After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Master and Disciple
Translated By: Naervon
~Almost done, only 4 more to go and it’s the school arc back to our main protagonist.

“Master, why must I learn the weakest branch, the transient sword of vedas when both the formation of holy punishment and the formation of the emperor king are both the strongest branches of the flashing sword style?”
The young voice of Darven piped up courageously as he asked the old man a question.
The old man looked at Darven, who sat on the ground from over-exhaustion, and answered with a smile.
“Everything should come from your heart, and that includes the way you see things. When you read about iron in a book, then you will think that there is nothing more valuable in this world than that, but if you saw gold in front of you, then will you change your thoughts?”
“Master, this disciple is dumb, so could you please say it in english so I can understand?”
“*Cough Cough*.” The old man coughed slightly before recovering and saying in that calm tone of his
“Basically, do not feel that something is good or bad just because you think so, because you might miss something even better unknowingly. This, is one of these moments, young man.”

Darven scratched his head and looked at the wooden sword he held in his hand then said with some guessing in his tone
“So basically just know when to stop asking for more and be content with what master gives me?”
“Do you have to say it straight out.” The old man glared at the other person somewhat angrily, then followed, saying
“Transient Vedas Formation is not the weakest. The only reason that it has fallen in status and is called the weakest by the people practicing Flashing Sword Style is because the Vedas branch is the hardest to comprehend and the hardest to master, and it is because of this that almost no one follows this branch these days.”
“So that’s how it is. Then will I become very strong if I practice this branch!”
“Of course!”
“Then will I be able to defeat master?”

“Hmmm about that~” The old man sounded a little hesitant because even though he hopes that his disciple can surpass himself one day, but on the other hand he didn’t want to be defeated by this little guy. The palm filled with wrinkles slowly glided over the beard of white hair before a voice finally sounded
“We will probably be evenly matched.”
“*Sigh* ~ Then I pick the Emperor King’s Formation!”
“Little brat, fine fine fine, you’re stronger then me, my little Darven will become the most well known powerhouse and surpass his master in the end, and become the strongest person in the entire Duchy.” The old person said with some helplessness, causing Darven to burst out in laughter as he pumped his little fist in the air
“Yes, I, Darven, will become the strongest and surpass master Lao Jerry and become the 【Guardian】of the Duchy!”
Lao Jerry looked at the jubilous youth and reminisce about his own childhood. Gradually, a smile crept up his face and he silently muttered
“Grow up faster, my little guardian of the Duchy.”

“Lao Jerry! ! !”
Darven screamed his lungs out, for his divine power was all but depleted in the battles before this, and now with Lao Jerry re-appearing in front of him, he felt nothing but despair.
*Why are you here!*
Darven swung his sword at Lao Jerry, but his wild swings were easily dodged by the Lao Jerry, and as the he dodged, he unleashed a precise and powerful counter attack at Darven! Darven panicked and barely avoided the blow at the cost of his arm taking that vicious strike.
*Why are you always blocking my way! !*
Darven bit his teeth as he retreated. He raised the light sword high above his head as the divine power inside of his pour out into the night, lighting up the entire sky with its terrifying might.
During this time, Lao Jerry only coldly watched and swung his sword with blinding speed, giving Darven almost no time to react. When Darven realized what happened, his arm was already drifting in the turbulent winds as it made its fall onto the ground.

Pain far exceeding then that of just a lost limb washed over Darven’s entire body, forcing bellows filled with pain out of his mouth, but the old man only watched with a pair of cold eyes.
Darven lost one exchange after the other, and almost everyone on the ground clapped their hands in joy. The army that Darven had brought over had been easily suppressed by the mercenary army, and the results seems clear.
Blood flowed without end from his wounds, almost as if it wanted to escape his body and bring all the blood in his body along with it. Divine power followed suit as it dispersed into the sky, and even his consciousness left him, causing his thoughts to blur.
Darven saw the high commander barely holding on under the onslaught of the sword saint even though he could have avoided this fate by not coming to save himself.
In the pupils of his eyes, Lao Jerry’s figure rapidly closed the gap, but Darven could not move his body anymore. Darven only felt lost, as if something wants to burst out from the depth of his heart, and emotion that wanted free. . . . . . .
【Master, have I….surpassed you?】

A light sword radiating golden light burst from Darven’s chest, bringing with it even more blood and divine power into the night. Darven coughed drily, for there was no more blood that flowed up to his mouth, as he looked up. Lao Jerry was very close, hovering right in front of his eyes, and he only needed to reach out his hand to touch his master once more. Sadly, he no longer had the strength to raise his arm, and the mere distance between them seemed a world apart.
“Master, have I, surpassed you?”
He could not find the answer, and his eyes seemed an empty hole, devoid of any life.
Lao Jerry looked at Darven without the master, and that young face cause him to slightly close both eyes as his memories rushed back into his thoughts, flooding away the coldness in his eyes.
My traitorous disciple, why did you not flee with the storm chaser in your hands, why do you stubbornly want to surpass your master.
What…a useless disciple.
“You. . . .still have much to learn.”

Lao Jerry’s answer put a real smile on Darven’s face. The book that Darven clutched his his hand slowly slipped out of his grasp and fell towards the ground.
*That’s right. . .How can I escape the fate of being controlled by others if I can’t even surpass my own master! I, sacrificed my all, but what did I get. . . . . . . .*
The blue book fell through the air.
But just as Lao Jerry was about to move and take back the book, a streak of green descended from the heavens and the God’s Orders Book instantly vanished.
As the light shined on Darven’s face, he looked up and squinted his eyes.
That sunlight in his memories was just as blinding as this light in front of him.
Oh yeah.

Darven felt his eyelids slid shut of their own accord, but he couldn’t care less, because he suddenly understood.
“What I wanted all along, was to be the strongest.”
Why, did it take me so long to understand.
Why, did it take me so long to recall.
Master . . . . . . .


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