After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Nothing but a pawn
Translated By: Naervon
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This time, understanding dawned on everyone as they were shocked by just how completely Duke Falysses had things under control, calculating and predicting almost every move that Miliac has made and coming up with countermeasures. Even if a top quality army tactician from other places could have have planned this more perfectly than Duke Falysees.
“Since it’s come to this, then I will order the 90 thousand army to wash your duchy with the blood of its citizens! If you do no hand over the God’s Order’s Book, then I will turn this Duchy into dust!” The high commander’s eyes went completely bloodshot as the commander lost it after eating so many failures in the missions, but just before he could order anything, Darven yelled into his ear
“No! Right now we are a bandit group, but since we have not committed any acts of atrocity, the Empire will only turn a blind eye to our actions. But, if we really started razing the Duchy to the ground without any proper war between Miliac and the Duchy, then not only will we be on the chopping block, our higher ups will also be in trouble.”
“Then what do you suggest we do!”
Darven glanced at the high commander, thinking just how dumb is this guy, and wasn’t he supposed to be a veteran demi-deity? How can he be so bull headed at a time like this, in fact, how in the world did this guy even get his cultivation up to the demi-deity stage??!

“. . . . . . . .” Darven squinted his eyes as he looked up at the Radiant Sky Formation glowing above his head.
“Looks like Duke Sire really dosn’t plan to kill me?”
“Takes your own guesses, this could be another of those fake then real traps for all I know.” Duke Falysses let out a playful expression as he toyed with Darven. This kind of treatment to a powerhouse like Darven really pissed him off. *Yes that expression, that playful expression from someone who is always standing above him and looking down on him with that expression like one would look at a powerless insect as they toy with its life like a funny joke.*
*That look seems to see through his clever plans and laugh at how clueless he was. So he climbs that peak of knowledge and strength, climbing even though he has to endure everything thrown at him. When he finally reached the domain of being a demi-deity and saw a even bigger world, he suddenly found that there was that expression yet again, looking at him with that smile from a position way above him, just like a person watching an baby ant climbing on top of a grain of sand.*
Even though Darven is much MUCH more stronger than Duke Falysses in terms of power, but he does not feel even the slightest possibility of defeating the Duke as a creeping despair blanked his thoughts. Could it be that he, Darven, will always be a play toy to someone above him? To live with his head bowed down and endure taunting laughter for an eternity?!

Will he never become the absolute leader even if he dropped all of his dignity?!
He wants to win, even if it will cost his life in the process. He wants to WIN!
So wait if he is called a deceiver, so what is he betrayed his master. Even if he loses everything dear to him, there is one thing that he, Darven, hoped for, and that is to never be laughed at again by others and to control his own fate in his own hands!
Suddenly, a red streak of light shot up from an unremarkable structure in the distance with a blue streak of light hot on its tails. The blue light was as if a paragon sword saint reborn as it chased, forming sword qi from the turbulence of its passage!
Nicole suddenly snapped her head around to look at that location, and her pasty white complexion immediately went serious as she muttered softly
“The God’s Order’s Book has been stolen!”

Even Duke Falysses’s pupils shrunk as he looked over.

The blue streak of light was the secret demi-deity 【Sword Saint】Ying TianMo, who’s sole duty was to guard the Duchy’s treasury. Even though he has never showed his face to the outside world and the Duchy only claims to have 5 demi-deities, but in reality, that is not the case……….The foundation of any country is never shown on the surface and is definitely not something that one can guess based on surface reports.

As for the red streak of light that is escaping the blue streak, the person who made the red streak was a small pygmy with shrewd face. This pygmy did not exhibit any signs of panic as he fled from the sword saint hot on his trail, but rather let out a wretched and despicable smile. In a burst of red light, the pygmy’s speed shot up and went even faster!
“【Faceless One】?”
Both Darven and the commander showed astonished expressions when they saw the red streak of light, because not even they knew why the most mysterious demi-deity of Miliac Kingdom 【 Faceless One】 was doing here.
Faceless chuckled sinisterly as he looked towards Darven and co under him and said

“The Lord doesn’t feel at ease with just sending you guys, so I was sent in secret, and it looks like I, Lord Faceless, has to steal it personally in the end!”
Darven’s face paled as he listened. So those higher ups didn’t trust him to succeed in the first place…. So not only him, but that 90 thousand army are all just baits.

No wonder when he brought the army with the 【Void Warship】, the sacred gear showed signs of overloading! So it was 【Faceless One】who snuck on board as a soldier, and fooled everyone including Darven himself. At this moment, this handsome man felt the kingdom looming over him, casting only eternal darkness and murkiness.
One loop after the other, endless plotting and planning, countless manipulation. This, was the battle of wits between two countries!
No matter if one’s cultivation has reached titled emperor, sacred magician, or even demi-deity!
When caught between the two giants known as countries, their only fate is to become sacrificial pawns!


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