After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Sword Saint
Translated By: Naervon

The terrifying sword’s edge sliced open Darven’s throat, and sprayed the skies once more with blood. Endless waves of pain rushed to Darven’s head as the powerful energies of the tore his throat open, for that attack was enough to cause even another demi-deity to faint before they die!
But, the feeling of the book in his hand give Darven something to hold on to. With his mind ignoring the pain, Darven gathered his divine power and channeled it to the gash at his throat as he he used the Sacred Gear Eyes of the Storm Chaser at the same time to rapidly retreat, not even looking at where he was going, because to him, as long as he is able to escape, then the victory is his!
At this very moment, there wasn’t a single person on site who had the speed to catch up to Darven and his Sacred Gear.
All they could do was just stare and look as Darven’s figure disappeared once more.
The final result seemed clear!

“HAHAHAHA, I really must apologize. Even though I was startled by your family’s little brat for a second there, but it seems we have the edge in this.” Kalion Deity laughed loudly as he spoke. At the time, he was truly startled by the series of traps laid down by the Duke, but at the end of the day, no matter how smart the Duke was, he was still lacking in true power. The only loss they suffered this round is Faceless, who is going to have a very hard time recovering in the near future.
Darven’s performance also gave him a little surprise, because he didn’t expect the little guy to be the try hard type. Although, to be willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the kingdom does warrant the kingdom to focus heavily on fostering his growth, and that’s to say nothing of the fact that Darven has reached the demi-deity stage, making him a prime choice to become Kalion’s next disciple.
Puluoses Deity shook his head as he let out a sigh as he watched the progression of events, for not even he had predicted things to turn out like this. Puluoses does not ask or take part in the planning that Falysses does because he trusts the smart young man! Even though this young man is just over 100 years of age, but Puluoses has never doubted his intelligence. Sadly, it looks like Falysses will taste defeat in the hands of Darven.
*Darven that traitor, even I, Puluoses, want to slap him to death. To blatantly use the Dushy’s Eyes of the Storm Chaser to steal another Sacred Gear, what a pompous brat!*

“Oh ho~ Pulouses Deity, you arn’t thinking of joining them in the little show now are you? My supply of faith power is running low, so you really must think this over carefully.”
“How could I be? Taking it away successfully just means your side has better strategy, and I promised not to intercede.”
“Hahaha, then I will gladly accept it without thanks.” Just as Kalion Deity was about to get up and leave, the man with the title of Sword Saint suddenly let out a huge sword technique, unleashing a vast net of sword qi and locked down that entire space, trapping Darven inside.”
“Oh!” Kalion sounded slightly surprised, and even Puluoses didn’t know that Ying TianMo had that up his sleeve.
“This guy, when did he learn that.” Pulouses shook his head while smiling, for he recalled the time when both he and Ying TianMo were at the same stage of cultivation, and were known as the duo stars of the Duchy. Only, sadly, he himself succeeded in taking that step and broke through to the domain of a Deity, but Ying TianMo couldn’t take that final step, and remained at the Demi-Deity stage. Looking at the net of sword qi, Puluoses couldn’t help but recall his past and reflect on his own recently achieved deity powers. . . . . .

Other than he himself and Xavier the Sixth, the rest of the Xaviers, the second, the fourth and the fifth, all died on the path to becoming a demi-deity or deity. Watching the Duchy growing stronger by the day, Puluoses, Xavier the Third, let out a sigh of sadness. Big trees take the brunt of the wind, and Xavier Duchy is the tree and Miliac is a hurricane. Miliac kingdom doesn’t want to absorb the Duchy or the smaller countries around them as a part of their kingdom so much as suppress their growth so that they won’t ever be powerful enough to threaten their position as the lead kingdom, because as long as they are able to become the strongest, then it will only be a matter of time before the surrounding smaller countries will become their subsidiary countries.

Raw power is never the best way to rule the land, for the only real way to solidify one’s rule over the land is to plant the feelings of belonging deep inside the people’s minds, and only then will the people of the land submit without much resistance and accept their position within kingdom.

However, just as Puluoses and Kalion were each having their own thoughts, the situation changed once more. Just as they had thought that the net was enough to capture Darven, the High Commander who was still on the ground acted. With a might swing of his sword, the high commander unleashed a massive blow at the net of sword qi. The terrifying blade traveled through space and caused multiple parts of the net to fracture, and just like a sandstorm, the attack did not stop until it brutally grinded a hole in the net!
“Darven, NOW!!”

The high commander’s yell instantly moved Darven to action, although Darven was silently criticising the commander for being too obvious, thinking that he would act even without the commander’s yell bringing all the attention back to himself!
Ying TianMo watched as his own attack was nullified and shook his head, for he knew he tried his best and still failed, because not even he can catch up to Darven who had the storm chaser aiding him!
Just at this time, Duke Falysses let out another smile, and that familiar smile make all the people who saw it shiver with chills.
“Darven, how many times must I say this? Everything has the possibility of being a fake trap yet a real trap, how can you be so careless?”
“What?!” Darven’s face lost blood as he paled, and the very next moment, the supposedly harmless Radiant Sky Formation reacted to Darven’s approach and unleashed attacks in retaliation. The burst of attacks were so powerful that Darven immediately halted his movement and rapidly backed away.

The Sword Saint had already given up the chase, but seeing the new trap, his eyes glowed with light as he rushed towards Darven once more.
The commander saw that Darven was in danger and rushed to help, ignoring the attacks of the mercenary army as he unleashed his own attacks towards Ying TianMo.
The Sword Saint’s eyes radiated a cold killing intent as he returned the attack with one of his own. As the two weapons clashed in mid-air, aftershocked rippled through the air one after the other, and their battle cries filled the skies!
“Go! Even if it costs your life, you must succeed in delivering the God’s Orders Book!”
The commander’s words shook Darven to the core. That’s right, didn’t he make the choice to ignore life and death? Then why did he back away from the Radiant Sky Formation’s attack? Could it be that deep inside he was not as determined as he thought he was? No!

Darven’s eyes gradually turned blood red. He will not be looked down upon anymore, he would rather die then be laughed at with those eyes of contempt.
And so, the handsome looking man snapped his attention towards the Formation, but when his sight cleared and saw clearly, his face contorted, for in the blackness of the night, an old and aged voice traveled into his ears.
“Darven, today will be the day that you die, and here is where you will lie.”
A white haired old man had appeared in front of Darven unknowestly to him, and different from the anger filled expression from before, the old man’s eyes were clear and cold.
Darven did not known when or how the old man was able to escape from certain death after chained down by the 【Ring of Death】, but this old man was obviously the biggest obstacle in his life, and could very be the final obstacle.
Thinking these thoughts, the red eyed young man rapidly raised his hands and coalesced a light sword as he screamed at the top of his lungs!
“LAO JERRY!!!!!”


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