After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Blue Jewel Hall
Translated By: Naervon
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Lao Jerry let go of Darven’s body, and the powerless body could only fall down slowly in the winds.
No one went to go check to see if the man lived or died, because almost everyone looked up to see the origin of that green light.
A young girl with green curly hair stood in mid air with the God’s Orders Book in one hand and a staff emanating a strange yet wonderful fluctuation , looking for all the world like a Goddess who descended from the heavens. The world seemed to stop at this moment.

“. . . . .” Lao Jerry’s expression tensed for he has seen this girl’s face somewhere, and despite it being a few hundred years ago, he can still clearly recall that face.
Not only him, almost all the elder generation are able to recall that face, and many people who recognized her also went pale white in expression.
Having experienced the Great Unrest first hand, these elders couldn’t help but feel terror.
Tyre also frowned as he saw this girl, why does she look so familiar. . . . .
Before anyone reacted, the girl with the wavy hair bowed slightly and spoke in a graceful manner.
“I am the seventh disciple of the 【Blue Jewel Hall】, Largess. T. Sharlea. I do not mean to disturb your honorable feast, for I am only here to recover the God’s Orders Book.”
Her seemingly light and soft voice somehow managed to reach the ears of everyone clearly.

As for her said that she will take away the book in that calm and graceful way of hers, she sounded like that was the natural thing for her to do, and even the people who heard her words felt that it is only natural for her to do so.
Not only the normal people were affected, because even Lao Jerry and the other powerhouses felt muddled for a brief moment before recovering. Despite being pulled into a lull briefly, they quickly recovered and shielded themselves with divine power, feeling shocked by the power of the words, for the words contained an allure that dominated the wills of those who heard it, and to those weak of will, then the words will take over their minds completely, even if they were ordered to commit suicide they will not hesitate to do so.
Because the powerhouses understood just how powerful that kind of voice was, they all wore a solemn expression.
But just as the young girl spoke her words, a pillar of fire shot up to the heavens. A great scarlet dragon soared up from the ground and into the heavens, but strangely, despite the red flames bursting through structures, none of the buildings caught on fire from the red flames.
Following the pillar came a bellowing roar of anger that shook the ground and air.
“Seventh Disciple!”

As the voice boomed, it did not dissipate until it had echoed ten times, and when people looked with shock to this new entrance, they saw a great burly man wearing a flame embroidered coat step out of the shadows.
“Kalion Deity, long time no see, my apologies for neglecting to visit you.” Largess slightly dipped her head, but her response only served to piss off Kalion even further. Kalion is the straightforward kind of person, and now that Miliac’s ambush plans went down the drains, not to mention the Book is in the hands of a third party, Kalion could no longer suppress his anger. Ignoring the mutual agreement between Deities, Kalion acted on impulse and appeared in front of Largess.
“So you still remember my name.”
“Kalion Deity, the former Commander of the Flame Guardians for the Empire. We have met before in the Capital of the Empire before.” Largess was still as composed as ever, with a emotionless expression on her face. But her voice still held that captivating power that can cause people to ignore their instincts and do anything, including dying for her cause.
Kalion suddenly thought of something unpleasant and yelled out.
“Since you know who I am, then let me give you a final warning. You should not interfere in a battle between countries!”
“Kalion Deity, you must know you just blew your cover story.” A young man’s voice came from underneath the ground, and before anyone could finish processing what was said, a young and sickly looking man appeared at Kalion’s side.

Almost everyone let out a gasp, because the sudden outburst of true divine power enveloped the entire sky, filled the place with the power of faith. The power was so great that people were instinctively compelled to kneel down and grovel, for all knew that only a true Deity can possess such immense power! For, the power of faith is the true symbol of becoming a true Deity!
To surpass the laws of life and death, to possess boundless divine power, to create a world with their divine spark and lit the divine fires of a Deity. Their name will be known by the world and be worshipped by mortals at their shrines, for behind every deity’s back, exists an entire world!
Some deities even take this so far to go and conquer other small worlds and brainwash all the denizens of said world to worship him as the Highest God just for the pure and powerful faith.
“So this is a Deity!” Tyre looked at the two powerful beings who looked as if they did not belong on this world, and suddenly felt just how tiny and fragile he was. In front of those two figures, casting titled emperors aside, even demi-deities are nothing when compared to those two, because it is like comparing a grain of sand to the sun itself, the difference is so huge that one can’t even hope to bridge the gap and can only despair.


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