After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 162

Chapter 162 End of the ‘Show’
Translated By: Naervon

“Humph, lets go!” Kalion said with his face so dark that it practically dripped. There was no other way about it, he had botched the mission this time, and even though unanticipated events occurred at the end, which was forgivable, but there was no way that he can get away from being lectured by those old codgers. Just thinking about the prattling ahead gave Kalion a big headache. So when he give that loud order, almost all the people were scared into action by the tone of his command.
“Let them go.” Falysses with his wisdom knew to let the matter drop, so after the order was given, the mercenaries dropped their formations and let the soldiers that Darven brought with him go free. Even the huge radiant sky formation was undone, letting the ambushers leave without too much hassle.
The void emperor shook his head and sighed as he moved to the center of the army. He calmly opened his mouth and said

The space around the army gradually warped and twisted, and the next moment, the army of over 10 thousand vanished from sight. As for the even more massive army of 90 thousand standing in mid-air outside of the formation, they were also taken away by the wounded high commander.
Finally, the only people left were the nobility and other people who had originally came to attend the feast as well as the unconscious servants and other background workers. The denizens and clan families who lived in the Duchy also let out a sigh of relief.
Despite so many clashes happening in the Duchy, the actual Duchy itself did not receive any attacks. As for the God’s Orders Book being stolen, well, to the normal people they couldn’t care less, for that was out of their reach anyways, and as long as it doesn’t affect their interests directly, then even the death of the Duke won’t get too much reaction from them.

Puluoses also let out a silent sigh of relief, because no matter if he was facing the headstrong Kalion or the mysterious Largess, the pressure from facing them alone gave him some trouble, for he had just broken to the domain of deity not too long ago. As the sole remaining Deity left in the Duchy at the moment, he must force himself to remain calm at all times, or else as soon as he shows signs of weakness then doom will come down upon them all! He teleported from his spot in mid-air to in front of Duke Falysses in a single step, and as he appeared, everyone in front of him give him a deep bow of respect
“Almighty Deity!”

Yes, to the eyes of normal people, a Deity represented a supreme existence, and Puluoses was that existence to these people at this moment, so Puluoses can definitely live up the name!
Duke Falysses also gave a deep bow naturally, but following the bow, Falysses opened his mouth with a smile and said
“Lord Ancestor, what a thrilling night.”
“Haha, you brat, always full of tricks in that head of yours.” Puluoses almost reached out to mess up Duke Falysses’s hair by habit, but he immediately recovered and stopped himself from doing that, because this was a respectful feast for the Duke after all, and as a ruler of a country, even as a Deity, it’ll put a bad image on the Duchy as a whole. If he was in the seat of Falysses at the moment and Darven 【Dragon Slayer God】were standing where he was and rubbed his head, then he would probably be depressed and gloomy for quite a while afterwards.

“What a shame that the book was taken away. Just where did this Seventh Disciple pop out from.”
“Actually . . . . . .” Duke Falysses laughed awkwardly and followed up saying
“Actually, we knew about Largess’s arrival at the Duchy a long time ago, because she didn’t even bother to mask her arrival at all, so we found out almost instantly.”
“Oh? There was that?”
“Yes… Lord ancestor, this was actually the result that I wanted.”
“Mmm? What do you mean?” Puluoses crinkled a brow, wondering just how much plotting went on inside that brat’s head.
Duke Falysses looked around at the nobility around them, then looked at Puluoses with an apologetic expression before turning back to face the crowd and saying
“Today, we’ve all experienced some rather shocking surprises, and I know that everyone here must be shocked by the events. So, I invite everyone to stay at the Duchy for the duration of the 3 day long feast and tomorrow, we will re-host the feast anew. How does this sound?”
“We respect Lord Duke’s decisions.”
“Yes of course.”

As the other dukes gave their rather tactful responses, the other nobilities rapidly followed suit and nodded their agreement. As for the clueless people in the crowd, when they saw the other people responding, they just followed along with their agreements without any complaints.

Tyre gave a silent sigh as he was really tired too. Elena was knocked out by the shockwaves from the battle between demi-deities earlier and was breathing evenly. Tyre picked her up in a princess carry before changing his carry style to a less gentleman style….he slung Elena over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. It wasn’t until Tyre was about to leave did D.Zi react and then said to Tyre with some traces of shock in his voice, obviously still recovering
“Let me go with you.”
“Okay.” Tyre didn’t mind sticking with D.Zi. Even though they haven’t known each other for very long, but D.Zi seemed like a good person and was worth making friends with, moreover, they even exchanged blows between man to man. And so, the two established a tentative trace of trust between them.

Claude supported Snow Lily as they left the site, and as for himself as Lunaria, she ordered some servants to help carry Leah off before running to the place where Darven landed on the ground.
As she ran, she glanced briefly and saw that Mo QingTing nodding towards her while carrying Chelsea in her arms. Seeing that, Lunaria stopped her steps and calmly said
“I apologize for the startlement.”
“It’s okay, or rather, I should give thanks for being able to witness such a magnificent battle.” Mo QingTing’s words gave Lunaria some confusion, because she didn’t understand what there was to appreciate in a fight. There was a good saying in the east, when the deities fight, mortals will suffer. To live through the fights unscathed is already a huge boon, why does she sound like she want to go through a few more of these terrifying fights?


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