After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Twists and turns
Translated By: Naervon

“Ahahaha, oh my, do excuse my rude behavior. It is only that I had just remembered something that Lao Jerry had casually discussed with me earlier that just happens to match this comedic mess. I just could not resist my urge to laugh.”
Lao Jerry!
Both the high commander’s and Darven’s pupils shrunk down to pin pricks as the two words hit their ears. Just as they were wondering why Lao Jerry would be mentioned out of the blue, Duke Falysses did not tarry and shrugged his shoulders at the vast army in the skies and said
“It’s nothing really. Lao Jerry was discussing a recent incident with me about Duogu birds flying down and injuring servants, and it was so bad that many of the wounded servants had their eyes stolen by these birds. Of course, at the time this was a big issue. The Dougu birds knew to ambush at the same location twice, the first being a fake attack and the second being the real one. A incident of this magnitude would not normally reach my ears or catch my attention, but Lao Jerry knew the implications of this from his past experience so he brought this up to me.
Mah~ You all may or may not know this, but the Dougu birds usually fly around 100 meters high in the air, then they would suddenly dive down and attack with blindingly fast speed, giving the servants almost no time to react or to defend against the birds attacks.

At the time, I was thinking of having the servants work with a metal mesh helmet on their heads until the season have past and the birds have left.”
Duke Falysses’s words confused everyone, and only Lao Jerry understood what he was saying, but the only thing Lao Jerry could do at this moment was to silently sigh, for no one knew his actual thoughts.

“And my idea was a very realistic suggestion, because if it was carried out right, then the chances of the servants becoming injured due to the birds would drastically decrease. However, guess what Lao Jerry said at the time? ‘Ha. Ha. Ha….’ He said since these birds will return next season, we might as well set up a isolation formation to prevent them from entering the Mansion’s grounds at all, and solve the problem forever.”

“Could the Duke Sire mean that the isolation formation under our feets be able to defend against the Dougu birds and an army of 90 thousand at the same time?” the high commander retorted with a tone filled with cold taunting. Darven, on the other hand, kept quiet for once, for he had gleaned some information from the Duke’s little story.
Duke Falysses shook his head again as he replied

“Naturally, that is not possible, because that’s over 90 thousand powerhouse soldiers we are talking about, so a mere isolation formation won’t do the trick. Mah, I didn’t get to finish my story yet, because when I first received news that Miliac Kingdom wanted to pay my home a visit, I suddenly thought of what Lao Jerry had suggested to me at the time. Turning around and looking at the issue with that incident in mind, I thought to myself: * Since Dougu birds are smart enough to wait high up in the sky for their prey and then attack twice, one fake and one real, and my neighbor, the Miliacs, are not idiots either….right? When we first discovered about that huge transportation formation, which was in plain sight for all to see by the way, so much so that a little girl came up to me a while back and also mentioned this to me, we observed it. After a long while of observation, I found out that the formation was nothing but a bait, so at this time, I should turn my attention to other places and lower my focus on an air attack.”
Reaching this point of the Duke’s narration, Darven and co’s expressions drastically changed, and even Tyre had a face of enlightenment as he looked towards Falysses with eyes full of respect, what a wise person!
Duke Falysses completely ignored the changing expression of the people all around him as he kept going in a calm tone
“Naturally, as I have said before, even a bird like the Dougu knows to fake the first attack before the real one so will our neighbors the Miliacs be dumber than the birds? Obviously not, but Darven’s appearance did give me a little surprise, making me think that you might have really used the transportation formation in the air as a bait then ship the actual army here by using a single use Sacred Gear. If that was the only preparations that you Miliacs did, then I would have been very disappointed with you all, but just in case something else happens, I put the mercenaries I gathered to use on the outside, and I am glad I did, because if I didn’t, I would not get to see the grand transportation formation that hangs right above the skies I see everyday.

Having said this much, I believe the things you should have understood what needs to be understood. Now then, we should begin our counter attack~
Radiant Sky Formation, ACTIVATE.”

Under the sinister glare of Darven, a translucent light rose up and domed over the entire Duke’s Mansion, enclosing several miles in its radius, blocking the 90 thousand army on the outside. The entire army fell into disarray for they knew that this formation only allowed people out and not in, and even a demi-deity would have trouble when facing this massive formation of Radiant Sky. With the strongest captains in the army being only titled emperors, if they really tried to break through that formation, then their only end would be death!
“Radiant Sky Formation, what a bold move!” Darven’s heart sank but his mouth did not stop as Darven spew out the words, trying to relieve the pressure built up inside. But, what the Duke said next almost caused him to die from choking on his own words.
“Of course, this is only possible because of the efforts of Mr. Danmu, who spent several days working on this. It is he who disassembled that huge lure formation and then re-used all of that expensive materials to build the Radiant Sky Formation you see right now. If you checked that lure a few days before you launched the attack, then you might have found some traces of something wrong. Sadly, I know exactly what kind of kingdom Miliac is and what kind of person your king is.”


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