? He’s still alive?” Lunaria knows that her question was a little overboard, so she shut her mouth instantly. Lao Jerry’s breathing became even more heavy as he walked to stand next to Lunaria
“Lets head back, we will talk as we go.”
Night in the Duchy should have been filled with bustling people and activities, but because the incident caused many servants to faint, the Duke’s Mansion at this time experienced a night so still that it surpassed any other in the entire history of the Duchy.

The weather of May and June brought about soothing winds, and the nights were especially cozy because of it. With the silence of the night, an old and a young figure walked over the road shadowed, and as they walked by a pond, the moonlight glistened like little stars as their footsteps disturbed the still pond water. . . . .
Lunaria breathed deeply, then Lao Jerry opened his mouth
“It is my fault that Darven was taken away.”

Lunaria did not follow up Lao Jerry’s words, but rather quietly listened to what he had to say next.
“It is because I did not give him a mortal blow. Even though I obviously made up my mind. But, when I see his face, I am reminded of that little brat who kept saying that he was the strongest, the little brat with all his stubbornness.”
“It could be because your master is old, and reminecese of times gone by in everything that he does, and even facing such a heart stabbing disciple, he can’t bear to kill him, even going so far to make up reasons thinking that he is like this because of brainwashing and was there any way to cure that.”
“During battle, I knew that he still held his own beliefs, only that he now serves for a different faction. I knew that his beliefs were twisted beyond words because of this.”
“When I stabbed my sword into his body, I realized that he was still my disciple.”
“It was me, it was because I was too merciful.”

“It is your master I who was too merciful.”
The old voice had a different tone to it, and Lunaria couldn’t help but think that even though she didn’t understand these feelings, but since her master was feeling down, then as a disciple, she must keep a cheerful appearance.
Even though she has not been with this old person for a long time, but when he taught herself the magic with his serious manners, she was thankful, because that care from an older person gave her the warmth of being cared for, especially because she had no memories. Even if it is just a little bit, Lunaria was still very thankful, because it was Lao Jerry that make her feel like the Duke’s Mansion was her temporary home.
“Master.” Lunaria spoke up gently once more.

“Let us go back.”
“. . . . . . . .” Lao Jerry nodded his head in a solemn silence and the two gradually faded into the woods. The gentle breeze glided over the small pond by the roadside, causing small ripples to form in the water and making little splashing sounds as the waves lapped against the rocks.
Lunaria did not have a lengthy story in her nor did she know how to sooth other people, and there was no way that she had the rights to point out things to the old Lao Jerry who lived more than a thousand years. The only thing that she could do was to do the things in front of her properly and do them well, be a quiet and attentive listener, empathizer, and then let things wash by as if they had never happened and let the sadness fade away in silence.
Let all the discontent and regret fade away with the wind.


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