After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Intensify!
Translated By: Naervon
~As some of you are getting tired of the author pulling too many stunts in one go, I am going to combine the rest into a single release and then move on. Also, as the author did like upwards of 5 releases a day, it’s not that bad when you read all of it at once.

“Stop him!” Nicole yelled out in her delicate voice, and almost immediately, over two thousand veterans from the surrounding mercenary army stood out and moved to surround Faceless one.
As they were not required to defeat the faceless once, all they had to do was just stall him long enough for the terrifying blue streak to catch up. Since the faceless one only wins in speed against the sword saint, he will probably lose once the sword saint catches up.

Faceless looked at the massive swath of mercenaries blocking his way with his vulgar smile still on his face

Whoosh~ Faceless’s body suddenly dispersed into the wind as if it was made of sand.
Ying TianMo frowned heavily as he chased, for he has heard of the famous faceless one and the self comprehended EX level martial art technique that allowed the faceless one to take on any form he wished, anywhere from a giant to a grain of sand. As long as the faceless one has knowledge of it, then he can take on its form, and it is because of this ability of his that he was able to successfully steal the God’s Orders Book from right under Ying TianMo’s nose.
As the mercenaries stood there completely bamboozled and shocked by what they’ve just witnessed, the Faceless one re-materialized behind them. Just as the Faceless one was about to let out his signature chuckle, his face suddenly went pale white as if all of his strength had left him. He looked at the God’s Orders Book that he had just stolen lay quietly in his hands and suppressed the shock in his mind
*This book really lives up to its name of being an Sacred Gear. Turning himself to dust takes no effort at all, but turning himself and the book to dust and then re-materializing both had cost him so much of his divine power that he was almost unable to re-materialize himself!*

But that’s okay, because the edges of the Radiant Sky Formation was just ahead of him and outside the formation, over an army of over 90 thousand awaited him, so as soon as he makes it outside, then no one will dare chase him, not even the Sword Saint will have the ability to stop him then!
Just as the Faceless One was getting excited about his pending success, his body suddenly halted mid-air, frozen in place and unable to move a muscle. Even though Faceless was confident that he will break through the unexpected bindings placed on him in less than a half a second, but there was no way that the Sword Saint will give him that time, because the Sword Saint was right behind him!
Shit, who did this! ! Who froze him in place!
Faceless glared his eyes and scanned the ground, and when he saw Snow Lily pointing a reddish key towards himself, the tiny pygmy’s pupils immediately became pin-points.
“Princess! Key of Stasis!”
Caught completely off guard by the Princess and a mere kingdom tier gear!
No, this can’t happen!!!

“Die!” The reaper chasing behind him let out a cold and absolute order that sounded like it came from the bowels of hell itself. Faceless One suddenly felt as if he was in a frozen cave, causing goosebumps to rise all over his body. The very next moment, a keen sword qi attack howled through space on its way towards him.
Without any indications of what happened, the attack passed by the pygmy’s body. Ever so slowly, the pygmy’s head separated from the body and the blood gushed out of the neck like a fountain into the skies. Along with the blood, a seven colored divine power also left the body from the neck and gradually faded into the skies.
As for the head that fell from the body, as the head dropped near the ground, it suddenly burst into countless sand and passed through the barrier and dashed into the awaiting army.
Ying TianMo coldly humphed as he swished the sword.
Even though Faceless escaped at the end, but at a very heavy cost.
Because for a demi-deity to fully recover from a heavy trauma like that to his divine power, the amount of time and precious materials needed are hard to imagine.
“Princess Snow Lily! Why did you. . . . . . .” Claude’s entire body was covered by cold sweat because of that sudden move by Snow Lily, for she pulled out the key and suddenly attacked the demi-deity without warning, and she did it as soon as the Faceless One came into range of her, how unbelievable. Snow Lily’s face was pale as plaster, completely drained of blood. Even though the powerful royal bloodline coursed through her veins, giving her a great deal of resistance to the pressure emanated by a demi-deity, but that doesn’t mean she was completely immune to the pressure. So when that pygmy searched the people on the ground and found out that she was the one who froze him in place, the pressure he put out gave her a great deal of strain and also scared her witless.

“Why? Because I felt that if he successfully got away, then big brother Claude and your family would feel very troubled, so I must do what I can to stop him!” Snow Lily said this as she struggled to keep a smile on her face, but try as she might, her body still trembled uncontrollably. Seeing Snow Lily’s condition, Wolfus frownd and walked over in a single stride.

No, that isn’t right. Even if Snow Lily really wanted to stop that demi-deity, there was no way that she could have reacted that fast . . . . . .
As if something clicked in his brain, Wolfus turned his cold gaze towards Duke Falysses.
So it was him… I remember him giving the Princess the key not too long ago. . . . . Just how far ahead did this man predict things!
Just as everyone thought things had ended, Darven suddenly disappeared from where he was standing, and in the next moment, his hand was already grabbing towards the falling God’s Orders Book!
“The book is mine! !” Darven screamed. The old man standing next to the duke let out a panicked voice
“Shit! He’s using eyes of the storm chaser!”
【Eyes of the Storm Chaser】used to be the Sacred Gear of the Duchy, and the main use of this gear was to give the holder the ability to instantly move to where the user wants at an extremely fast speed. Back when Darven had just broken through to titled emperor stage, he used this Sacred Gear to dance around with the demi-deities attacking and and ultimately used the gear to escape under the eyes of the full deities.
Now, with Darven’s cultivation sitting at the demi-deity stage, the speed afforded to him by the Sacred Gear was even more astonishing, allowing him to grasp the falling book before Ying TianMo even had the chance to make a grab for the book!

Ying TianMo slightly lowered his eyelids as he looked at Darven. True, Darven was fast, but his sword is even faster!
Almost instantly, as soon as Darven had clutched the book, a blue streak of light had already arrived at Darven’s neck.
Darven did not expect the sword of Ying TianMo to be so fast and vicious, but at this moment, he cannot afford to back off, so even if he must sustain a heavy wound, he will still grasp victory in his hands! Even if, he must sacrifice everything! !


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