After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Brief (:3 aka Insta Rekt)
Translated By: Naervon

“Puluoses Deity . . . . .” Kalion’s anger fired up even more at hearing Puluoses undermining him, but Puluoses only shrugged his shoulders and turned to Largess with a smile on his face
“How do you do, Seventh Disciple, Miss Sharlea. I do believe that it is improper for a lady such as yourself to take advantage of the situation and snatch the book away.”
“How do you do, Puluoses Deity.”
Largess only dipped her head in a polite manner before she explained
“Good and bad only exists in a person’s mind, for when you think that this is a good thing, then you will not dislike someone if they take your things. On the other hand, if you think that it is a bad thing, then any action against you will seem like a bad action. But, you must understand something. This world is a fair and balanced world. When you lose something important, then something just as important to you will present itself to you, and when that happens, you must make the decision of whether or not to value the new thing.”
“. . . . . . . .” Kalion Deity’s eyes practically glowed with the anger, because what did he hate the most?
1. Pretty and very self conceited woman.
2. Nagging and very self conceited woman.
3. Profound and very self conceited woman.

What the hell, doesn’t this girl in front of him match all three?!!!!!!
Realizing this, Kalion’s already fiery anger instantly exploded. Kalion roared his anger and ignored Puluoses’s reaction as he let out all of his divine power, filling the entire sky with his power. As soon as the divine power enveloped an area, that area would be overlapped by a world filled with lava, and lava beasts, giant dragons, as well as countless humans would appear.
This was the projection of his own world created from his divine spark, and under his own world’s projection, Kalion became the ruler of the sky, with his every movement affecting the world under his control.
“You are trying to make my life more difficult aren’t you. . . . . .” Puluoses shook his head helplessly and waved his hand, causing a mirror like formation to encircle the entire Duchy, then the formation radiated a light that shot up into the sky before reflecting back and forming a dome surrounding that entire sky!
Largesse did not show the slightest reaction on her face, but Kalion was already at his limits. Without waiting any longer, he acted. His hand morphed into a several hundred meters wide hand made from flames and grabbed towards the girl in the air.
“Puluoses Deity, you did not have to waste your time putting up safety measures like that.” Largesse ignored the huge flaming hand nearing her and said in a calm voice
“Because this will end fairly fast.”

As soon as her words fell, the towering hand of flames instantly disappeared without a trace, and even Kalion’s entire arm disappeared along with it.
Following that, divine power rapidly flowed out of the opening left by the missing arm and the world projected from his divine spark also suffered a tremendous earthquake, killing countless beings living in that world. But, Kalion did not panic at losing his arm. He calmly thumped his heart with his remaining hand, gathering his divine power and almost instantly, his missing arm grew back without any hints of it ever being missing! With that, the world projected over the Duchy’s skies returned to calm, but the after effects revealed itself to the denizens of that world in menacing ravines leading straight to the abyss of lava, instilling unspeakable fear into their hearts.

“Doctrine of Karma! !” Kalion’s expression became solemn for the first time, and gone was his fiery anger. Pulouses also showed a hint of surprise on his face, because the Law of Karma is known to be one of the most terrifying Laws that a Deity can cultivate, the waters of Karma are so deep that even Ancient Deities are not certain of their ability to fully control the Law of Karma.
Largess shook her head slightly and said
“My nickname is the seventh disciple 【Beauty】, and the reason for that is I do not use the Doctrine of Karma, but rather my own comprehensions of 【Law of Beauty】.”
“Law of Beauty. . . . . ” Puluoses muttered under his breath as he pondered. As for Kalion, he fixed his glare on Largess, giving the impressions that he might attack again at any moment.
Largess did not mind the glare thrown at her as she dipped her head politely at the other two
“Now then, please excuse my disturbance, farewell.”

Finishing her words, the girl with curly green hair calmly flew away. No one chased her, and no one tried to ambush her, and even Kalion with his barely contained anger did not move from his spot.
Everyone was dead silent, and even General Ness located on the outskirts of the Duchy looked at the night sky in silence. Kalizan felt the situation go south and immediately retreated back into the Great Forest with the monster flood he brought. Even though there were some losses at the defense lines, but General Ness was able to keep the losses to a minimum. The soldier who only saw that the monsters retreated did not know any better and let out cheers of victory!
The sounds of the massive cheering gave the dead silent night of the Duchy some signs of life and hope!


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