After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 15

Duke Falysses

“Oh yeah, Leah Onee-san, why are we out here so early? Are you taking me to see the Duke?”

“Yes” When the Duke was mentioned, Leah’s playful attitude vanished and was replaced with a serious attitude, she replied,

“After all, the Duke is the ruler of this kingdom and the Duke himself has mentioned wanting to meet you in person.”

“The Duke said so himself?” Lunaria furrowed her brows, thinking why would a person of power bother with seeing a plain girl who was rescued?

Could it be that he is enamoured by my body’s beauty and wants me to become a concubine!

This type of powerful person, having a young and pretty concubine around is very normal, but thinking to this step, Lunaria felt a wave of nausea rise up. Being teased and taken advantage of by a pretty girl, she can endure, but if you switch that with a dirty old man…….Lunaria felt that she should start considering some escape routes.

Leah never would have thought that at this instant, Lunaria was having crazy thoughts of doing wild things.

Falysses would normally go to the study in the mansion to take care of Hillier Dukedom business, and it was here that Leah and Lunaria arrived at.

Being surrounded by a small lake, a single tall building stood in the middle, with flowers growing all around the structure, and with strange birds chirping and occasionally flying.

With only one glance, and the words refined and elegant filled Lunaria’ head. This place seemed like the peach garden in fairytales, completely separate from the scene of the bustling servants from before.

Leah brought Lunaria past the small road across the lake, reaching the structure standing in the middle of the lake.

–Duke’s Study–

Big bolded words showed their elegance,

“Sir Duke, Leah has brought the honored guest.”

Leah bowed respectfully, and Lunaria hurriedly copied her, only, when thinking of her tragic situation, her respect dropped by several notches.

After a brief silence, a warm and kind voice rang out from the structure.

“Come In.”

“Yes” Leah answered respectively once more, and nodded towards Lunaria before pushing open the doors.

Although the building looked several floors tall, but after entering, she discovered that there was only a spiralling staircase wounding around the sides with books filling the walls, packed so densely that when Lunaria raised her head and looked at this several tens of meters tall building, she felt that even wanting to get a book from the top would be a chore.

“Thank you for the hard work Leah.”

A voice interrupted Lunaria’s thoughts, and when she recovered, she found that there was three people in front of her.

Lao Jerry and Claude stood side by side, no need to explain, but in between them was a young man extremely similar to Claude, and from appearances, he can’t be more than 20 years old, this made Lunaria to be even more puzzled, didn’t the Duke want to see me? Why would there be another person?

“Thank you Sir Duke, this is my duty.” Leah smiled slightly, seeming to feel that being cared for by the other person was a thing to be very happy about.

Wait, huh? Sir Duke? Him? Lunaria’s jaw almost dropped to the floor when she understood who Leah was referring to as the Duke.

Didn’t she say that the Duke was Claude’s grandpa? How can this young man be called in anyway a grandpa, she still remembered from the magic stone broadcast yesterday that it was the Duke’s 120th birthday, how can this appearance be that of a 120 year old? If that’s the case then won’t she herself be a 70-80 year old crone!

Falysses Duke saw Lunaria’s shocked expression and looked at her with meaningful eyes. He rubbed his chin and asked

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face Miss?”

“Ah, no, it’s only that I’ve heard that Sir Duke you are about to celebrate your 120th birthday…..But looking at you today” Lunaria answered with some hesitation,

“Looks like coming of age ceremony.”

“Pfffff………”As soon as the words were out, Lunaria heard a smothered laughter sound coming from behind her back, she thought darkly, all because you didn’t tell me that the duke was a person who has a old heart but not an old body, how could you make fun of me!?

The Duke also was stumped, he would have never thought that this little girl would say such a strange thing, while Lao Jerry and Claude looked at each other thinking could this be another way to praise the Duke’s longevity?

“You brat …..”The Duke was stumped to the point of forgetting to change his wording, he shook his head while smiling

“En, I feel more comfortable calling you brat.”

Falysses mumbled to himself for a second before looking back at Lunaria.

“A martial artist has a strong body as well as a very strong fighting ability, although I don’t know just how much memory you lost, but the fact that as long as person can reach a certain level of DouQi, then returning to youth is a common thing.”

Returning to youth? What is that? Lunaria’s mind was getting foggier by the moment, but she kept a respectful mask on her face.

But how could this level of pretending fool Falysses, but he did not expose her, only thinking to himself that this little brat doesn’t remember anything, and was also as weak as a kitten, just how did she appear in the middle of the great forest.

“Don’t say anything else little brat. En, you’re called Lunaria right.”

“Ye-. yes.” Lunaria felt her heart thump, thinking could the Duke really have that thought? From the moment she entered, she had the feeling that the eyes of the other was off somehow, he can’t really be having the ideas of taking me for a concubine right?………

A sense of disgust and nausea swept through her entire body, all the way until the top of her head became numb. Lunaria felt as if every word that the other person said was a word directly hitting her soul.

“No need to be so tense” The imposing Duke might be crafty as a fox, but how could he have known that this little girl in front of him was having such crazy and excessive thoughts, only thinking that she was only being overly reserved.


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